Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 823

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Chapter 823: The Voice of Black Dragon Zaka

"Quack!" Black Dragon Zaka, who was stuffed into her mouth by Yun Xi with golden cream bread of perfect quality, showed a very wonderful expression.

The ominous smell that had brought a fatal sense of oppression vanished like white cream in her mouth.

The sweet, soft and happy taste spread in her young body, and even the black mask on her face began to produce obvious cracks.

"It works!" Desert dragon Zaka, who had just been beaten black and blue, and had just climbed out of the ruins, knew from the performance of Black Dragon Zaka that she was about to fall.

"That bread… Is really poisonous…" Ice Dragon Zaka, who has also eaten Yun Xi's bread and even played licking games, clearly knows the consequences of eating that bread.

Red Dragon Zaka felt the same way. She ate Yun Xi's bread, then opened the defense step by step, and finally got out of control.

The four sisters of Zaka are similar in many places, so Black Dragon Zaka cannot avoid what happened to them.

"Ga… woo…" biting Yun Xi's bread, the murderous spirit emitted by Black Dragon Zaka disappeared little by little, and the black mask on her face fell into pieces.

Under the mask, there is a deja vu face of Yun Xi - she is the youngest of the four sisters of Zaka. She is the smallest in both height and weight.

"…" after eating more than half of Yun Xi's golden bread and butter, Black Dragon Zaka seemed to wake up and stared at Yun Xi with angry eyes.

However, she could not return to her original murderous appearance after biting the soft bread and leaving white traces on the corners of her mouth.

"I… Also… Want!" Mumu, who painted silver white lines in the sky, also fell down, and the small fishtail wrapped around Yun Xi, acting willfully.

Unlike other mermaids, neither Black Dragon Zaka nor Mumu immediately disappeared after contacting Yun Xi, just as the rules of Mermaid Game cannot completely restrict them.

"Ah!" At this time, Black Dragon Zaka found herself surrounded.

While Black Dragon Zaka was eating bread, Desert Dragon Zaka, Ice Dragon Zaka and Red Dragon Zaka all surrounded her.

Desert dragon Zaka touched Black Dragon Zaka's head with a gentle expression, showing a puzzled expression:

"Why is she so young? Aren't we the same age in theory?"

Ice Dragon Zaka focused on the skin of Black Dragon Zaka, and was also lost in thought:

"Her growth posture is not normal."

"Sister, is there something wrong with your body?" Red Dragon Zaka has completely forgotten that they are still in a state of hostility with Black Dragon Zaka. They almost forget Yun Xi around them when they care about their youngest sister.

"Sisters…" Black Dragon Zaka bit Yun Xi's golden butter bread, and her eyes gradually became quiet.

"Yes, yes, we are your sisters. Why did you suddenly become violent?"

"The state just now is not right."

"What happened to our mother?"

The three dragons alliance surrounds the last sister. Everyone wants to know what happened to their youngest sister, the black dragon.

The Black Dragon Zaka under normal conditions cannot be the same as they saw on the first and second floors.

Black Dragon Zaka, entangled by endless darkness, certainly has the unparalleled power that can even completely overwhelm the three dragons alliance, but the feeling of that power has been out of control.

No matter Desert Dragon Zaka, Ice Dragon Zaka or Red Dragon Zaka, it is impossible to lose control of their own exclusive God weapon, because their exclusive God weapon is the fantasy God weapon tailored for them by the great original dragon mother.

The Star of the Sand in Desert Dragon Zaka's hands.

Force dragon teeth in Ice Dragon Zaka's hands.

The Meteorite Core in Red Dragon Zaka's hands.

And Black Dragon Zaka's "Nightmare heart", which is a God weapon that can be used to kill gods. Among the four sisters of Zaka, it's the only original God weapon that can do damage to gods.

"The dream of mother…"

"I… can't resist…" Black Dragon Zaka chewed Yun Xi's bread, her body trembled slightly, showing a confused expression.

This is the Black Dragon Zaka that Desert Dragon Zaka, Ice Dragon Zaka, and Red Dragon Zaka know.

Among the four sisters of Zaka, Black Dragon Zaka is the quietest.

Desert dragon Zaka has a wild and unbridled temperament.

Ice Dragon Zaka has a cold and slightly poisonous temperament.

Red Dragon Zaka is a representative of enthusiasm.

The last Black Dragon Zaka is a silent and mysterious existence, but it is not indifferent, she doesn't know how to get along with others.

Her speechless is not silent, but is good at doing her own work silently. She has the strongest power among the four sisters of Zaka, but she is the quietest sister.

It is hard to imagine that such a girl would show the madness before. This is definitely not the sister that Desert Dragon Zaka knows.

"The battle… Is not over yet…" after almost eating Yun Xi's golden bread and butter, Black Dragon Zaka pressed her forehead:

"Even the power of ancient gods can't… Quell the nightmare of mother…"

"To win, I need to… Take the most important thing from my mother…"

Shaking her body, Black Dragon Zaka walked up to Yun Xi, hugged him, stood on tiptoe and whispered in his ear:

"Only you… Can do it…"

"When you see hope, take it away… That's also the wish of my mother…"

Subsequently, the mermaid body of Black Dragon Zaka, like other Mermaid girls, turned into countless foam and disappeared into the arms of Yun Xi.

There is a black mask mark on Yun Xi's wrist.

"Good night… Big brother…" together with Black Dragon Zaka, there was Mumu, a silver mermaid who stole another perfect quality bread from Yun Xi and showed a full expression of enjoyment.

She stretched and hugged Yun Xi comfortably, then waved to him:

"Bye… What a sweet dream tonight…"

In the silver white foam, Mumu's Mermaid avatar also disappeared in front of Yun Xi.

Her mark is a circle, a silver circle.

The marks of 81 mermaids have been collected so far.

With the end of the Mermaid Game, the ancient royal city of Assyria began to sink into the water a little, just like returning to the embrace of the sea.

A ladder of light appeared above the King City of Assyria.

On the stairs, the Queen of Assyria and White Moon are holding hands waiting for Yun Xi.

The giant stupid spider slowly opened its multiple compound eyes and surveyed Yun Xi and the three dragons.

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