Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 822

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Chapter 822: Mermaid Game (End)

The last two mermaids almost collided at the feet of Yun Xi, stirring up the water spray all over the sky.

They didn't run away because Yun Xi saw them, but began a fierce confrontation.

The goal is the perfect quality bread in Yun Xi's hands.

"Hey, they can't escape!" Desert Dragon Zaka leaped out of the hiding place with excited eyes.

"Be careful, sister, they…" Ice Dragon Zaka also rushed out of the hiding place, but not to catch the mermaids, but to stop her sister.

The target targeted by Desert Dragon Zaka is a silver Mermaid. She looks better to catch than a black Mermaid.

It turned out to be an illusion.

Before Desert Dragon Zaka rushed to the silver Mermaid, her tail rolled up waves all over the sky, and countless waves immediately bombarded Desert Dragon Zaka, hitting her directly from the South district to the North district.

On the other side, the horrible black Mermaid also showed her terrible strength.

One hit, just one hit, the black water column flew Ice Dragon Zaka who was ready to support her sister Desert Dragon Zaka.

In the Mermaid Game in which the transcendental power is limited, they impressively have terrible attributes that no other mermaid has ever had.

Ultimate speed.

Ultimate power.

It's not a supernatural force, but just relying on the simplest attributes, it crushed two Zaka with the same physical quality and monster level.

They are monsters among monsters.

"How can I catch it…" Yun Xi's forehead was dripping with cold sweat.

The last hidden mermaids are the ultimate boss of the game!

The silver Mermaid blowing Desert Dragon Zaka away began to swing its tail in a circle, with elegant and gorgeous movements, showing a leisurely atmosphere.

It's not the smell of Mumu known by Yun Xi, but more like the smell inadvertently emanating from something lofty, sacred and inviolable.

On the other side, the black Mermaid raised her index finger and middle finger, and her tail stood upright, blatantly showing her superiority in the sky and the world.

"Eh, this gesture." Red Dragon Zaka looked at the posture of the black Mermaid and could not help looking at her fingers.

Holiness and grace.

Domineering and violent.

Obviously, they can't feel the breath of transcendental power, but just by virtue of their physical quality, the two hidden mermaids display or even surpass the phenomenon attack of magic.

The water circle behind the silver mermaid was constantly superimposed, and finally turned into a huge wave that broke everything, sweeping towards the black Mermaid.

The black mermaid's index finger and middle finger are bent, placed on the thumb, and then popped out.

The invisible shock wave sent out a sharp howling sound in the air, penetrating the huge waves layer by layer, cutting the water waves like a sharp blade.

The silver Mermaid whirled quickly to avoid the penetrating shock wave. At the same time, the tail of the mermaid swung to create larger waves.

The black Mermaid raised her fist, shrunk, and then burst out.

Red Dragon Zaka and Yun Xi jumped at the same time, dodging the path of the fist.

One fist divides the sea, which probably describes the scenery at the moment.

The huge waves triggered by the silver Mermaid were completely blown away by the black mermaid's fist. The extreme power even tore the seemingly indestructible land of the King City of Assyria, leaving a trace as deep as several meters.

In the Mermaid Game, a real damage appeared for the first time. The fist of the black mermaid was so domineering that even the rules of the Mermaid Game could not be restrained.

"This power…" just because he is also limited by the rules of the Mermaid Game, Yun Xi can intuitively feel the horror of the black Mermaid fist.

That was a more terrible destructive power than the Hard Body's all-out strike, which even destroyed the rules of the Mermaid Game.

In the world of the dragon war, who can throw such a punch, such a punch that almost destroys the world in the real world?

"It's my sister!" Red Dragon Zaka recognized the truth represented in the trajectory of this fist, the real mermaid with a black mask.

"Sure enough, it's Black Dragon Zaka!" After confirming the identity of the silver Mermaid with the exclusion method, Yun Xi finally determined the identity of the last black Mermaid.

Such a terrible force, even ignoring the mermaid rules of the Queen of Assyria, can destroy the big space. Who else if not the last strongest Black Dragon Zaka among the four sisters of Zaka?

However, the essence of Mumu reflected in the Mermaid Game can compete with Black Dragon Zaka, but it is far beyond Yun Xi's expectation.

Perhaps it is because Mumu in this game is not herself, but her "Essence", so she can do this.

Considering that Yun Xi obtained the "Hard Body" from the seeds shared by Mumu, is there a power in Mumu's blood that can resist Black Dragon Zaka?

Even if her fist tore the earth, it didn't hit the silver mermaid that Mumu incarnated into, or even scratch her skin.

Her speed, completely above the black Mermaid, can be said to be invincible from the beginning.

However, the power of Black Dragon Zaka is too pure and powerful, which makes Mumu's silver Mermaid helpless.

When the ultimate power evolves to this level, it is invincible!

"Mumu!” Yun Xi tried to call the real name of the silver Mermaid, and gained a piece of confusion and curiosity from the eyes of the white mask.

"Sister Zaka!" Red Dragon Zaka also tried to call the real name of the black Mermaid, but there was no response.

In that dark pupil, there was only the murderous Qi that was bound to be gained.

Even, from her feet, there were black traces spreading, which was a sign that the extraordinary force that should not exist in the Mermaid Game began to spread.

The rules of the Mermaid Game can hardly limit the power of Black Dragon Zaka.

"La… La… La…" in the suffocating atmosphere, the silver Mermaid began to chant.

It was a joyful and yearning song, an ancient ballad echoing in the starry sky.

"The sweet, the joyful, the sad, the painful, even the regret, and the anxiety are all the melodies of love."

"No matter when and where, this yearning is with you, because it is the song of my love. I was born to love you and sang loudly to pass on my love."

The silver halo spread around Mumu, impressively like Black Dragon Zaka, and began to break the rules of the Mermaid Game.

At the same time, Yun Xi's ear also sounded a soft and sweet whisper.

"My lover open your eyes and see the beautiful world I have created for you."

"Dad, use it, all the mermaid power."

On Yun Xi's wrist, one mark after another flew out.

Hua Yue, head of the Starwings Knights, platinum rose.

Deputy commander, Xiao Cai, mortal sword.

Secretary, Ling Ling, cream pudding.

Secretary, Mei Lan, volume.

Court diviner, Robin, divination book.

Little rabbit Lulu, little rabbit.

Each mark adds a power to Yun Xi, which is the reward of the Mermaid Game and the signal of the end of the first phase of the Mermaid Game.

There were only 79 mermaids from the beginning. The last two mermaids were out of control and were hidden rewards.

In order to obtain the final hidden reward, the owner of the Mermaid Game gave the winner the reward of all the players in the first stage in advance.

The prohibition of extraordinary force is lifted!

Mermaid game, the second stage, is also the final showdown, start!

"Ready to use!" Yun Xi felt his whole body suddenly lightened, and the infinite essence belonging to Red Dragon Zaka poured in at once.

"Finally we can have a big fight!" Red Dragon Zaka is gearing up. Even if the opponent is the strongest Black Dragon Zaka, the red dragon of fire is fearless.

"La… La… La…" the silver mermaid who broke the prohibition of Mermaid Game sang loudly, and the water wave of the whole Assyria King City suddenly began to rise, turning into a real ocean, as if it connected the endless world of water elements.

"I… Want… Bread…" Black Dragon Zaka's black traces at her feet are increasing. Her eyes, which are turned into black mermaids, send out a palpitating sense of oppression.

That feeling was like a giant enough to cover the world, which was forcibly compressed into the body of this small Mermaid.

A huge demon sword in red and black slowly appeared in her hand.

The originally golden sword came to the third floor of the huge fire tower and began to show its horror.

On the hilt of the disc, three treasure beads, dust, ice and nightmare, have been inlaid, making the sense of oppression released by the demon sword reach an unprecedented level.

Yun Xi even has an illusion that if the sword recovers its full strength, it may tear the world of the dragon war apart.

No, this may not be an illusion, but the truth.

After Black Dragon Zaka summoned the demon sword, her momentum instantly increased ten times. There was a black dragon shadow emerging in the black traces under her feet, covering half of the royal city of Assyria like the other side of the world.

If Yun Xi had not obtained the power superposition of all Mermaid girls in the first stage of the Mermaid Game, he would not be able to withstand the pressure of Black Dragon Zaka at the moment.

"La… La… La…" the silver Mermaid turned around the King City of Assyria like a white line.

Black Dragon Zaka raised her head. The red and black demon sword in her hand emits a strange sound. The blade of the sword body starts to rotate, just like when Desert Dragon Zaka summoned the Star of the Sand.

However, what Black Dragon Zaka controls is far more dangerous than the Star of the Sand, and the precursor alone is far beyond the falling momentum of the Star of the Sand.

The silvery white aperture began to overlap and increase, and there was no secret skill. After the restriction was lifted, the combat effectiveness of Mumu was incredible even for Yun Xi.

"We should go too." How could Red Dragon Zaka miss this century war? She firmly grasped Yun Xi's hand.

"Well, sync, go!" Yun Xi closes his eyes and starts the highest level of synchronization with Red Dragon Zaka.

With the power superposition of 79 Mermaid girls, Yun Xi naturally crossed the boundary of the hero rank in a trance and captured his own hero track.

It was a very wonderful feeling. Unlike in the water god world when he was possessed by Casina the Battle God, he was a complete bystander at that time. He knew it but didn't know why. Even if he used the power far beyond the limit of the hero rank, he couldn't understand the principle.

Now, Yun Xi, who has stood in front of the hero rank gate, has finally seen his future road. After his race value reaches a certain critical point, he presents the heroic road in front of him.

Infinite essence is transmitted from Red Dragon Zaka's body, enabling Yun Xi to release more than ten times his own secret arts.

Their hearts are connected at this moment.

Victory is the will of Red Dragon Zaka.

To win, this is Yun Xi's judgment.

Strength and wisdom.

Skill and heart.

Hot as fire, the divine light starts!

"Launch, dragon roar wave!"

Together, they released their strongest ultimate combination move.

At first, it was just a small dot, emitting a beautiful silvery white glow.

The four spiral lines are regularly connected at this point, rotating and moving forward. The dark red light wave is like the tail of a comet, releachant its own light and heat.

This is the holy crimson light created by Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka!

"What happened?" Mumu, who was drawing countless silver lines in the sky, tilted her head and looked at the familiar silver light spots, showing a puzzled expression.

"Hiss!" In the mask eyes of Black Dragon Zaka, the dark pupil showed an incredible expression for the first time.

Next second!


The silver spiral light immediately bombarded the demon sword dyed red and black by Black Dragon Zaka, and forcibly interrupted the moves that Black Dragon Zaka had not yet completed.

This is the intuition of Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka. Black Dragon Zaka must not be allowed to complete that move, otherwise the whole royal city of Assyria may turn into dust.

The ominous smell gathered on the demon sword was blown away by the silver spiral, and the sword was also released from the hands of Black Dragon Zaka.

Overconfidence in her own strength may be the only weakness, but still a fatal weakness, of the powerful Black Dragon Zaka.

The Demon sword, supported by the three treasure beads of dust, ice and nightmare, has the power to destroy the world with one slash.

The dark red Holy Light released by Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka also has such power!

At least before Black Dragon Zaka gathered four beads, the forces of both sides were in the same position.

The dark red divine light, which runs through all defenses, is the strongest trump card of Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka, bringing the dawn of victory!

"Now!" Red Dragon Zaka knows that there is only one chance. If they don't take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to defeat Black Dragon Zaka, they will never have another chance!

In the dark red dragon roar wave, Yun Xi rushed forward without hesitation, and with an unstoppable momentum, he faced Black Dragon Zaka, whose right hand was paralyzed - and stuffed a large bread into her mouth.

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