Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 821

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Chapter 821: Mermaid Game (10)

"There are eighteen more…" Yun Xi gently touched the newly caught little mermaid's head, and let the mermaid, who should be a member of the White Lotus Sword Palace, turn into a foam and disappear in his arms.

On the wrist, there is another mark that looks like a gentle and quiet little lady. From her age, it seems that she is not an elder or classmate of the sword palace, but a novice Witch of the witch palace.

"Prince! Prince! Report number one, white mermaid found." Desert dragon Zaka bit her paper tube excitedly and reported a major discovery to Yun Xi.

"Prince, Prince, report number two, there is a black Mermaid." Ice Dragon Zaka also confirmed that there were black mermaids among the hidden mermaids.

Hua Yue, the head of the Starwings Knights, reminded Yun Xi that the unknown hidden Mermaid finally appeared.

"What are the characteristics of the white mermaid?"

"What are the characteristics of the black mermaid?"

Yun Xi asked the two Zakas who were in charge of monitoring. They saw different angles because of the chantle line connection.

"I can't see clearly. It's too fast, but the white Mermaid should be faster than the black one."

"The black mermaid is more powerful power, and will run to the white mermaid to fight for food."

The keen eyesight of the dragon clan was useful at this time. Even if it was only for a moment, the two Zaka still got hold of the attributes of the two hidden mermaids.

The white mermaid has the fastest speed among all mermaids and can snatch a small piece of golden bread from the mouth of the biting Mermaid every time.

The black mermaid is the strongest. She will in turn plunder the food robbed by the white Mermaid.

Every time two mermaids meet, they will fight. This is the truth Yun Xi never thought of.

Sure enough, they are special and have the power to completely overpower other mermaids.

If the mermaid represents the "Essence" of the girls trapped in the dragon war world, then the two hidden mermaids definitely have the power to surpass the Starwings Knights' head, Hua Yue.

Who are they?

How can we catch them all?

Yun Xi continued to throw out golden bread bait while thinking, attracting those innocent mermaids.

With the cheat item, fourth-ranked golden butter bread, a normal Mermaid cannot resist. The difficulty of the Mermaid Game is reduced to the easy mode by Yun Xi.

The biggest problem now is that he needs more information about these two unknown hidden mermaids.

"Keep watching." After giving orders to the two Zakas, Yun Xi held his breath and began to speed up to catch the last group of mermaids.


"Ah… Prince…" Robin, who was late, bit the bread and showed a wonderful smile to Yun Xi.

Have you also retained some of your wisdom? Yun Xi looked at his court fortune teller who was almost the last to take the bait, showing a very interesting look.

"The prince… The last Mermaid… Be careful…" Robin, who was caught by Yun Xi at last, smiled after spending a happy time in the royal city of Assyria.

Two birds that didn't belong to this world jumped out and couldn't wait to launch "Robin's unfortunate prediction" to Yun Xi.

"If you choose the black one, it must be black. The black mystery will devour you, and you will be executed."

"If you choose white, it must be white. White is the representative of purity. It has the highest hand feeling. If you do it, you will be executed!"

"Anyway, no matter which one is the death penalty, quack quack, that's good!"

"You have no choice, because they are all dead ends. It's wonderful."

Yun Xi's forehead was dripping with cold sweat. The birds raised by his court's fortune teller never said good things.

However, their predictions sound creepy, but they really work.

No matter who is chosen, it is the death penalty. Is this any new method of punishment?

What does the black Mermaid and the white Mermaid represent?

Up to now, there is no retreat. If the number of 81 mermaids is not wrong, Robin is now the penultimate, and several other mermaids have also been caught by Yun Xi.

The final battle is about to begin!

Yun Xi threw away his fishing rod and bravely walked out of the bell tower.

The tactic of "Mermaid taking the bait" is over.

To catch the last two mermaids, normal means will not work.

"Come on, let me see who you are!" Yun Xi took out the last few treasures left in his hand. In order to catch these lovely mermaids, the ammunition in his bread storage card was almost exhausted.

Now he has the two highest treasures in the bakery, which can be said to be the strongest weapon of the hero rank Baker.

The water surface fluctuated violently, and two different water marks burst out from different water curtains.


The silver white is a strange Mermaid with a beautiful curve. Yun Xi doesn't know her. She wears a crystal white mask on her face. The outline is more or less similar to the posture of Yun Xi's White Emperor appearance.

The scales emitting silver glow give people a sense of sacredness and inviolability. Her swimsuit looks very different from other mermaids. It is a structure similar to an armor.

"Sure enough… Yes…" Yun Xi smelled the familiar scent. Although he was wearing a mask, Yun Xi still deduced the identity of the mermaid.

Mumu, the smallest member of the Starwings Knights. Her whole body exudes a sense of superiority.

Is it the power of her blood that woke up? This is the "Essence" of Mumu.

If Yun Xi can deduce her identity according to the exclusion method for the white Mermaid, then he has no idea about who the black mermaid is.

Like Mumu, she has a mask, but it is a black bone mask.

There are two eyes on the mask, but they are not parallel just like human eyes. Instead, they are located in the center of the mask. There are two black sharp corners on the forehead, releachant a dangerous aura.

Yun Xi felt a great sense of oppression from her.

However, at this moment, the two hidden mermaids have the same goal, which is the treasure bread in Yun Xi's hands.

This is the bread marked with "Chantle digits", which is the fourth grade golden butter bread with the longest storage time and the most delicious taste in Yun Xi's bakery.

Compared with other bread, they have the highest quality and temptation.

In the eyes of the two mermaids, the same desire appeared.

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