Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 820

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Chapter 820: Mermaid Game (9)

"There are nineteen mermaids left."

The bell tower in the North district has become a paradise for all kinds of noble little lollies. They were caught by Yun Xi with golde bread. Like the little guys in the East District and West District, they chirped around Yun Xi like birds.

Even the glare of the three dragons could not stop the curiosity of these little princesses.

"Big brother, where did you come from?"

"Isn't Mermaid a game for girls?"

"Big brother smells good."

Feeling the murderous spirit of the three dragons , Yun Xi smiled bitterly and put away his fishing rod.

There has been no Mermaid bite for a quarter of an hour. According to the experience of the previous two areas, all the mermaids in this area should be captured by him.

The last South district is also the largest and broadest urban area of the whole King City of Assyria, accounting for almost one third of the whole King City of Assyria.

Yun Xi has a premonition that there will be a decisive battle.

Take out a piece of complete golden butter bread, and then tear it into small pieces to feed the noble little girls attracted to him. Yun Xi began to think about how to catch the last mermaids.

He is convinced that no member of the Starwings Knights can resist the temptation of golden bread, but not necessarily the mermaid outside the Starwings Knights.

In other words, we must consider that there are mermaids who can resist the temptation of bread.

This possibility exists, rather it has already appeared.

Because Yun Xi has found solid evidence.

From the original East District to the present North District, the amount of golden butter bread he used has indeed been growing.

This is not only because of the lollies, but also the existence of an invisible black hand.

The black hand, or the hidden Mermaid, is not sure whether it is one or several, but it is cleverly mixed with the mermaids and girls. When they bite, it will steal part of the golden butter bread.

At first, Yun Xi thought that the mischant bread was eaten by the Mermaids or girls who were caught, but soon he found something wrong.

"What a clever Mermaid." Yun Xi calculated the consumption of the bread he used and the Mermaids he caught, and found out the evidence of the existence of these hidden mermaids.

As the number of mermaids decreases, it is only a matter of time before they are exposed.

"Everyone should go home."

"Have you ever seen a little strange mermaid?"

Yun Xi touched the heads of the lovely girls and asked them what they had seen.

Sure enough, a child's heart is the purest and flawless, and she doesn't even know what a lie is.

"Well, yes."

"I have seen the white Mermaid, it was very beautiful."

"A mermaid sister wears a mask and moves very fast."

The girls, who were originally helping Miss Mermaid sisters, were cleanly bought by Yun Xi with bread and gave out vital information.

"White, and mermaids in masks." Yun Xi recalled his general impression of 81 mermaids and found that they were mermaids without data.

Such a mermaid with obvious characteristics should be impossible to escape his eyes. There is no doubt that it is the "Hidden" Mermaid called by Hua Yue, the head of the Starwings Knights.

They seem to have more powerful abilities than the head of the Starwings Knights, and even steal Yun Xi's golden bread bait. They are mermaids at the top of all Mermaids.

"Are you impressed?" Yun Xi asked the three sisters of the three dragons alliance around him.

"I have never seen such a mermaid, but I have felt strange eyes." Desert Dragon Zaka carefully pondered her intuition when chachant the mermaids and confirmed the existence of two hidden mermaids.

"Among the 81 mermaids, there is an uncertain number." Ice Dragon Zaka also found the abnormal existences in these mermaids.

"Take more bread and go fishing." Red Dragon Zaka said disapprovingly.

"Anyway, you have an unlimited supply of bread in your hand. You can cheat these little guys."

Yun Xi shook her head. There was not much bread in his treasure bakery, and he had a premonition that if he didn't change his tactics, he would not be able to catch the two hidden mermaids even if he used all the reserves in the bakery.

Compared with other mermaids, they have more powerful abilities and more fierce appetites. They are never satisfied with one or two loaves of bread.

To complete the achievement of "Full Mermaid capture", it would be impossible to rely on the current tactics alone.

However, they are not without weaknesses.

"Come here, my tactics are like this." Yun Xi summoned the three dragons to his side and began to arrange tactics.


The final battle place, South District of Assyria.

A dozen mermaids swam happily in the water curtain, leaping out of the water from time to time according to the ancient tradition, showing their vigorous posture in the moonlight.

"Prince, Prince, I'm number one. I haven't found the target." Lurking in the shadow, Desert Dragon Zaka held a paper tube and whispered to the tower.

"Prince, Prince, I'm number two. I haven't found anything here. You can use your bait now." Ice Dragon Zaka looked at the mirror in front of her and didn't miss any clues.

Above the tower, Yun Xi closed his eyes and listened to the reports of the two Zakas.

The paper tube and connection constitute the most basic reporting device. This is the wisdom from the Mechanus god's domain. It doesn't use any extraordinary force, but only uses the sound transmission device of physical effects.

With the help of the two Zakas, Yun Xi has extra eyes and ears to catch the mysterious mermaids.

Mermaids are very sensitive creatures, so both Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka are in a latent state and will never take the initiative to catch mermaids.

The main force of the mermaid capture plan is still Yun Xi with perfect bait.

This time, he is bound to win.

The golden bread with wonderful fragrance was thrown out from the high tower and stably stayed on a water curtain, attracting the curious eyes of several mermaids.

They had never heard such an incredible taste, and instinctively told them that it was very, very delicious.

A young Mermaid, looking around, swam to the side of the bread and was ready to bite.

The water surface suddenly twisted at this moment.

A black halo and a white halo slammed together violently. At the moment when the young Mermaid bit the hook, they tore off a small piece of golden bread with lightning speed, and then separated.