Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 819

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Chapter 819: Mermaid Game (8)

Assyria King City, the North District.

"Oh, that's what you did." Desert dragon Zaka looked at Yun Xi, with an expression of "I knew it might be like this".

It would be better if her claws were not savagely pressed on Yun Xi's head.

"This is a good way, but you really are scum." Ice Dragon Zaka learned from her sister and put her dragon claw on someone's dog head.

"I want to go down and blow up this head." The third dragon's claw is pressed on the head of the sinner, and Red Dragon Zaka can't bear it anymore.


"What terrible sisters!"

"Is the big brother going to be killed?"

The three little girls hid in the corner of the bell tower with frightened faces and looked at the three Zakas who were going to commit domestic violence against their lover.

The three dragons alliance has the same position at the moment - we must not let someone be too arrogant.

"I am really innocent." Yun Xi surrendered with both hands. After the incident in the West District was reported to the Zaka sisters hunting in the North District by Red Dragon Zaka, the incident was out of control.

Now, he deeply felt the horror of this Mermaid Game.

The water is too deep!

"Although I knew he had a problem, it was too serious." Desert dragon Zaka took a look at the three noble little girls caught by Yun Xi.

Why are they nobles? Because the North District is the upper-class settlement closest to the main city, even the daughters of businessmen are not qualified to live here.

They didn't get nothing from chachant after mermaids. Now almost all mermaids from other regions are gathered in this aristocratic District, which makes it easier for Yun Xi to catch mermaids.

However, because there are so many noble girls living in this area, the number of curious babies is far beyond the normal probability.

So, after Yun Xi caught a mermaid in the first shot, he caught three noble little lollies in the second shot, which greatly increased the efficiency.

"This Mermaid Game has corrupted you. I really misunderstood you." Ice Dragon Zaka presses Yun Xi's head hard.

The three dragons alliance has made unprecedented concerted efforts.

"We… Are still fighting." Yun Xi tried his best to explain. At this time, he even hoped that Black Dragon Zaka would appear soon, otherwise he would have to face the crisis of fire in his backyard.

"Hum, you are cunning. No wonder my sister has blacklisted me." Desert dragon Zaka let go, which is a means to forgive Yun Xi.

"Remember my sister's tolerance. This is for my Sister Zaka." Ice Dragon Zaka also let go.

"Sooner or later, the four sisters of Zaka will teach you a lesson!" Red Dragon Zaka clenched her teeth and loosened her dragon claws. She would never forgive this guy's playfulness if she was not still fighting with Black Dragon Zaka.

This guy's heart is absolutely black!

"Well, this time it's a mermaid." After fishing so many mermaids, Yun Xi finally mastered nearly perfectly how to identify the prey.

The heavy pull almost made the fishing rod bend. This time, the prey is definitely the largest in history.

The golden figure fell gracefully into the bell tower. Hua Yue, the leader of the Starwings Knights, finally fell into the hands of Yun Xi.

The mountain in front of her swayed, and she smiled at Yun Xi, but she didn't ask for bread like the deputy head Xiao Cao.

"Hua Yue…" Yun Xi's neck was gently hugged by Hua Yue's hands. Hua Yue caught by Yun Xi was like a princess, enjoying the world of these two people in the arms of Yun Xi.

"Be careful… There are hidden… Mermaids…" this is the first time Yun Xi has heard a mermaid make a sound. It seems that even in this state, Hua Yue, who has the blood of platinum roses, still retains some memories.

Compared with other confused mermaids, she obviously has more wisdom and moveability. Her intimacy with Yun Xi also makes his heart beat faster.

After biting Yun Xi's ear and telling Yun Xi this important information, Hua Yue's body also turned into foam and flew away. It was a golden foam different from other Mermaid girls.

Yun Xi's wrist is also marked with a platinum rose.

Hidden mermaid? Yun Xi, who got important tips from Hua Yue, tried to recall the mermaid figure he saw in the fountain of the Queen of Assyria square.

Besides the Starwings Knights, are there any other special mermaids?

In the cascading water curtain, it seems that there is indeed a familiar figure, but at a glance, it is impossible to accurately judge who it is.

"Who else hasn't been caught?" Yun Xi retrieved the Starwings Knights members he has captured so far.

Hua Yue, Xiao Cao, Lingg Lingg, Mei Lan, Lulu… Even the newly joined "Knight and magic" team was caught.

"Robin… and Mumu…" After checking all the marks related to the Starwings Knights, Yun Xi found the last two mischant fish.

Robin has mysterious predictive power. It's normal that It's very difficult to capture her. Mumu's personality is so simple. How can she not bite the bait yet?

"How many mermaids do you see?" Yun Xi inquired about the three Zaka sisters.

"About eighty?" Desert dragon Zaka gave a vague figure.

"It should be 81." Ice Dragon Zaka, who has excellent observation skills, gave a more accurate figure.

"Eighty one." Red Dragon Zaka also gave the same number as Ice Dragon Zaka.

There is no doubt that the dragon's eyesight is far beyond that of human beings, and this number is similar to the number in Yun Xi's mind.

Among the 81 mermaids, almost all are members of the Starwings Knights. Among the Mermaids Yun Xi has caught so far, most are the girls of the Starwings Knights. Except for Robin and Mumu, other members have basically been caught.

The problem is that except for the Starwings Knights, most of the faces Yun Xi had a general impression of at his wedding, but there were also a few completely unfamiliar faces.

"Is… the hidden Mermaid one of them?" Yun Xi found that there was a part blank in his memory. Unexpectedly, he couldn't remember the appearance of several mermaids.

This is not right. Based on his observation of female artists, this phenomenon should not exist.

Where did those mermaids who had never appeared in his memory come from?

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