Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 818

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Chapter 818: Mermaid Game (7)

Assyria King City, the Westen District.

On the clock tower of the same style, two people who had also jointly implement the "Mermaid hook plan".

"Er… This…" Yun Xi looked at a group of little girls around him, their eyes glowing, their cheeks flushed, and they begged for hugs. Big drops of sweat fell from his forehead.

"You… Lolicon!" Red Dragon Zaka bit Yun Xi's arm like a rabbit biting a carrot. She bit his arm harder and harder. There were still traces of white cream on her mouth.

There are 13 mermaids. This is the record of Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka after they changed the fishing area. According to common sense, Yun Xi's proficiency in catching mermaids has continuously increased, but it took longer, and the harvest is less than that in the Eastern District.

As for the reason.

There are fifteen girls. All of them are little ones who don't listen to their parents and come out to bite the bait for Miss Mermaid. The oldest is 13 years old and the youngest is 8 years old. They are young princesses full of adventurous spirit.

Without exception, after eating Yun Xi's precious golden butter bread, these little princesses all fell into a similar drunken state, one by one immersed in the taste of happy bread.

The little pink face, the snow-white skin in the pajamas, and the blushing face and glowing eyes after eating the fourth grade golden butter bread are just like the lovely dessert delivered to the door this night, emitting a tempting smell of crime.

In this regard, Yun Xi said that it is definitely not his own fault. The fourth grade golden butter bread is really too exciting for these little girls.

All night tonight, they probably couldn't sleep. It's too much to replenish their energy.

"What else can you fish with besides bread?" Red Dragon Zaka angrily looked at the growing number of little girls and wanted to find another way to catch the cunning mermaids. "

"No." Yun Xi answered firmly. It was lucky enough to think of this method to catch mermaids.

You can't use any offensive and extraordinary power. The mermaid has an absolute home advantage and can shuttle infinitely through the vast water curtain world. It's impossible to capture a mermaid with normal methods except for traps or gambling that a mermaid bumps into you.

In the past, the girl who completed the task of catching a mermaid in the Mermaid Game probably ran into a mermaid who failed to shuttle carelessly by throwing a net and chant around.

"Why don't we pretend to be mermaids?" Red Dragon Zaka advised a bad idea.

Yun Xi looked at Red Dragon Zaka, who seemed to want to transform into a mermaid, and shook his head.

It's not like wearing women's clothes. It can't be done by simply changing your clothes.

According to his observation of the Starwings Knights, who turned into mermaids, they were not simply added with a fish tail. They also had the abilities of some fairy tale creatures, and were hardly hurt by physical and magic attacks.

If you want to catch them, you have to touch their skin and body. In that moment, they will turn into foam and fly away, and then leave their own unique marks on the wrists of the people who catch them.

Yun Xi, who has caught many mermaids, now has dozens of beautiful and lovely marks on his wrist. He is an elite Mermaid hunter.

"Well, the feel." After catching nearly 20 little girls, Yun Xi had a preliminary experience about whether he caught a mermaid or a human little girl.

The bite hook was very heavy and shook around violently. Most of those that were caught are Mermaid girls.

The bite hook was light and only let the fishing rod shake gently. Most of those that were caught were human little girls.

"Alas… It seems that I caught the wrong fish again?" Yun Xi shook the small fishing rod. The four-ranked golden bread is very attractive for both Mermaid and human little girls.

This time, Yun Xi guessed both right and wrong.

What he caught was a pair of prey.

Moreover, there is a big fish among them.

Xiao Cao, the deputy head of the Starwings Knights.

And a cute little girl from the royal city of Assyria who bites the hook with Xiao Cao.

That is, two birds with one stone. One loaf of bread brought two young girls.

"Hmmm…" Xiao Cao happily bit Yun Xi's bread and enjoyed Yun Xi's special bait with the little girl who was caught together.

After they finished eating, they reached out to Yun Xi with a tacit understanding.

Even if they can't speak, Yun Xi knows what they want to say:

"One more."

"No!" Yun Xi knocked on Xiao Cao's head, who was really a natural girl loyal to her own desires.

The longer he gets along with her, the more he can feel her directness and loveliness.

In the dormitory of the Starwings Knights, he often saw Xiao Cao wandering in the corridor without wearing clothes. It seems that she was completely unaware that she was not wearing clothes.

Among the Starwings Knights, Xiao Cao is also the most absent-minded.

She got the token that she can enter and leave the sword palace freely. She has been hanging around in the venue of the White Lotus Sword Domain for many days, and has won many games in a row.

"Hmm…" Xiao Cao frowned, looked at Yun Xi who refused to provide bread, suddenly clapped her hands and began to take off her clothes.

"Ah…" the little girl, who was caught with Xiao Cao, looked at Xiao Cao and began to take off her white pajamas too.

Through the moonlight of the bell tower, Xiao Cao's healthy light brown skin forms a wonderful contrast with the snow-white and glittering skin of the little girl next to her. Yun Xi instantly blushed.

Like an infectious disease, Xiao Cao made a bad start, and other little girls began to learn from her to take off their clothes.

"No, you can't take it off. You'll be eaten by the bad guys!" Red Dragon Zaka quickly stops it, or the clock tower will become an "indescribable" world.

Yun Xi reluctantly took out another piece of bread and put it on his chest. Then he felt the familiar weight and temperature. It was the unique taste of Xiao Cao, like the healthy smell of summer sunshine.

The colourless foam spreads, and a sword shaped mark is added to Yun Xi's hand, which is the unique mortal sword posture of Xiao Cao.

This mark gives Yun Xi a special feeling. It seems that it contains some different power from other mermaids.


"Big brother!"


Well, a girl who is not a Mermaid will not disappear even if she hugs Yun Xi, so Yun Xi has a slightly luxurious worry.

"No, you absolutely can't look at them. If you dare to look, I'll blind you!" In Red Dragon Zaka's angry voice, Yun Xi didn't know whether he was in heaven or hell.

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