Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 817

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Chapter 817: Mermaid Game (6)

In the light of the silver moon, the royal city of Assyria was covered with a sparkling water curtain. From time to time, beautiful mermaids jumped out of the water to show their perfect body and skin under the moonlight.

They are the favourites blessed by the Queen of Assyria and the girls who freely enjoy the happy time in the Mermaid Game.

In the past, their figures jumping in the moonlight have become a unique ritual in the royal city of Assyria.

According to the Convention, the people of Assyria who stayed in their homes all looked at these happy mermaids with smiling eyes, especially the girls who loved to listen to fairy tales, and almost kept their eyes on these beautiful faeries.

However, this year's Mermaid Game seems a little different from usual.

More than one person witnessed a fat and soft golden bread fall from the sky to the water, and then a beautiful mermaid will be attracted soon, often more than one or two.

They all surrounded the fat bread curiously, smelled the smell of the strange bread from time to time, and finally could not help but open their small mouths to take a bite.

At this time, the fat bread will suddenly take off, and Miss Mermaid who is biting the bread will also take off into the sky, and finally disappear in the far side.

This scene had a great impact on the innocent hearts of many young girls.

"Why is there bread here!"

"What happened to that bread!"

"Kill that bread!"

Many girls saw that those innocent and lovely Mermaid sisters were lured away by the bread and never returned. They were provoked in an instant, and their eyes became fiery, gnashing their teeth when they looked at the bread.

As for other girls, especially those who had eaten some kind of bread at the Queen of Assyria Square during the day, they showed doubts.

"Do the mermaid sisters like that kind of bread?"

"Why does that bread look so familiar?"

"Yes, it must be that big brother's bread!"

The two opinions mixed together and finally formed a fierce argument. In the process of the girls' argument, several beautiful and lovely Mermaid sisters were seduced away by the fat bread.

The girls can't bear it at last. For those who look forward to the innocent and lovely Mermaid girls, this scene is simply a crime!

If one side of the Mermaid Game pursues the beautiful mermaid sisters in the normal way, just like the outsiders who have been run around just now, that is fine. What is this cheating method!

"No, we must protect the mermaid sisters!"

"That damn bread must have been drugged!"

"Let's grab the bread!"

So, about a few minutes later.

"Ha ha ha!" Red Dragon Zaka almost burst into laughter and looked at the girl who was biting a loaf of bread and showed deep hatred for Yun Xi.

She doesn't have a mermaid tail. Instead, she has a pair of pink and lovely legs. and is wearing pajamas. Apparently, she is not their target.

"Little sister… Why do you bite the bread?" Yun Xi looked at the little girl who bit his bread hard and seemed to have a grudge against him.

This is obviously a mistake. Why would even the little girl, who he doesn't know, bite the hook for the mermaids.

Fortunately, there was no sharp hook in his bread. He just used superb fishing methods to hook the mermaids, otherwise it would be bad.

"Oh…" With the spread of the crisp and soft taste of the fat bread in her mouth, coupled with the wonderful taste that is sweet enough to melt, this little girl who dedicated herself to her Mermaid sisters finally seemed to understand why Mermaid sisters would take the bait one by one.

This bread is really delicious!

Just lick it with your tongue, you will feel the taste of sweet sunshine. If you bite it down, the white cream will be squeezed out in your mouth happily. You don't need to swallow it, so it warms your whole body.

"This is too early for you. Hurry home." Yun Xi quickly rescued the little golden bread from the little girl's mouth. That's the key strategic material for the success of this Mermaid Game.

(Sob Sob) The look in the eyes of the little girl at Yun Xi is about to melt. What a weak and pitiful look it is. It's impossible to refuse!

"You can only eat a small piece. This is too nutritious for you." Yun Xi reluctantly tore off a small piece to feed the little Lori who was caught, then continued to throw out the bread and waited for the next mermaid to bite.

There are more than twenty different marks on his wrist.

Lulu's is a funny little rabbit mark.

Ling Ling's is a sweet mark of cream pudding.

Mei Lan's is a serious book mark.

The noble girls of the Starwings Knights' are very similar flower marks, including rose, tulip, and vanilla.

In addition to the members of the Starwings Knights, Yun Xi accidentally hooked up with several Mermaid girls who didn't belong to the Starwings Knights. They were basically the predecessors of the Sword Palace. Yun Xi only had some vague memories about them in class.

They also appeared at the blood moon wedding. Most of them were earls and Marquis daughters as background, that is, noble daughters guarding the kingdom.

Why do they become mermaids in the Mermaid Game? Yun Xi doesn't know what's going on. He is also confused about what criteria his first princess uses to select mermaids.

To put it bluntly, all Mermaid girls are beautiful, lovely, and have a pure heart. Otherwise, they won't be caught by Yun Xi with golden butter bread one after another.

"The twenty third one…" it took about two hours. Yun Xi finally fished the mermaid girls in this district, that is, most of the members of the Starwings Knights have been successfully caught by him.

Incidentally, there are five more pink and tender little girls on the tower. The highest age is only about 12 years old.

They are brave girls who stand up to protect their Mermaid sisters. They bite Yun Xi's bread in advance and never let go, which eventually becomes an extra gain for Yun Xi.

"Well, all the Mermaids here should be finished."

At last, Yun Xi, who fished three little girls in a row, put away the fishing rod, gave the last half of the bread one by one to the five little girls with bright eyes, and jumped out of the bell tower with Red Dragon Zaka.

"Goodbye, big brother!"

"Goodbye, Mermaid sisters!"

"Don't forget to join the Mermaid Game the next time!"

The little girls said goodbye to Yun Xi and jumped down the bell tower to tell their new fairy tales to their friends.

That is the story of "The mermaids, the bread and the princesses".

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