Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 816

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Chapter 816: Mermaid Game (5)

"One, two, three, four…" Yun Xi counted the Starwings Knights with large breasts. All of them were undoubtedly the eldest ladies of the aristocratic family.

"Thirty one, thirty-two…" Apart from them, there are also a large number of girls, but they are basically civilians of the Starwings Knights.

Even in the fairy tale dream, they who incarnate as mermaids also clearly distinguish their own camps.

Take Rose, a new member of the Starwings Knights, as an example. As soon as she joined the group, she was assigned to the aristocratic family sect.

Without the mask of bandages, the full "peaks" attracted the envy, and hatred of the civilian girls of the Starwings Knights.

"If they are the same here…" Yun Xi closed his eyes. All the offensive extraordinary powers in the city are limited, and neither magic nor dragon breath can be used.

However, besides being a half tone swordsman and a part-time disciple of the Battle God genre, he also has another rank.

Rather, this was his original job.

The fourth-ranked life profession - Baker.

"There are… Sixty-seven…" Recently, he fed a lot of bread to the three Zakas. Yun Xi counted his own storehouse. There were up to a hundred treasures in the storehouse, and there were sixty-seven gold cream bread, the superior product since he became a baker.

This fourth-ranked bread is the highest level treasure owned by Yun Xi at present. It is a masterpiece sublimated from his most skilled formula - third-ranked golden bread.

The fourth-ranked bread is a valuable and marketable supplement. Even the dragon would like to eat it.

This kind of bread contains part of the original strength of Yun Xi's hero rank power, a strategic level food that even the Ten Leaf Alliance urgently lacks.

He still remembers that on the desert island, the girls of the Starwings Knights loved the bread made by "Mei", and even evolved the "Bread ranking war", which has now become a routine activity of the Starwings Knights.

"If the mountain is far away, then your choice is to see the mountain, or let the mountain come to you!" Yun Xi took out one of the 67 rare loaves of bread and decided to put the plug on his masterpiece.

These golden butter bread with magical quality gave off a delicious aroma.

In the water god world, the Spider Queen from the void had been seduced by it.

On the one-day date with the twin witches, the proud Red Lotus and the holy Princess Jinwu were also captured by it.

In the world of dragon war, even the ferocious red dragon ate the bread happily.

Well, the ferocious red dragon has now become the fifth Princess of Yun Xi, and is now looking at the golden butter bread that Yun Xi took out with ferocious eyes.

"I'm hungry!" Red Dragon Zaka licked her little sweet tongue. Obviously, she is not hungry, but she doesn't know why. Seeing this golden butter bread, she feels like she wants to monopolize it.

"I will give you a lot of things in the future. Right now it has other uses." Yun Xi looks from left to right and from east to west. The methods to be used next are not very aboveboard, but they should be absolutely effective.

Mermaid girls who are pure as a white paper don't have a memory of when they were human beings. Once they are chased by human beings, they will fall into a state of panic and run around.

Like little rabbit Lulu, who is a scatterbrain without a sense of direction, is only a rare example.

The vast majority of mermaids have a beautiful swimming posture, and even the dragon can't catch up with them in the King City of Assyria where the water curtain is all over.

In that case, it would be better to change our thinking.

Since these Mermaid girls have an innocence that doesn't belong to human beings, once they are approached by human beings, they will flee in all directions, so it is OK not to approach them, but to let them take the initiative to throw themselves into my arms.

To this end, Yun Xi must take out the appropriate "Bait".

It happens that Yun Xi has such things.

"Will this work? They're not idiots." Red Dragon Zaka looked at Yun Xi who was tying a transparent silk thread to the bread.

"They are smart and have a good sense of danger, but that's also their weakness." Yun Xi holds a small fishing rod in his hand, which is almost the size of an arm.

If the bait is useful, he can even catch the mermaids.

The plan is this.

First of all, Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka hid themselves in the bell tower.

Then, the bread that was tied to the silk thread was thrown away and hung on the water curtain.

Finally, it's patience.

As long as you don't let them find your existence, then when the mermaid takes the bait, everything will come naturally.

This is Yun Xi's "Mermaid hook plan". Whether it works or not depends on practice.

Red Dragon Zaka licked her paws. She doesn't believe that this ridiculous plan will succeed.

Even the older fish in the lake can't be fooled by such a trap, let alone the smart mermaids!

Mermaids are creatures that are favored by ocean gods. How could they be tempted by just a piece of bread…

"Take the bait!" Yun Xi shook the small fishing rod in his hand and directly pulled up a lovely mermaid who was alive and kicking with bread in her mouth!

"Ah Hoo Hoo…" She is undoubtedly the best among all the mermaids. Yun Xi is very familiar with her.

Ling Ling, the Secretary of the Starwings Knights, take the bait!

"What!" Red Dragon Zaka stared at Ling Ling, who was easily caught by Yun Xi. She was happily hugged by Yun Xi and willingly melt into foam.

"Well, the second one." Yun Xi looked at the cream-like mark on his wrist, nodded, and continued to lift out the remaining bread as bait.

After about ten seconds, the fishing rod in Yun Xi's hand shook violently. It was obvious that the curious mermaids had not learned the lesson of Ling Ling and had begun to bite.

With a skillful swing and shake, the third Mermaid also took the bait and flew to him obediently.

"Darling, don't eat too much. You don't have such a big appetite as Ling Ling. Mei Lan." Yun Xi touched the head of the mermaid and tore off about a fifth of the bread to satisfy Mei Lan.

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