Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 815

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Chapter 815: Mermaid Game (4)

"Choose, is it a golden axe, a silver axe, or a wooden axe that you dropped into the spring?"

"Is it a mermaid with large breasts, a young mermaid, or a mermaid with the longest tail?"

Yun Xi looked at the dazzling array of mermaid maidens and sighed helplessly.

For him, this is not a single-choice question, nor even a multiple-choice question.

It was because he couldn't make a choice.

Then, the rest of the choices couldn't be simpler.

"I will capture… all of you" Yun Xi stated his tactics.

"You're such an asshole." Red Dragon Zaka stepped on Yun Xi's toes harder, but did not protest against Yun Xi's tactics.

"Your strategy is sound, but you sure are an asshole." Ice dragon Zaka and her sister on the same side, even if she also agreed with Yun Xi's tactics.

"Let's battle!" Probably only Desert Dragon Zaka, who's a bit on the dumb side, doesn't care about Yun Xi's temperament, and her warrior's instincts are calling her to act in the face of this throng of mermaids.



"Hee hee hee hee!"


The mermaid girls who were being watched by Yun Xi responded with different reactions.

Centered on Hua Yue, the leader of the Starwing Knights, most of the young ladies blushed and covered their little faces, with their tails contracted underneath them like shy roses.

The commoner faction swordsmen, centered on Little Grass, deputy head of the Starwing Knights, were all glowing. Their fishtails were fluttering, just short of letting out a song.

In the hazy water mist, there are more mermaid girls with curious, naive eyes looking at Yun Xi, seeming to be looking forward to something.

"Start capturing it, not one less." Since he had decided to capture them all, Yun Xi simply pulled up Red Dragon Zaka's hand, instantly launched the Thunderwalk, rushing towards the group of Starwing Knights.

Since he is going to capture them all, he will start with the most familiar girls.

"Huh." The leader of the Starwing Knights, Hua Yue, revealed a mysterious smile, making a light turn and then her figure disappeared in the water curtain.




The girls around Hua Yue ran away in a flurry, transformed into flexible fish.

The mermaid game, at this moment, officially began!

"Even if you can use magic, you will not be able to escape!" The Desert Dragon Zaka issued a roar, leaping up high into a fierce and incomparable posture, and rushed towards the group of soft mermaid girls.



"Yeah yeah yeah!"

According to logic, the strength of the mermaid girls will never rival that of the Desert Dragon Zaka, but in this unique environment, they can showcase incredible ability.

Whenever Desert Dragon Zaka tried to grab them, they will immediately turn into foam and flew far away from there.

As long as it was covered by the water curtain, they could flee freely.

And with the start of the Mermaid Game, the water curtain that originally only appeared on the square began to spread rapidly, distributed to the entire city.

This is the real Mermaid Game, a fantasy game with the entire city as the venue.

"Move separately!" Ice Dragon Zaka and Desert Dragon Zaka temporarily broke away from the range of Yun Xi's connection, and one chased a group of mermaid girls to the west city, and another towards the north city.

Yun Xi stared at the group of girls of the Starwing Knights and rushed into the east city.

The ancient capital emitted a unique charm in the moonlight. Snow-white magic lights and the laughter of maidens amde the ancient city once again rejuvenated.

"Why can't I catch up with them?" Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka's speed was fast, but they still couldn't catch up with the girls.

Several times, Yun Xi was only a few miles away from the girls, but this little distance became an insurmountable rift.

One side was unable to use their abilities, while the other side could move freely within the water curtain. This game had been rigged from the start.

They can't use their abilities, but the other side can maneuver freely within the water curtain and escape. How do they catch the girls?

After chachant and lochant a dozen mermaids in a row, Yun Xi realized that his tactics had a huge hole.

He couldn't even catch a mermaid! He thought that Ice Dragon Zaka and Desert Dragon Zaka were facing the same problem?

So, how to solve the problem?

Why was the little rabbit Lulu so easy to catch, while the other girls of Starwing Knights ran so fast?

Clearly, the strength of Lulu definitely was not weak, why was it that she panicked and rushed into his embrace, allowing him to achieve the achievement of keeping the rabbit?

"Piss off, these mermaids are cheating!" After having tried a dozen times without catching a chantle mermaid, Red Dragon Zaka pouted with anger.

Cheating? Yun Xi seems to have a flash of light in his mind.

Yes, the rules of this Mermaid Game are… no restrictions on cheating ah!

That is to say, no matter what method to catch the mermaid can be. All means are allowed.

Then the question arises, without uchant the transcendental power, is there any way to catch mermaids?

Yun Xi temporarily stopped and looked at the mermaids who were far away from him because of fear or shyness and showed a thoughtful expression.

"Hey, why not continue to chase? Don't you want to catch all the mermaids, and then eat them all?" Red Dragon Zaka puffed and looked around at the mermaids.

"I think that going after them like this might not be the best way." Yun Xi simply sat down and observed more attentively, paying attention to every move of the mermaid girls around.

For them, this is probably a dream world full of fairy tales.

They can't talk in their dreams, but they are not without feelings.

Curious and innocent, they are just like a piece of white paper. The girls who present the mermaid posture are pure in mind and body.

Yun Xi was more certain of this when he looked at the mermaids of the Starwing Knights.

Compared with other innocent Mermaid girls, the Starwings Knights, as in reality, are divided into two distinct factions.

Well, this faction gap is too easy to understand.

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