Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 814

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Chapter 814: Mermaid Game (3)

"La la la la!" This was the song of the Starwings Knights' leader, Hua Yue, who was wearing a swimsuit with golden embroidery on her chest, and her waist was enclosed by an apron, with the outline of her plump chest~ visible.

Her hair, with golden shell hair ornaments that no other mermaid has, looked elegant and gorgeous. She is obviously one of the most special mermaids among the mermaids.

In contrast, the Starwings Knights deputy leader wearing a one-piece swimsuit presents a healthy beauty. With a golden ratio body after advancing to the hero rank, plus the God Weapon on her back, giving her a unique charm among mermaids.

Ling Ling, the secretary of the Starwings Knights, is wearing a bold and exposed two-cut swimsuit. Looking at that plump chest, he is worried about whether the swimsuit straps will collapse.

The usually elegant ladies of the Starwings Knights ladies, at the moment, are all wearing attractive swimsuits, clustered around Hua Yue. Their snow-white skin and increasingly beautiful face let Yun Xi almost not know where to focus his eyes on.

Why are the mermaids wearing swimsuits? Yun Xi increasingly does not understand the idea of his first princess. Why would the great Queen of Assyria choose them as the "mermaids".

After all, why are they mermaids, and why are they all beautiful girls in swimsuits?

What is her intention?

"Rules, choose the most beautiful mermaid."

"The more beautiful the mermaid, the more difficult it is to be captured."

"Only the person who captures the most beautiful mermaid will be able to grant the wish."

After quickly repeating the rules of this Mermaid Game in his head, Yun Xi suddenly discovered the trap.

What would it take to determine who was the most beautiful mermaid?

What is the judgment benchmark?

"Okay, I'll catch it!" Desert Dragon Zaka directly rushed towards Hua Yue who looked like the leader of the mermaids with a fierce lunge.

"Ah ..." Hua Yue shook her head gently and her figure instantly turned into flying foam and disappeared under Desert Dragon Zaka 's claws.

Desert Dragon Zaka did not even catch a piece of the mermaid's scale, and directly hit the ground.

"Huh ... they can move freely and instantly?" Ice Dragon Zaka also struck, and she locked on one of the mermaids that looked weaker and easier to get at.

Lulu, even after turning into a mermaid, still has a pair of rabbit ears on her head.

"Ah ..." her rabbit ears shaking violently, and the panicked little rabbit closed her eyes all the way, and then jumped into Yun Xi's embrace.

"Wow!" The moment she hit Yun Xi, the little rabbit Lulu's body turned into countless flying scattered water droplets, tenderly wrapped around Yun Xi's fingertips, and then there was an extra little rabbit's seal on his wrist.

"You have caught a mermaid. Do you want to offer her as a tribute to the Queen of Assyria? This is a mermaid named Lulu, very good at making medicine and absolutely will not betray you. If you choose her, you will have a cute and delicious little rabbit." A sudden prompt sounded in Yun Xi's ears.




Completely unexpected that there would be such a thing, many of the surrounding mermaids showed chagrined expressions.

If Yun Xi chose Lulu as the "tribute", the Mermaid Game would be over for him.

"Rules ... the most beautiful mermaid ..." Yun Xi looked thoughtfully at the bunny mark that appeared on his wrist, and then looked at the mermaids around him.

They seem to have no memories of being human, more like young girls immersed in fairy tales, naive and carefree.

In a sense, they are perhaps closer to the real them here, let go of all the burdens of the real world, as carefree as real mermaids.

"Mermaid" represents not their race, but implies a pure and unblemished heart.

Then, the matter of choosing the "most beautiful mermaid" from these pure-hearted girls is a trap.

Because there are no criteria to judge who is the "most beautiful mermaid".

Beauty, in the eyes of everyone, has a different standard.

Some people like big-chest girls.

Some people like small and delicate girls.

Some people like girls with long legs, and are even willing to be trampled by that long, slender legs.

And there are even people who like non-humans.

"I can't choose..." Yun Xi sighed. He couldn't choose who was the most beautiful one amongst the girls of the Starwings.

Among them, Yun Xi simply can not say who is the "most beautiful mermaid".

In addition to Lulu, the other girls of the Starwings Knights are also looking at Yun Xi with anticipation.

They seem to believe that Yun Xi will make a choice that they are satisfied with, a choice that is very much in line with Yun Xi's approach.

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