Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 813

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Chapter 813: Mermaid Game (2)

The Assyria capital at night was less noisy and more mysterious than during the day.

Under the silver moon, the small fountains located around the square began to rhythmically spurt out transparent water, turning into a magnificent water-screen.

The twelve largest fountains, on the other hand, began to fill with a hazy mist of water, seemingly preparing for something.

It was clearly on the ground, but it gave the delusion of a palace in water, which was proof of the Assyria kingdom's pursuit and dedication to art, as well as its high artistic standards.

"The water element in the air is starting to reorganize." Ice Dragon Zaka touched her fingertips to the watery air and came to the conclusion that something was happening.

Yun Xi, on the other hand, raised his head and looked at the silver moon in the sky.

It was great that it wasn't the blood moon.

Assyria in this time and space did not seem to be tainted by the power of the ancient gods, and he didn't hear the whispering of the ancient gods that made people lose their minds.

Of course, even if there is a whisper, it won't work for the Zakas and him.

With the passage of time, the lights of the city went out one by one, leaving only those magic street lamps still faithfully illuminating the circular paths under the darkness of the night.

On the huge square, there were only Yun Xi and the three Zakas, and the water curtain landscape that kept changing its posture.

One after another bubbles began to appear in the middle of the square water curtain, and even turned into a fish-like silhouette, and faintly could hear the sound of singing.

That is the song that the human throat can not make, even the three Zakas have not heard the beautiful singing voice.

Rather, Yun Xi, once beside himself, his ears have heard such a beautiful voice many times.

It was the song sung by the mermaid queen in the world of the Water God.

The song was sung by mermaid brides for Yun Xi.

Legend has it that the mermaid's song has the magic power to make human sailors jump off the ship and turn into part of the sea.

Yun Xi is even more aware of the lovely appearance of the petite and lovely mermaid brides as they sing their songs of love.

"Is it true … mermaid?" Yun Xi looked at the bubbles' changing colors as if he had come to a fairy tale world.

"Hee hee!"

"Nah nah!"

"Ah … mmm …"

The voices of the young girls, which began to quietly echo in the water curtain, seemed to be observing the place from a distant world.

"Is it going to be a fight? Is it going to be a fight!" Desert Dragon Zaka summoned her indestructible Sand Eyes, and was ready to take a shot of Quicksand Vortex to kill all of that so-and-so mermaids!

"Burn, sky!" Red Dragon Zaka followed her sister, proudly extending her index and middle fingers, preparing to unleash a seven-star Meteor Fire Rain.

However, both Desert Dragon Zaka's Sand Eyes Storm and Red Dragon Zaka's Meteor Fire Rain came to a screeching halt halfway through, leaving the two surprised.

"There's no fire element at my disposal?" Red Dragon Zaka couldn't believe that the fire element, one of the world's four basic elements, didn't seem to exist in this strange world.

It was impossible! The fire element was one of the four basic elements that built the world, and even in her sister Ice Dragon Zaka's Ice Land, she could unleash a shower of meteoric fire without restriction.

However, in this Assyria kingdom, the fire element just couldn't be at her disposal, as if it was forcibly suppressed by some kind of power.

"The earth is not obedient either!" Desert Dragon Zaka stepped on the ground under her feet, all of it was a structure she was unfamiliar with, as if it had been completely restructured.

"No wonder … I felt wrong from just now …" Ice Dragon Zaka shook her head. She also couldn't use her ice magic.

This square, as well as the entire Assyria royal city, seemed to be covered by some kind of powerful domain, and the owner of this domain forcibly forbade all destructive magic use.

In terms of the domain of magic, the owner of this city released a forbidden magic that surpassed the sum of the three Zakas', so all magic couldn't cause effects under this forbidden magic.

Even physical attacks are the same, so if you can't break the upper limit of this domain, you probably can't do damage to the city at all.

"The First Princess and the Second Princess have joined forces." Ice Dragon Zaka deduced the true nature of the city, whether it was the city itself or the humans that seemed to be alive, it was a certain magical aspect.

The two hands of the giant clock across the square finally came together.

Twelve o'clock, it was.

As if announcing the arrival of something, the twelve large fountains around the Queen of Assyria square, suddenly all spurted out a huge column of water.

One after another playful and lovely figures happily jumped out from the water column, riding the wind and waves, swimming in the sky.

Mermaids, wearing all kinds of swimsuit, wagging their tails and curiously looking at Yun Xi.

Yun Xi was familiar with their faces.

They were the girls of the Starwings Knights.

The count, the marquis, and the noble girls who had occasionally been seen in the royal palace and had appeared at the festival were also amongst them.

It seems that there are also many members of the White Lotus Sword Palace.

At this moment, all of them have grown soft fishtails, wearing either conservative or bold swimsuits, comfortably swimming in the constantly intersecting currents.

"Yo … seventh, eighth, ninth … to thirteenth princesses are all here." Ice Dragon Zaka looked at Yun Xi with contempt.

"You … you … you … you … you … "Red Dragon Zaka 's fingers were trembling, pointing at Yun Xi beside her, "How many girls have you had a relationship with?".

"Tsk … now there are full of people … my sister really does whatever she wants!" Desert Dragon Zaka smelled.

Even if they become mermaids, they look at Yun Xi affectionately, and a few even wanted to swim to Yun Xi.

With the appearance of the mermaids, the Queen of Assyria statue spoke again.

"The rules of the Mermaid Game are three."

"Mermaids will do their best to evade your pursuit, but will not run out of the city of Assyria."

"The more beautiful a mermaid is, the harder it is to be captured."

"Only the one who captures the most beautiful mermaid will be able to fulfill the wish of his heart."

The mermaids with snow-white skin and bold bodies smiled at the somewhat overwhelmed Yun Xi, and many of them even took the initiative to start teasing Yun Xi.

Only, they do not make a human voice, but with a wonderful singing voice, showing their charm.

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