Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 812

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Chapter 812: Mermaid Game (1)

"Are you more interested in this kind of little girl?" Red Dragon Zaka had a contemptuous expression on her face, her high heels unceremoniously stepping on Yun Xi's feet.

"Sister, his second princess looks even younger than this child." Desert Dragon Zaka did not hesitate to uncover Yun Xi's scars.

"Incorrigible lolicon." Ice Dragon Zaka continued to rub salt into the wound.

Yun Xi could only pretend not to hear, taking three roses from the flower basket of the shy-eyed flower-selling girl, and then giving them to each of the Zakas.

"Huh, it's for me, huh, still have a conscience." Red Dragon Zaka 's anger came and went quickly, being coaxed by a single flower.

"Can I eat this?" Desert Dragon Zaka licked the petals of the rose, then took a small bite.

"It's bitter!" That expression was like being betrayed by the world.

"Sister, roses are not for eating, but you can use them to make tea." Ice Dragon Zaka pinned the rose to the corner of her hair, and by hand, used her ice power to permanently freeze the rose.

This would be a treasure for her collection, and she wished to freeze this moment in time permanently, as an eternal and unchanging memory.

"Ah …" Yun Xi bought three roses, only to find that he has no money - no Assyria kingdom's money to be exact.

The ancient Assyria kingdom currency is not gold or silver coins, but some kind of state-sanctioned stone plate, inlaid with the head of the queen, collectively known as the queen's coin.

"Can I use this to buy the flowers?" Yun Xi snapped his fingers and temporarily made a third-ranked bread with his bread-making techniques.

In terms of value, the three roses were naturally not worth this bread, but the penniless Yun Xi could only barter with this.

"Good … good!" The young flower girl looked surprised at the creamy bread that gave off a tempting scent. It was enough to buy half of the flowers in her basket!

"Ah, how can you sell our bread!" Red Dragon Zaka was the first to protest.

"Yes, bread is to be cherished!" Desert Dragon Zaka followed.

"It's a waste, why not give it to me to eat." Ice Dragon Zaka complained.

The contempt of the three sisters made Yun Xi feel both funny and annoyed, and he could only take out three collections from his own bread storage space to appease the discontent of his own third, fourth, and fifth princesses.

"Awwww!" Bought by the bread, Red Dragon Zaka finally quieted down and began to gobble Yun Xi's bread.

"Delicious! This can't be bought anywhere else." The bread is the only food in the palace that could not be mass-produced, the dessert that Desert Dragon Zaka had been craving for.

"Sister, I'll share half of it with you." Ice Dragon Zaka tore open her bread and fed it into the small squirrel-like Desert Dragon Zaka's mouth.

"Can you tell me when the festival is going to start?" After satisfying the Zakas, Yun Xi continued to ask the girl for information.

"Mermaid sisters will only come out at night." The flower girl pointed to the fountains around the square.

"They will randomly appear from the twelve fountains and start running away."

"Each mermaid sister will have a different ability, and it's not easy to catch them."

"Only those who can capture the mermaids will be able to fulfill their wishes."

"Take the mermaid to Her Majesty's palace and you'll be rewarded."

This rule was almost similar to what Yun Xi had read in the library of the royal palace, but Yun Xi was not sure that this time, the mermaid game was also the same as in the past.

After all, he was not a pure girl, he still appeared in this legendary Assyria royal city. It was not at all surprising that the originally harmless Mermaid Game had turned into a horror game.

Moreover, from the time he entered until now, he did not detect the breath of Black Dragon Zaka at all, which is really too strange.

The Queen of Assyria and White Moon, who were expected to be dominated by Black Dragon Zaka, all disappeared without a trace, as if they had vanished.

Did they not have their minds eroded by Black Dragon Zaka like Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka?

Or, is this world itself a big lie?

In the end, what is true and what is unreal? Yun Xi could hardly tell the point.

The warm touch that just grabbed the flower girl's arm, as well as the softness of her skin, definitely does not look like something from the dead.

What is hidden in this world?

"More flowers, my lord?"

"My moonflowers are pretty too!"

"My strawberries are just picked from the plantation, absolutely fresh!"

"I have milk that has just been milked, do you want it?"

Yun Xi was only distracted for a moment when he found himself surrounded by a group of lovely young girls.

They all look to sell all kinds of flowers and snacks as a job, wearing slightly old but absolutely clean and tidy clothes. Their cute faces looking expectantly at Yun Xi, and many of them had traces of white cream around their mouths.

It looks like the flower girls shared the bread Yun Xi used to pay for the flowers with her friends.

From the cheerful and healthy look of these girls, they are voluntarily out to work for their families and can safely sell flowers and snacks in this square, which also represents the very good security in this country.

Was the past Assyria royal capital such a prosperous and thriving city? Yun Xi snapped his fingers a few times, gave away a few loaves of bread made on the spot, and began to think about the meaning of the city's existence.

Just nostalgia? No, it would be too exquisite to be just that.

The grass and trees, the layout of the city, and the clothing of the people are almost all perfect reproductions of the ancient Assyria royal capital.

Just from the scenery of this city, the later human kingdom is too far behind to catch up with it.

The design of this kingdom can accommodate millions of people living together, and the Forgotten Ruins Yun Xi saw were only part of the remains of this huge kingdom.

The lost ancient Assyria capital, the "Mermaid Game" that only starts at night, the Queen of Assyria's wish.

In the dark, Yun Xi felt as if he had caught a clue to something.

Soon, the sun was setting and the people gathered in the square began to retire in an orderly fashion, giving up the square at night to the inhabitants of another world.

"Hmph, having a good time, aren't you? You really are a hopeless liar." Red Dragon Zaka looked at Yun Xi with an exasperated look of contempt.

Just now, when the girls left Yun Xi, that reluctant look on their faces indicated that they were obviously hooked!

Now I've finally seen his human scum nature.

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