Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 811

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Chapter 811: The Lost City of Kings

"Ka! K! Ka!"

Huge waves of darkness kept rushing out from the first level, interrupting the celebration of the newly formed Three Dragons Alliance, while reminding this small group that the power of darkness was still overwhelmingly dominant.

"This is my sister's power." Looking at the tide of darkness that seemed to become even deeper and more furious, Red Dragon Zaka gritted her teeth reluctantly.

"The strongest Zaka ."

"The Dragon of Doom."

Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka looked at each other and shook their heads.

"Come on, we have to go to the upper level." Yun Xi also knew that Black Dragon Zaka 's power was much more than the level he saw now.

If he guessed correctly, the entire continent, by now, had been consumed by the darkness.

The third princess Desert Dragon Zaka, who was originally in the royal palace, and the fourth princess Ice Dragon Zaka's appearance here was the best proof of that.

If following this trend, Yun Xi already knew who he would meet on the third floor.

His first princess and second princess must be waiting for him there.

They, too, are dominated by Black Dragon Zaka?

Why did the twin witches, who hold the hope of this world, build the tower of fire in advance?

Too many questions haunting Yun Xi mind, and now there is only one thing to do.

Go to the highest part of the tower, to find the last hope of the world.

Once there, all the mysteries will naturally be solved.

At the same time, it is also the moment of the final battle.

"Three Dragons Alliance, set out!" Desert Dragon Zaka rushed in the front with great enthusiasm, Red Dragon Zaka took Yun Xi's hand and walked in the middle, while Ice Dragon Zaka walked at the end.

Behind the team of four, there were countless dark substances that poured into the second floor of the giant fire tower, devouring everything like crazy.

Beyond the tower, the black dragon, who was as large as a world, stared at this Tower of Hope with cold and merciless eyes and gave the command.

"Annihilate them all …"

"Don't leave anyone alive …"


"Huh?" Yun Xi who stepped into the third floor looked at the scenery in front of him and almost thought he was in the wrong place.

Here, is it really inside the tower?

Through the glowing doorway between the second and third floors, what unfolded in front of Yun Xi was a huge city filled with a fantasy style.

This city, surrounded by a faint curtain of light, erected one after another ancient stone walls on the roads.

These stone walls are carved with unknown ancient names, each of which is a symbol of glory, emitting a faint golden light in the sunlight.

The circular stone roads distributed in the city are spotless, carved with simple and beautiful patterns, and on both sides of the road are countless spiked stone pillars with magic lamps, showing a symmetrical mathematical beauty.

In the middle of the city, there is a huge square, and the whole square is paved by special marble, smooth as a mirror, reflecting the sunlight of the sky.

Around the square, there are twelve fountains of different shapes, like twelve scales of a clock, and the fountains will start in turn according to the different times.

In the center of the square, there is a beautiful statue of a young girl, holding a magic short sword made of real crystal in one hand and a book representing wisdom in the other, smiling at the city, the most glorious civilization ever born in this continent.

"Is this …Assyria?" Yun Xi looked at the landscape in front of him and recognized some of the buildings.

However, what he saw was just a partial remnant of what remained after a thousand years, and the city in front of him had long since ceased to exist in this era, or rather, it has only one name remained in this world - the Forgotten Ruins.

The Assyria royal city, the relics watched over by the kings.

The statue of a maiden with a sword in one hand and a book in the other is the embodiment of this thousand-year-old kingdom, the Queen of Assyria who is respected by the people.

The entire third floor of the Giant Fire Tower, as if turning back the clock, completely recreates this ancient city that has long since disappeared into the river of history.

"Let the festival … begin …"

"Only the person who captures the most beautiful mermaid will be able to grant the wish."

The huge statue opened its mouth incredibly, announcing the beginning of the "Mermaid Game".

It was the dream-like "festival" that Yun Xi had seen in the library that only innocent girls who entered the Forgotten Ruins would encounter.

According to the legend, the ancient Queen of Assyria is immortal, and she continues to dream in the depths of the Forgotten Ruins.

The kingdom of Assyria in the dream, still prosperous, like another river in the timeline. The thousand-year-old capital is permanently prosperous, and will regularly hold a festival to please the queen.

The main event of the festival is a game called "Mermaid Game", and only the girl who can catch a mermaid can fulfill her wish.

Men can't see the capital. Only a pure girl can enter the royal capital and try to catch a mermaid for her small wish of love.


The bell rang and Yun Xi suddenly found that everything around him had changed.

The streets, which were empty, suddenly had many more people coming and going, and they looked at Yun Xi and the Three Dragons Alliance squad with curious eyes, pointing at them from time to time.

"Where are they from? Dressed really old-fashioned."

"The number of mermaids at this festival seems to be the largest ever."

"The queen is very happy. I hope there will be a winner in the Mermaid Game this time too."

"Hey, did you guys hear that the queen seems to be making an heir, and we are going to have a princess?"

What's going on? These humans … Yun Xi listened to the voices of the people around them, looked at the crowd surrounding the huge Queen of Assyria's statue, and fell into a great shock.

Under the statue of the queen, people prayed reverently and then left one by one in order, everything was in order.

By the fountain pool, young girls are playing, chatting, wetting their little feet and white dresses, swirling out of the youthful and moving colors.

Anyone who sees them can't connect them with the "dead", but in Yun Xi's perception, they really don't have the breath of the living.

Ghosts? Yun Xi tried to reach out and touch the flower girl who happened to pass by him.

"Huh … Lord … do you want to buy flowers?" The young girl looked shyly at the Yun Xi in front of her, the flowers in the basket trembled uncontrollably.

"Ah, give me three roses." Yun Xi awkwardly let go of her hand.

Why can I touch her?

This is not realistic! Aren't the people here ghosts?

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