Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 810

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Chapter 810: Three Dragons Alliance

"Huh?!" Ice Dragon Zaka was the first to sense the abnormality in herself.

"Ahhhhh, is this it?" A little slower, but Desert Dragon Zaka also felt it shortly after.

It was the feeling of the invisible thread that connected them to Yun Xi.

Through the flower at Red Dragon Zaka 's heart, three threads of life were connected to Yun Xi.

If there is any difference, it is probably that the threads of Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka are much longer than those of Red Dragon Zaka.

The thread of Desert Dragon Zaka is about seven times longer than that of Red Dragon Zaka's.

The thread of Ice Dragon Zaka is about five times longer than that of Red Dragon Zaka's.

Moreover, after a little experimentation, even after leaving this range, the girls whose hearts were not missing did not enter the near death state, but only temporarily disconnected from the thread of life.

However, once you have tried the feeling of being connected to Yun Xi, you will soon become addicted.

It is a wonderful state where life is connected and mutual thoughts can be felt.

The two Zakas, who had long been with Yun Xi, quickly adapted to this state of connection.

"Hey, I'll try it too." Desert Dragon Zaka pretended to hold out her index and middle fingers and raised her head.

"Meteor Fire Rain!"

Sadly, no flaming meteors fell, but instead a sandstorm blew over and began to coalesce sandstorm in the sky.

Well, it looks like even with the link, she can't go beyond her domain to perform the forbidden spell that only Red Dragon Zaka can use.

However, through the connection, Red Dragon Zaka's unique unlimited energy was shared by Desert Dragon Zaka, as evidenced by the sandstorm that was gradually forming in the sky.

"It's so good!" Desert Dragon Zaka happily hugged her sister, Red Dragon Zaka, and kept rubbing her cute little face.

"You're really my most excellent sister!"

"Oh, is this the Soft Water Palm?" Because of the completely conflicting attributes, Ice Dragon Zaka did not intend to master Red Dragon Zaka 's power like Desert Dragon Zaka , but instead switched a direction.

The gentle little hand caressed the earth, and the cold freezing air seeped into the ground, then exploded.

This is certainly not Yun Xi's soft water palm. Just like the Thunder Blast in Red Dragon Zaka 's hand becomes a Lava Blast, Ice Dragon Zaka has comprehended the Cold Ice Palm from the Soft Water Palm that best suits her attributes.

The freezing air will penetrate the defense of the person hit by this move, completely freezing the internal blood. The appearance of body shows no damage, but the internal life has long been cut off.

In contrast, Yun Xi also have acquired their proprietary natural abilities.

Desert Dragon Zaka 's combat talent - Frenzied Outburst, Sand Eyes Domination.

Frenzied Outburst - The more furious you are, the more power you can release, at the cost of draining your strength.

Sand Eyes Domination - Desert Dragon has strange Sand Eyes which will increase with Desert Dragon Zaka's mood change, if necessary, it can fuse with Desert Dragon Zaka to enter the strongest war mode.

Ice Dragon Zaka 's battle talent - Frost Field, Ice Armor.

Frost Field - the temperature of the area nearby you will continue to drop until a certain threshold. Release the forbidden spell Ice Land will reach this threshold in advance, summoning many ice spirits.

Ice Armor - Ice Dragon's super strong armor, automatically stimulated in a crisis, almost immune to all ice spells. It can also automatically reflect physical attacks. The thinner the armor is, the greater the reflected power would be.

In addition to these almost natural abilities, Desert Dragon Zaka also mastered many forbidden spells such as Quicksand Vortex and Sandstorm Star, Ice Dragon Zaka also has ice spells such as Permafrost Ice Coffin and Frost Blade.

The spells they use, without exception, do not require any incantation, which is as engraved in their bloods, ten times stronger than that of ordinary human mage's spells.

If a human mage uses the same spell to attack them, it is absolutely suicidal.

Red Dragon Zaka, the youngest of the three Zaka sisters and now the only one with a God Weapon, has even more amazing attributes.

Infinite Will to Fight - Red Dragon Zaka's will to fight is unshakable, and she will fight to the end even if she is in a desperate situation.

Infinite Energy - Red Dragon Zaka has nearly infinite flame essence, as long as the body does not collapse, it can constantly obtain the support of the Molten Fire Core.

Lava Body - Red Dragon Zaka's body is flowing with the hot dragon blood, which can let her swim in lava, ignore all flame attacks, and reduce more than 90% of physical attacks.

From the information fed by the Life Lines, the youngest sister of the three sisters deserves the name of the Red Dragon Princess. The infinite energy she provides can even replace some of the effects of God Weapon, allowing the two sisters who lost their respective God Weapons to regain their peak status.

And the person who gets the biggest benefit, naturally, is Yun Xi.

The power of the three Zakas can be perfectly complementary because they come from the same source, and for Yun Xi, it is completely additive!

Not as simple as one plus one. After getting part of the origin power of the three Zakas at the same time, Yun Xi could even clearly feel that his blood, nerves, and even thinking speed had improved by leaps and bounds.

For the first time, he saw his heroic rank threshold.

After stacking three Zakas' racial values at the same time, he finally touched the limits of this body.

In terms of combat power, even if he has not yet broken through that barrier, Yun Xi, with the help of the Battle God's Seed, has long surpassed the limits of a normal hero rank .

However, his comparisons are always his invincible chidhood sweetheart and that pair of twin witches. Yun Xi's common sense has always been dead wrong.

"Good, I now declare! The Three Dragons Alliance is formed!" After experimenting with the life link, Desert Dragon Zaka proudly raised her index finger.

Ice Dragon Zaka , on the other hand, held up her middle finger.

Red Dragon Zaka , on the other hand, raised her ring finger.

Well, a small alliance, a three dragons alliance of three Zaka , was born.

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