Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 806

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Chapter 806: The Fifth Princess' Promise

The four treasure beads of "sand", "ice", "fire", and "nightmare" were given to the four Zaka sisters by the sleeping original dragon.

The Star of the Sand, inlaid with a sand treasure bead, has an extremely large attack range and the ability to summon an entire desert army, specializing in ranged attacks.

Forst Dragon Teeth, inlaid with ice treasure bead, can easily change the sky and terrain, and has the most powerful control ability.

The Molten Fire Core inlaid with the fire treasure bead holds the power of endless fire, and the crimson Dragon Roar Wave it contained can destroy the world in minutes.

This is the reason why Red Dragon Zaka's crimson Dragon Roar Wave has such a terrifying spreading ability and its power keeps increasing.

The final treasure bead, the black treasure bead that represents the "nightmare", is in the hands of Black Dragon Zaka, who should not have woken up at this time, and whose God Weapon is unknown.

Now, Red Dragon Zaka saw the sword in Ice Dragon Zaka's hand and the empty red and black treasure bead slots, and instinctively understood that her God Weapon, the Molten Fire Core, was actually part of that sword.

The source of power of the Zaka sisters all came from that sword, so the origin of this sword is self-explanatory.

"Mother-sama … really thinks that I betrayed her?"

Red Dragon Zaka could not believe that this was the truth, she was actually a good child who was very family-oriented and never had the idea of betraying her mother.

From her birth until now, she had definitely not done anything to disobey her mother's orders, she was obviously too good to be a Zaka!

"Whistle the … desert wind …" Ice Dragon Zaka raised the golden sword in her hand, and the endless desert gale began to gather around her.

The gravel falling from the black Star of the Sand in the sky was also continuously swept in by this huge storm, forming a black sandstorm connecting heaven and earth around Ice Dragon Zaka .

Along with the black snowflakes that kept falling in the Ice Field, this scene looked incomparable, as if the distance between heaven and earth had become blurred in this instant.

"Watch out, it's coming!" Yun Xi held Red Dragon Zaka 's hand tightly, sending incomparable enthusiasm and strength to her heart.

It was hope and faith, the courage to never give up and go forward no matter what kind of desperate situation they were facing!

That is the fighting spirit held by Yun Xi.

In the dark forest, when facing the almost invincible green hippo.

Under the giant tower, when charging at the legions of stone ghosts and red-clad archers.

Even when he knew that his opponent was stronger than himself, he still had to challenge and find a chance to win.

And, this time, he wasn't fighting alone, was he?

"Do you believe in me?" Grabbing Red Dragon Zaka's hand, Yun Xi 's eyes became extraordinarily focused.

"Of course!" Red Dragon Zaka nodded, the more she faced the crisis, the more she could feel the rhythm of their heartbeats become intense.

Yes, she believed in the man in front of her, even though she knew that he was an asshole who has an unspoken relationship with her sisters.

But, she just likes him. She hopelessly likes him.

This kind of like, with the passage of time, becomes more and more burning. Even because of his existence, she began to become more and more like the world.

She wanted to live in this world with him, with her sisters, and wanted to know more about him.

The fondness overflowed and could not be stopped, and she could not control herself for a long time.

"Then, fight with me!"

"To save this world."

"After everything is over, I will marry you!"

Yun Xi said it out, said out the mission he was carrying, while perhaps making a promise.

Since he has had four princesses, it was not unacceptable to have a fifth princess.

In order to complete the trial of the Dragon War, he really did fight!

"You big liar! I'm not going to be your fifth woman!"

Red Dragon Zaka puffed up her cheeks. For Yun Xi's words, she did not want to believe a word of it.

However, the curve of the mouth reveals her mind, that is a smile immersed in the imagination of a happy future.

"Burn, my flame!" The Yun Xi who gained the initiative against Red Dragon Zaka for the first time learned from her fingers and raised his index and middle fingers.

In the endless fire, the last few shots of Flaming Meteors fell at the same time, viciously blasting at the black Star of the Sand suspended above Ice Dragon Zaka 's head.

In the midst of the roaring flames, the endless black storm turned into a sword blade, falling towards Yun Xi with the momentum of cutting through a world.

"Explosion!" Yun Xi decisively detonated the seven pillars of fire that connected heaven and earth, releasing the full power of the forbidden spell, Meteoric Fire Rain, to confront Ice Dragon Zaka 's sword that seemed to slice through the boundaries of heaven and earth.

The power of the Molten Fire Core is in full swing. Yun Xi can even feel this fire God Weapon in Red Dragon Zaka body cheering, recklessly liberating its own boundaries.

Searing flames and wild storms intertwined, fiercely entangled in the central area of the ice and fire, tearing and melting each other, forming a flame storm over thousands of meters in diameter.

"Ha … ha …" Yun Xi gasped. Although he has Red Dragon Zaka's near infinite energy's support, the seven-star forbidden spell is something that is just too terrifying.

If this battle took place in the White Lotus Sword Domain, probably under the attacks of seven shots of flame meteor, the entire White Lotus Sword Domain would be blown off from the middle.


Ice Dragon Zaka also looked like she had overdrawn her strength. Her face became incomparably pale, and the color of the golden giant sword in her hand became dull.

Without Red Dragon Zaka 's Molten Fire Core, this sword could not exert its full power, and the sword wind that had the power to tear the world apart just now was only a slice of this God Weapon's true power.

The complete form of this sword was not intended for the four Zaka sisters, but was a weapon belonging to the original dragon.

More black gravel fell on Ice Dragon Zaka 's body, infusing her with a power that did not belong to her.

Yun Xi wiped his sweat and held Red Dragon Zaka 's small hand again. Each of them smiling. After the battle on the edge of life and death, the bond between them became even deeper.

"I will fight on, together with you."

"This is the path we have chosen."

"As long as we hold hands."

"It is the memory that will never be forgotten."

Faster than the Ice Dragon Zaka that had the support of the black Start of the Sand, the pair that held hands with each other was the first to recover their strength.

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