Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 807

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Chapter 807: Suppression

"Let's do it again!"

"We believe in each other."

"As long as we love each other."

"Then we can turn the miracle into reality!"

Not a spell, but better than a spell. It looks like just sweet words between lovers, but it really does inflict real damage to Ice Dragon Zaka .

This is something that a hundred human forbidden spells can't do, a special mental attack of Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka .

"Boost … potential …" Black gravel with even larger dark matter sprinkled around Ice Dragon Zaka , forming a dark canopy.

Surrounded by a black canopy, Ice Dragon Zaka became even more unfathomable, and the sense of intimidation she released rose at the same time.

"Feel that?" Yun Xi noticed something.

"It's not quite normal." Red Dragon Zaka also noticed that her own sister, Black Dragon Zaka was unconsciously revealing problems.

Black Dragon Zaka's domination was a forced domination that gave no room for thought, an absolute command from top to bottom.

The Godslayer God Weapon that she holds appears to be able to give battle commands without regard to the consciousness of the opponent.

It's just that giving battle commands takes times and is more or less delayed. Although such absolute commands can make the dominated person become more powerful, their moves are somewhat inflexible.

They can release more than 200% of the usual power, but can not use their own combat skills to the limit.

In numerical terms, Black Dragon Zaka can significantly improve the dominated's physical strength, agility, and even maintain the dominated's best fighting style.

The only weakness is the reaction speed, which is why when Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka drove straight in and beat Desert Dragon Zaka on the head, the Sand Eyes failed to intercept halfway.

The Desert Dragon Zaka that had four Sand Eyes for all-around 360 degree defense would not have made that kind of outrageous mistake.

"Then, let's go on in one breath!"

"Switch battle mode!"

After discovering Black Dragon Zaka's Domination Mode's greatest weakness, Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka gave up to continue to use forbidden spells, but launched Thunder Walk, moving at an incredible speed.

In terms of human fighting style, Desert Dragon Zaka is more of a warrior type, while Ice Dragon Zaka is more of a mage type, Red Dragon Zaka is a magical warrior type, and Black Dragon Zaka is a mysterious unknown type.

Like two thunderbolts running on the ground, sometimes intersecting, sometimes overlapping, the constantly rising spikes of glaciers on the ground were completely unable to stop the assault of the two, all blasted into a shattering mass of ice and snow.

"Ice… Armor …" Ice Dragon Zaka also responded in a mage style. She directly cloaked herself in a layer of azure ice armor, its hardness was enough to rival Red Dragon Zaka 's lava shield, and even had the special effect of bouncing off the enemy's physical attacks.

However, she didn't know that Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka were not just a pair that would only launch straight attacks.

"Dragon Claw!" The huge dragon claws tore into Ice Dragon Zaka 's body with a teeth-chattering tearing sound, but only left a few white marks on the seemingly thin layer of Ice armor.

The Ice Dragon Zaka, supported by the power of Black Dragon Zaka, has a magic limit that can strengthen the glacier armor to the limit, and Red Dragon Zaka's claws cannot directly tear through this seemingly thin layer of ice armor.

However, Yun Xi is different.

The soft water palm, a technique that only a being with the Soft Body can perform, is a divine technique developed to break through the opponent's hard shell and hit the nail on the head.

The snow-white palm turned over. As if pressing his lover's chest, Yun Xi's hand reached out to the azure Ice armor, completely ignoring the risk of frostbite on his palm, and gently pressed.

"What …" Ice Dragon Zaka's whole body trembled, revealing an incomparable expression of surprise.

"Good opportunity!" Yun Xi saw the right time and struck Ice Dragon Zaka 's right shoulder with three consecutive soft water palm strikes, and then grabbed Ice Dragon Zaka 's right hand despite the risk of frostbite on his palm, making her unable to use the golden sword that had unpredictable power.

This scene was almost exactly the same as when Desert Dragon Zaka was prevented from pulling out the Star of the Sand, except that the opponent was Ice Dragon Zaka instead.

"I'm sorry, sister!" The Red Dragon Zaka , who was connected to Yun Xi's mind, showed no mercy to her sister and also used her chest~ to press Ice Dragon Zaka 's other hand to the ground.

"Arrghhhhh!" Countless ice crystals exploded, four Sand Eyes flew over at the same time, and with them came Desert Dragon Zaka 's fierce pounding.

In just a few seconds, Ice Dragon Zaka, who was still brewing her next move, was overwhelmed by Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka, as well as Desert Dragon Zaka, who had just gotten out of the trap.

The slightest delay in Black Dragon Zaka 's command became the biggest break in the battle.

"Hit her in the head!" Desert Dragon Zaka shouted, swung her own fist and smashed it down, not showing any politeness at all.

The golden giant sword suddenly shrank and then was swept away by the black Star of the Sand in the sky, and Black Dragon Zaka decisively abandoned the already suppressed Ice Dragon Zaka and flew towards the third level.

"It hurts!"

"What's wrong with me? Why does my head so painful." The Ice Dragon Zaka who had only just come to her senses looked at the three people who were pressing their bodies and arms and legs together on her, and revealed a look of extreme contempt.

"Even if you can get my body, you won't get my heart, stupid prince!"

"Ah, she comes back." Yun Xi looked awkwardly at his hand that was pressing Ice Dragon Zaka chest. Why this hand was in this position? Well, what an unsolvable mystery.

"Sister!" Red Dragon Zaka hugged Ice Dragon Zaka with hot tears, crying like a child.

"Haha, I didn't hit the head, it wasn't me!" Desert Dragon Zaka smiled sarcastically, with an innocent expression of "I definitely didn't do it".

"Well, it must be this guy's fault, no matter what, it's his fault!"

"Honestly! Tell me what happened!"

Ice Dragon Zaka pinched Yun Xi's face with a serious face.

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