Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 805

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Chapter 805: Four Precious Pearls

"As long as we hold hands." Yun Xi once again took Red Dragon Zaka's small hand, and the two looked at each other with affection.

"It is a memory that will never be forgotten." Red Dragon Zaka was also very cooperative with Yun Xi. At this moment facing the terrifying Black Dragon Zaka , only when the two entered the highest synchronized state, there was the light of victory.

"Snort!" It might be an illusion, but an expression that seemed to be stung by something did appear on Ice Dragon Zaka's beautiful face.

There was also more than a hint of confusion and uneasiness in her pitch-black pupils.

Why is there a dark flame burning in the chest just by looking at the pair holding hands?

The young girl's heart, suffered a great injury.

"Look, the sky is burning!" Yun Xi judged that continuing to let the temperature drop would do more harm than good, so he decisively let Red Dragon Zaka launch the forbidden spell again.

"Let the entire world burns!" Red Dragon Zaka's petite index and middle fingers stood side by side, pointing high and proudly at the sky.

Huge fire clouds quickly gathered, forming a scorching cloud that could release a shower of meteorite fire.

However, only half of the sky was occupied by Red Dragon Zaka's fire clouds this time, and the other half of the sky was still occupied by the black star.

The forbidden fire cloud that Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka released together only appeared in the sky where they were.

The entire second floor of the tall tower turned into a world of half ice and half fire.

"First shot!" The second Meteoric Fire Rain came with great force, and the seven-star forbidden spell took shape even faster and more ferociously than when Red Dragon Zaka fought against Desert Dragon Zaka .

This also means that the bond between her and Yun Xi has become even stronger.

After experiencing the jealousy with Desert Dragon Zaka , she, who on the surface seems to have sworn to be at odds with Yun Xi, seems to like Yun Xi even more instead.

In this world, the most moving and unforgettable thing is precisely what you can not obtain. The strong sense of turpitude will instead make the flame of romance burn more fiercely.

Speaking of the personal battle power, she is only inferior to Black Dragon Zaka amongest the four sisters. She is the dominator of the flame.

In terms of attributes, she is fully restrained her sister, Ice Dragon Zaka.

The fire meteor blasted down, and Ice Dragon Zaka's ice field was smashed out of a large crack. Searing hot lava ejected from the ground, like a volcanic eruption.

The pillar of fire that connects heaven and earth burns like the scenery inside Red Dragon Zaka's heart at this moment.

"Her battle power … has increased …" Ice Dragon Zaka quickly calculated the value of Red Dragon Zaka's battle power at this moment and came up with a very frightening number.

It was a number that the original Red Dragon Zaka had not reached, and it was the best proof that her combat power had improved by joining forces with Yun Xi.

Not only Red Dragon Zaka, but also the sealed Desert Dragon Zaka showed a combat power that did not match the data model.

If Desert Dragon Zaka was smarter and hadn't fallen into Ice Dragon Zaka's trap, she might have been able to defeat Ice Dragon Zaka.

Why? Why did their fighting power fluctuate so strangely?

"Second shot! Third shot!" With flames burning in Red Dragon Zaka 's eyes, two consecutive shots of flaming meteors fell. Two more pillars of fire appeared between heaven and earth, and two more volcanic eruptions appeared on the ground.

She was not transformed into a dragon posture, but she naturally emitted the aura of the flame dominator.

All of the four Zaka sisters have this aura, but at this moment, Red Dragon Zaka played better than the other three sisters, closer to the essence of the original dragon.

That is a kind of verve that can do anything and defeat any enemy!

Red Dragon Zaka doesn't believe in miracles.

What she believes in is herself, or the power of herself and Yun Xi after joining forces.

"Ice … Land…" Ice Dragon Zaka unleashed the forbidden spell of ice and snow that was limited to three times a day.

An endless cold wind of ice and snow blew up, and more ice flakes swept towards the flaming field dominated by Red Dragon Zaka.

Red Dragon Zaka swung her small hand down without any fear. Soon, the fourth and fifth flaming meteors fell from the clouds.

With an earth-shattering explosion, the forbidden spells of fire and ice each unleashed their full power. The temperature of the air plummeted again, while the fourth and fifth pillars of fire appeared in Red Dragon Zaka's domain.

It seemed to be a no-win situation, but Ice Dragon Zaka judged that her forbidden spell was slightly inferior to Red Dragon Zaka's.

Her forbidden spell "Ice Land" was a wide range ice spell for military use, with the power to change the terrain and the sky.

The Meteoric Fire Rain was an extremely difficult compound forbidden spell.

At the one-star to the three-star stage, it's slightly inferior to Ice Land. But once it ascended to six stars or more, it becomes a super forbidden spell that can change the weather and cause massive damage to a single person.

To fight against the seven-star Meteor Fire Rrain, the forbidden spell "Ice Land" alone is not enough. She needs stronger ice and snow power!

"… lift the restriction …" Complex spell patterns emerged from Ice Dragon Zaka's pitch-black pupils, and the two pieces of God Weapon began to fuse in her hand.

The Star of the Sand, which represents the "sand" attribute of Desert Dragon Zaka.

Frost Dragon Teeth, which represents the "ice" attribute of Ice Dragon Zaka.

The two pieces of God Weapon are different in nature but come from the same source - the original dragon. They began to combine together to become a stronger God Weapon.

It's a sword. With a golden spiral sword body, it's as sharp as if it can cut open the boundary between heaven and earth.

The hilt of the sword is decorated with dragon teeth.

Inscribed on the disc in the middle of the sword body, there are four slots that can inlay treasure beads into them.

At this moment, the ice treasure bead slot and the sand treasure bead slot have been inlayed with treasure beads.

It was a variant of a God Weapon, and the part that appeared now was far from the full stance of the sword, but it already gave Red Dragon Zaka a great sense of oppression.

When Red Dragon Zaka saw that sword, she could even feel a part of her body stirring inside.

It was the original God Weapon "Core of Molten Fire" she held. It was resonating with the sword.

As the one who has the strongest attack power among the four sisters, the God Weapon held by Red Dragon Zaka was a dodecahedron-shaped gemstone that provided her with almost unlimited energy, and inside it was a jewel that represented the power of the original fire.

In addition to the "Nightmare" treasure bead held by Black Dragon Zaka, this "Flame" treasure bead is the strongest of the four treasure beads and has the most destructive power.

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