Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 802

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Chapter 802: The Revived Desert Dragon Zaka

"Gahhh, my head is going to break ..." Desert Dragon Zaka was lying in the sand pit with an airless look.

Her original huge body, also began to shrink and finally transformed back to the human appearance.

"Sister, is everything okay?!" Although just now she teamed up with Yun Xi to beat Desert Dragon Zaka, she does care about her sister.

She knows when it's time to fight and when it's time to love. This is the style of Red Dragon Zaka.

"You are ... sister ..." Desert Dragon Zaka shook her head and recognized the sister in front of her.

"Yes, I am Red Dragon Zaka , your proud sister." Red Dragon Zaka stroked Desert Dragon Zaka 's head and disliked Yun Xi with a grumbling look.

"You've broken my sister's head!"

If not, she can't get rid of Black Dragon Zaka's domination ah ...Yun Xi helplessly shrugged his shoulders.

"Shaheen, hug me ..." After saying hello to her sister, Desert Dragon Zaka began to pamper Yun Xi.

Well, after Black Dragon Zaka 's absolute domination disappeared, she ended up choosing the truest second memory, the one belonging to the third princess, only slightly mixed with some of the first memories.

She is the child of the great original dragon, the king of the Western desert, married to the prince called "Shaheen", and is in her honeymoon period.

The lies Yun Xi told really fooled Desert Dragon Zaka completely.

"Shaheen?" Red Dragon Zaka suddenly had some kind of very bad premonition.

After watching Yun Xi lightly pick up Desert Dragon Zaka whose limbs were sore and weak, and started to knead the weak parts of her limbs, Red Dragon Zaka instantly exploded!

"You, what is your relationship with my sister!"

Yun Xi looked awkwardly at Desert Dragon Zaka who was pampering herself in his arms, what should he do at this point?

"Of course it's a couple relationship, I'm already married to him." Desert Dragon Zaka had a rightful expression and told the truth, making Red Dragon Zaka's eyebrows rise.

Red Dragon Zaka was so angry that her eyebrows went up. "Tell the truth!" In a rage, she pinched Yun Xi's neck. If he does not explain, she is ready to give him a bloody end.

"Well, I did marry your sister." In the end, Yun Xi could only throw up his hands in surrender and honestly tell the truth about his relationship with Desert Dragon Zaka.

"Oh my God, isn't my sister dead?"

"In the end, what happened?" Red Dragon Zaka felt that her outlook on life, her world view all collapsed.

Her sister, who she thought was dead, was not dead.

The Yun Xi that she thought belonged to only herself, had married her sister Desert Dragon Zaka long ago.

"Why didn't you tell me, why did you deceive me!" Red Dragon Zaka 's eyes were filled with tears, and the hand that was pinching Yun Xi 's neck was harder.

If the flower had not restrained Red Dragon Zaka's strength, maybe Yun Xi 's neck would have been snapped like a chicken.

"I didn't cheat you."

"You never asked either, what is my relationship with your sister." Yun Xi argued helplessly.

"Ah!" Red Dragon Zaka then realized that she really never asked about the relationship between him and her sister.

In her perception, both of her sisters had died long ago, and she was carrying the unfinished mission of her sisters, realizing the plan of conquering the world.

After meeting with Yun Xi, she also never thought about whether the person she likes will have other lovers.

Even if there was, it was going to be none, because she would definitely finish the other party off! She was the proud Red Dragon Princess, how could she tolerate her lover having other lovers.

But what if that lover is her own sister?

This, in this case, isn't she the third party?!

"It hurts so much ... you hit me really unkindly." Desert Dragon Zaka pressed her head with a bitter expression, only her eyes were filled with sweetness.

"If you keep on beating me, I will become stupid for the rest of my life, you have to take up the responsibility of taking care of me."

"No matter what, I'm your third princess."

"The third!" Red Dragon Zaka suffered bludgeoning damage again.

"Sister, you are the third princess, then who are the first and second princesses!"

"This guy, is he ..." Red Dragon Zaka had a sense of tragedy that the world was coming to an end.

"Well, this guy, ah, he didn't only marry me."

"Let me count, the Queen of Assyria is the first princess, her daughter is the second princess, I am the third princess, and Ice Dragon Zaka is the fourth princess."

"In that order, if he marries you, you will be the fifth princess." Desert Dragon Zaka finished counting the number.

The moment she heard this bad news, Red Dragon Zaka felt like she had become a huge tragedy.

The person she liked, not only had two feet in the boat, but three, four, and she seemed to be the fifth?

The great original dragon mother, ah, she now wants to bite him to death.

"I won't marry him, I won't marry him! I won't marry him even if I die!" As a representative of the passionate side of the four sisters of Zaka , Red Dragon Zaka was extraordinarily intolerant of the person she likes to be philandering.

For the human who is a philanderer, it is really better to burn burn burn burn!

Red Dragon's flame is perfect for this kind of task!

"What did you do to her? You villain!" Desert Dragon Zaka bit Yun Xi's ear.

"I'm innocent, she's the one who took a swing at me." Yun Xi also did not want to become like this, if he had not saved the dying Red Dragon Zaka then perhaps nothing would have happened.

But he would have regretted it for the rest of his life if he had not saved the sister of the princess he had married from the brink of death.

"Your body, there is a special smell."

"Probably, as long as it is Zaka , all will like your smell." Desert Dragon Zaka stretched her arms and legs a bit.

It's really strange, obviously, her head was badly wounded, after making out with Yun Xi like this, Desert Dragon Zaka felt like she came to life all of a sudden.

Sure enough, he was the only one who was different.

"I want to withdraw from the marriage!" Red Dragon Zaka roared and shouted out her declaration.

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