Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 801

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Chapter 801: Desert Dragon Zaka's Weakness

"Go!" Without waiting for Red Dragon Zaka to drive the sixth and seventh flaming meteors, Yun Xi held Red Dragon Zaka and fell towards the ground as fast as he could.

"Why, I can definitely blow up it!" Red Dragon Zaka knocked Yun Xi's ear in dissatisfaction, completely unable to understand his action.

Yun Xi didn't have time to explain, but opened his lava shield once again.

Compared to Red Dragon Zaka's reckless "attack", when the two of them were working together, he was better at completing her deficiencies, completing "support" and "defense".

As it turns out, Yun Xi made the right choice.

After being blown to only half of its initial size, the black Star of the Sand, which revealed the structure of the dark matter inside, instantly accelerated and flew to the interior of the fire cloud.

In the next second, endless waves of black light began to spread, and black matter full of malicious intent gushed out of the Star of the Sand's interior as if it had opened a hole to another world.

Red Dragon Zaka's sixth and seventh flaming meteors were almost instantly swallowed by the black matter, contaminated, and then collapsed, and all the fire clouds around them were absorbed by the black Star of the Sand.

"How is it possible that ...... sister's Star of the Sand doesn't have that kind of ability at all!" Red Dragon Zaka looked in shock at the black star that swallowed her forbidden spell Meteorite Fire Rain, this was never the ability her sister she knew possessed.

"It's Black Dragon Zaka's ability." Yun Xi also did not know the principle of this, only to increase the danger of Black Dragon Zaka by another level.

Deep, location, like something that can never be peered into the depths of darkness.

Devouring everything, dominating everything, like the deepest incarnation of terror.

The strongest Zaka!

"How can we win in this situation?" Red Dragon Zaka gritted her teeth as she looked at the dangerous black star in the air.

After devouring her forbidden spell Meteorite Fire Rain, the black star's shell took on a hot, dark red color and had clearly become more powerful.

The evidence of this was that there were black pulp bubbles starting to form in the sky, and black clouds were constantly tumbling, almost exactly like the meteorite fire rain not long ago.

There was even a black thread connecting heaven and earth, which was evidence that this heaven and earth were about to be invaded by the power of darkness.

The entire world emanated a full of malice towards Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka.

"Fight through." Yun Xi could not resolve the nature of the black thread either, it was not something he was good at in the first place.

Black Dragon Zaka's power was beyond his imagination. She was probably the most ferocious opponent he had encountered since coming to this world.

Her power alone surpassed the sum of her three sisters, and it was almost as if the world was doomed to be ended.

The Dragon of Doom, Black Dragon Zaka, is perhaps the aptest name for her!

There is no retreat!

There is no escape!

Then, let's fight!

Yun Xi stopped to think about anything else. Since the other side has forced him into such a desperate situation, then the rest is as simple as it can be.

"Ah, just what I want!"

"Good, no matter who the opponent is, we will win!" A burning spark shone out of Red Dragon Zaka's eyes, and the gaze that she looked at Yun Xi became even more passionate.

As long as we are together, we can defeat any opponent.

We don't need to ask who the enemy is, we just need to win all the way.

Even if, the opponents are my sisters!

"Roarrrrrrrr!" As if feeling the inseparable connection between Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka, the fierce and violent aura on Desert Dragon Zaka rose higher and higher.

It seems that this couple has completely angered the master of the desert.

The four Sand Eyes, in unison, turned deep black, as if heralding the coming of calamity.

Soon after, the black sandstorm arrived.

This is not just a storm of sand and gravel, but also mixed with the black matter that constantly falls from the sky. It looks like the entire garden is filled with this distorted power, not giving even a hint of survival to Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka.

The Desert Dragon Zaka is so crazy.

"As long as we hold hands ..." Red Dragon Zaka took a deep breath.

"Then we can conquer everything ..." Yun Xi smiled, matching Red Dragon Zaka pointing at Desert Dragon Zaka's huge head in the darkness.

"Thunder Blast!"

"Inferno Blast!"

Lightning jumped on his fingertips, pointing the way to hope for Yun Xi.

The fiery firelight flies, opening the waymarker for Red Dragon Zaka to gain victory.

The lightning and fire, transformed into sharp blades that tore through everything, broke through the endless darkness and blasted Desert Dragon Zaka's dragon head with unerring accuracy.

"Gahhhh!" Desert Dragon Zaka, whose defense had been greatly increased, was not repulsed this time, and even took the initiative to create a barrier of darkness in front of herself to block the extremely lethal flame light.

However, the real attack was not an inflammation blast, nor a thunder blast, but the two who came sprinting after locking onto their target.

A thousand strikes in one instant! Yun Xi unleashed the power of the Battle God's Seed, bringing the indestructible nature of the Hard Body to its fullest.

The dragon claw tear apart everything! Although there is no such thing as the Hard Body, the dragon's body itself is strong enough. When swinging the dragon claws, it is even more powerful.

It's not a forbidden spell, nor a martial art skill, but simply a synchronized attack that brings out the best in both of their physical abilities.

As if sensing something, Desert Dragon Zaka stamped her four claws on the ground and summoned back all the Sand Eyes that were spread out in four directions.

But, it was too late!

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" Yun Xi's fists bombarded Desert Dragon Zaka's head like a fierce storm, smashing her head with all his strength.

"Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!" Red Dragon Zaka's red dragon claws kept flashing from left to right and then right to left again, tearing a crack in her sister's head.

Combo, combo, and combo again!

If it was Yun Xi, or Red Dragon Zaka alone, more or less there would be a slight pause among the attacks, but after the two join forces, there is no longer a weakness.

Even, with Red Dragon Zaka's dragon claw attack's assistance, Yun Xi can also switch between the Hard Body and the Soft Body in the process of attacking, from time to time cast his Soft Water Palm, striking Desert Dragon Zaka's head that has long been injured a thousand times.

Under the triple blows of steel fist, Soft Water Palm, and Dragon Claw, Desert Dragon Zaka finally collapsed, spitting out her tongue and announcing her defeat with dizziness in her eyes.

The four Sand Eyes hovering around her also kept spinning and fell to the ground, just like their master.

The black star suspended in the sky recovered all the black breath and flew quickly to the higher realm.

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