Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 800

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Chapter 800: Meteoric Fire Rain

At this moment, Desert Dragon Zaka was no longer the Third Princess that Yun Xi remembered, nor was she the big sister Desert Dragon Zaka that Red Dragon Zaka remembered.

Dominated by the power of Black Dragon Zaka, she spared no effort in hunting down the pair of Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka.




Hundreds of lines of venom across the sky, continuously blasting the lava shield protecting the two. Green toxic smoke filled the air, so that the flowers withered and died one by one.

The sand worms, one after another, rose up from the sand, launched suicide attacks on Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka who kept jumping into the air.

When she is angry, her temper is far more than her sister Desert Dragon Zaka.

Moreover, at this moment, she is not alone in the battle.

Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka raised their hands together and pointed their index fingers to the sky, unleashing a fire-based forbidden spell.

It was a forbidden spell that was even more powerful than Ice Dragon Zaka's Meteorite Fire Rain!

A huge fire cloud covered the sky, countless golden-red bubbles emerged in the cloud, and then the doomsday fire rain descended.

Pulp bubbles, even the smallest was more than a meter in diameter, fell on the desert, splashing away one after another.

The giant venomous scorpions touched by these pulp bubbles will instantly turn into ashes, leaving only a faint scorch mark.

Even if a sand worm with a body length of a hundred meters is contaminated with these high temperature slurry streams, its huge body will be burnt instantly like a caterpillar being roasted by fire.

"Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz!" Sand worms constantly rolled up madly, all were cooked, burnt, and finally turned into black charcoal.

And this is only the prelude stage of this forbidden spell.

These high-temperature bubbles are only used as a means of clearing the field, the real attack has not yet begun.

Continuously tossed in the fire cloud, began to brew a number of huge things. Those are fire elements more than a thousand meters in diameter, which can be regarded as formed by a million high-temperature pulp bubbles.

It's the "meteorite" in the Meteorite Fire Rain, or can be called "flaming meteor".

The strongest human Grand Magus can only summon one shot, but in this fiery cloud, there are more than seven flaming meteors with a diameter of more than a thousand meters.

"The Star of the Sand......" Facing the meteor bombardment that was about to descend, Desert Dragon Zaka also brought out her trump card - the Star of the Sand.

Unlike the Star of the Sand that Yun Xi remembered, this God Weapon, which could summon a solid star, was also tainted with black, giving off an ominous aura.

The first flaming meteor with a diameter of over a thousand meters fell from the sky, carrying crimson flames like a comet that swept through the sky.


In the huge mushroom cloud, countless crimson flames shot up into the sky, forming a huge pillar of fire between heaven and earth.

The black Star of the Sand, with a trajectory that defied the rules of gravity, advanced toward the sky.

"Second shot!" Without hesitation, Red Dragon Zaka drove the second flaming meteor and it smashed down hard.

The second pillar of fire was born between heaven and earth, and the land completely turned into a dead land of desert and flame, hundreds of giant poisonous scorpions and an unknown number of sand worms were all turned into dust in this battle.

Their death breath was all swallowed by the black quicksand vortex on the ground, and a kind of palpitating breath was slowly coalescing out.

The Desert Dragon Zaka, who had her feet in the desert, continued to absorb the death breath from the dead creatures and became stronger and stronger.

"Third shot!"

Between heaven and earth, another flaming meteor exploded. This time, it finally blew open a large gaping hole in the black Star of the Sand.

The longer the Meteorite Fire Rain is prepared, the more fire elements between heaven and earth will be absorbed, and the stronger the flaming meteor's destructive power will be.

The power of this forbidden spell is precisely reflected in the number of flaming meteors that are coalesced.

Red Dragon Zaka's Meteorite Fire Rain is a seven-star forbidden spell. The seven flaming meteors have the power to turn all ground that can be seen into a scorching inferno, and the dust raised is enough to cover the sky.

However, in the face of the forbidden spell, Desert Dragon Zaka's Star of the Sand did not retreat in the slightest but continued to rise towards the sky.

The central area of the Black Star of the Sand, which had been blown up once more, began to be exposed to Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka.

"The fifth shot!" Red Dragon Zaka did not stop and blasted out the fifth flaming meteor that had already reached its critical point.

The black substance, which was located in the core part of the Star of the Sand, was also completely exposed to Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka.

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