Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 799

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Chapter 799: Black Dragon Zaka's Judgment

"Ahoy?" Desert Dragon Zaka shook her head, three different memories warring in her consciousness.

In the first memory, she was a child of the great original dragon, Desert Dragon Zaka, who was on a plan to conquer the world and was just a step away from conquering the world.

Well, that last little step is a breeze once she finds her lover, Shaheen, and joins forces with him after she marries him.

This memory is very real, it shouldn't be fake!

In the second memory, she was the king of the Western Desert, the lone and beautiful Desert Dragon Zaka, who accidentally fell in love with the prince of the human kingdom and married him.

The skin-to-skin on the wedding night, the luxury of bathing in precious stones, all kinds of hot and sweet memories.

Even the temperature of his fingers was so vivid, there was no way this memory could be wrong!

The last memory is of a deep, bottomless darkness, and a throbbing from the depths of her blood that enraged her and made her go berserk, eventually transforming into the black Desert Dragon Zaka.

Again, this memory is not false, it is an instinct from the Dragon's bloodline.

So, here's the question, how can three memories contradict each other when they're all true!

Which one of her memories was wrong, anyway?

"Sister, come to your senses." Red Dragon Zaka shouted loudly.

Sister, is this child my sister?

The scent of fire, the exact same face as her own, she should be third sister, the red one.

The first memory had her in it, she, she was her sister?

But why, when she looked at her and Yun Xi holding hands, closer than anyone else, she was so angry, as angry as if her most precious thing had been taken away!

The memory of my sister belongs to the first memory.

The memory of being sweet with the prince belongs to the second memory.

This uncontrollable rage belongs to the third memory.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, totally confused!

"What are you ... to me!?" Desert Dragon Zaka clutched her head and stared angrily at Yun Xi.

"I... am... yours ..." Yun Xi showed a somewhat guilty expression, but before he could finish his sentence, Desert Dragon Zaka's body was already covered with the dark matter once again and went into a raging rampage mode.

"You ... deserve to die!"

"No good, sister is out of control again!" Red Dragon Zaka exclaimed as she looked at Desert Dragon Zaka who raised her dragon claws, while not forgetting to give her sister a "wake-up dragon claw hit".

Desert Dragon Zaka whose head had been slapped once again opened her large mouth and violently ejected black dragon breath with the scent of death.

That was definitely not Desert Dragon Zaka 's own dragon breath, hers was a spurt similar to a hot sand storm, whereas this was a black corrosive substance.

The gravel that was stained by this dark substance turned a horrible black.

"This power, could it be..." Red Dragon Zaka was reluctant to accept the result, but she couldn't find any other explanation than that one.

"With such a powerful... even Zaka can't resist..." Yun Xi, who was now almost psychically connected to Red Dragon Zaka, made the same judgment.

"The strongest dragon." With a bitter voice, Red Dragon Zaka spoke the name of the culprit that was wrapped around Desert Dragon Zaka's body at this moment.

"The fourth Zaka, Black Dragon Zaka."

Yun Xi once again feels the terror of the four Zaka sisters, and the appearance of the fourth dragon, Black Dragon Zaka, announces the fall of the world straight away.

Even her sister, Desert Dragon Zaka, was dominated and sent out to hunt him and Red Dragon Zaka.

"I don't believe it, my sister can't be that heartless!" There was a hazy mist in Red Dragon Zaka's eyes.

Of the four Zaka sisters, the youngest sister Black Dragon Zaka is the most silent and wordless, almost never making a sound in the four Zaka sisters' interactions.

Compared to Desert Dragon Zaka, the nagging older sister, Ice Dragon Zaka, the slightly meaner second sister, and Red Dragon Zaka, who loves to listen to her sister's stories and fantasize about how she will fight alongside her sisters when she hatches, Black Dragon Zaka is always the quiet one. Black Dragon Zaka is always the quietest listener.

The sister she remembered was supposed to be the quietest Zaka!

This sister who doesn't even hesitate to dominate her sister is not the Black Dragon Zaka she knows.

"It's true ... she doesn't look like a Zaka." The Zakas Yun Xi know are very straightforward and innocent girls, with a subtle sense of similarity to his childhood sweetheart in different ways.

Black Dragon Zaka, why is it with such a frightening impression?

Of the four Zaka sisters, she gave Yun Xi the impression of being the most restless, like some unnamable thing that could never be seen in the dark waters.

That sense of unknown mystery and danger gave him an unknowable sense.

Her killing intent gave Yun Xi the creepy feeling of someone finding out what he had done.

"Target ... annihilation ..."

"The Man Who Betrayed the Great Mother ..."

"The Man Who Failed the Great Mother ..."

"His only destiny ... is to go to hell ..."

It was not the voice of Desert Dragon Zaka , but indeed the murmuring voice from the darkness, the final death declaration from Black Dragon Zaka.

"I didn't betray the Great Mother!" Red Dragon Zaka was completely unable to understand why she had been judged to have betrayed the original giant dragon.

She had been working to conquer the world, and now she was also ready to come and destroy the last blocking rock-the twin witches who had taken her heart.

Her devotion to the Great Mother never changed!

Holding Yun Xi's hand tightly, it was the only way to give Red Dragon Zaka a touch of warmth now.

Considered an enemy by her own sister Black Dragon Zaka, she was on the verge of not knowing what to do. She hadn't done anything to betray her mother!

"Betrayer ..." Black Dragon Zaka's voice became colder for some reason.

Large drops of sweat fell from Yun Xi's forehead.

Uh, the reason for betraying the original giant dragon... should this be told to her?

"Roarrrrrrr!" More darkness filled Desert Dragon Zaka's body, and her golden pupils all turned pitch black.

"Enemy! The enemy!"

It seems to be more than just orders from Black Dragon Zaka, mixed with something else.

"Watch out, it's coming!" Yun Xi took Red Dragon Zaka's hand and quickly backed away.

Desert Dragon Zaka slapped her claws down, and the ground instantly turned into a giant black swirl of quicksand.

The battle started once again!

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