Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 803

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Chapter 803: The Provoked Ice Dragon

"Withdraw from the marriage?" Yun Xi felt confused. Between him and Red Dragon Zaka, there was no such thing as a marriage contract.

"Retirement!" Desert Dragon Zaka was surprised. She felt that there was no happier day in this world than the days with Yun Xi.

By analogy, Red Dragon Zaka must also have understood how happy it is to be with the person you love, right?

"Yes, withdraw from the marriage, goodbye, and never see you again!" Red Dragon Zaka was serious. Her proud princess heart could not bear the fact that the person she loved did not belong to her alone.

Rather than suffer the humiliation, she simply kicked him out!

That's the difference between her and her sisters. The Red Dragon Princess will never be a slave!

"Farewell forever, asshole!" Turning around, Red Dragon Zaka's determination was unshakable.

Then, at a distance of about "one Zaka away", she fell down, and the whole body rapidly weakened, falling into a near-death state.

"Hey ... she is really a child like you ..." looking at Red Dragon Zaka, Yun Xi sighed, while holding Desert Dragon Zaka in his arms, walked to the fainted Red Dragon Zaka and extended his right hand.

The hand feel was as good as ever, even the rhythm of the heartbeat was so familiar.

"Ooo ... miscalculated!" Red Dragon Zaka regained her consciousness and looked at Yun Xi with hateful eyes.

"Hate you, I hate you, this philanderer!" The young girl's angry roar rang through the sky.

"Withdraw the marriage! Withdraw the marriage! You liar!"

"Let go of me and untie this thread!"

"Even if I'll die and be buried in a coffin, I definitely don't want to be with you!"

In response to Red Dragon Zaka's angry rebuke, Yun Xi couldn't do anything about it.

This green flower is not something that he can create, the way to unlock it... he does not know it either.

"You saved her, and then the two of them got entangled in the thread?" The rejuvenated Desert Dragon Zaka finally jumped down from Yun Xi's embrace and curiously kept moving her little hand between Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka, trying to catch the invisible thread of life.

"I'm so jealous! Why don't I have this thread ..."

Well, it looks like Desert Dragon Zaka is interested in the play of tying herself and Yun Xi together with a thread.

"You have married my sister, and still dare to seduce me? You shameless bastard!"

"Say! How many other fiancés and lovers do you have?"

Red Dragon Zaka's anger value continued to rise, especially after finding Yun Xi was really counting how many fiancées and lovers he had.



Fierce bite!

Dragon claws!

Dragon tail!

She used all the attacks that could be used, but unfortunately, under the suppression of the green flower in the heart, all these attacks were just tickling for Yun Xi.

"You two are so close, when will the wedding take place?" With a smile on her face, Desert Dragon Zaka looked at Red Dragon Zaka who was scratching and biting Yun Xi.

Probably this is a special way for her sister to show her love.

"Sister, what makes you think that we are close?!"

"I hate him! I want to eat him!" Red Dragon Zaka opened her mouth, revealing her sharp little dragon teeth, and quickly and forcefully bit Yun Xi's ear.

"Actually, he and I got familiar by fighting too. This guy just owes it!" When it comes to the history of love with Yun Xi, Desert Dragon Zaka has very common words with her sister.

A giant dragon would never like a weakling.

It took Yun Xi showing how strong he was to get the love of Zaka sisters.

"That's right, beat him to death!" Red Dragon Zaka gritted her teeth and stared at Yun Xi who had a helpless expression on his face.

"Well, this is not the time to talk about that."

"Here it comes!" Yun Xi grabbed the two Zakas in his hands and violently picked up his speed.

"Boom!" The dark dragon that wrapped its body around the last tower of this world poured endless dark air into the first floor of this tower, the garden of the four seasons that symbolizes paradise.

As if the great flood of doom had arrived, the entire first floor was quickly submerged and swallowed up, leaving only a fragile ladder shaking.

In the huge wave of darkness, Yun Xi with two Zakas, stepping on the ladder that was already about to break, rushing together into the second layer of the tower.

Here, a world of ice and snow, formed a stark contrast with the garden in the first layer.

They couldn't see what this layer originally looked like, because everything here has been covered with ice and snow.

The sky, with black snowflakes falling, emitted an unusually ominous aura.

The deep black star suspended in the sky, and under the star was a figure Yun Xi was familiar with.

Ice Dragon Zaka, who was originally wearing a blue dress, also changed into a black dress. Like a magical girl from the midst of hell, her forehead stretched out a pair of light black dragon horns.

"The betrayer ... must die ..." Like Desert Dragon Zaka who once was dominated by Black Dragon Zaka, Ice Dragon Zaka's eyes were also filled with darkness.

Desert Dragon Zaka's God Weapon-the Star of the Sand.

Ice Dragon Zaka's own God Weapon - Forst Dragon Teeth.

The two God Weapons of different attributes were now held in Ice Dragon Zaka's hand at the same time.

Black gravel fell on the ground where Ice Dragon Zaka was standing, making this layer of the tower, which had long been covered with ice and snow, become even more bizarre and deeper.

"I did not betray my mother!" Red Dragon Zaka swore that she had never entertained the thought of betraying her great original dragon mother.

The charge that her sister had given herself was completely false. It was simply too wrong!

"Betrayal ... unforgivable ..." dominating the body of Ice Dragon Zaka, Black Dragon Zaka just took a glance at "that man" who was embracing her two sisters in each arm, and she made the judgment.

All of them are betrayers!

"Mother... is it ..." Compared to Red Dragon Zaka who didn't know anything, Desert Dragon Zaka had some vague suspicions.

If Zakas will like the taste of Yun Xi, then the so-called betrayal from the great original dragon mother... does it mean ...

Looking at Desert Dragon Zaka pulling Yun Xi's left hand, and Red Dragon Zaka pulling Yun Xi's right hand, Black Ice Dragon Zaka's eyes became more and more icy cold.

"All of you... go to hell!"

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