Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 780

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Chapter 780: The Power of Connection

"Then, practice with me."

Since there is no way to relieve this wonderful relationship, then adapt to it. This is Yun Xi's choice.

There is nothing wrong with fighting the world, but it needs enough strength. As long as the trial of the dragon's war is completed, everything will return to its original state.

"Practice what?"

"Practice to act together, and the way to fight." Yun Xi reached out his fingertips and touched the invisible but real line between them.

The last gift left by Lvji is not just to tie Red Dragon Zaka around him.

Through this invisible line, Yun Xi can clearly feel the huge power of Red Dragon Zaka and the sound of heart beating.




It was a beating sound that human beings could never have. It was the rhythm of the ultimate creature as a red dragon. The gift of Lvji replaced its original core and integrated her incomparable power.

After defeating such Red Dragon Zaka, Yun Xi once again realized the power of the twin witches.

Through this line of life connected with Red Dragon Zaka, Yun Xi also shared part of Red Dragon Zaka's dragon power.

His eyes can see farther than usual, also have the ability to see through invisibility.

His skin, quietly emerging lava-like lines, is one of the three secrets of the Red Steel Genre, "lava skin".

The three secret skills of the Red Steel Genre - Lava Breath, Lava Skin and Red Steel Blood - are the process of improving one's potential and evolving his body towards God's talent: "the Hard Body".

In order to have the Hard Body, the masters of the red steel genre will use every means to torture their bodies. They will fight with huge shackles all the year round, and rush to the front line at any time.

Yun Xi got the talent of the Hard Body from the seed of Mumu, and the talent of the soft body from the blessing of Hydra the Water God. However, the two kinds of God's talents have not yet fully integrated, so it is necessary to take the initiative to switch forms when fighting.

Red Dragon Zaka's physical strength is even more exaggerated than Yun Xi's.

As a red dragon holding the origin of fire, her body strength has reached a level of despair by nature. If it is not a god weapon level attack, no one can shake the hard dragon scale, which has incredible high magic resistance.

When she launches her attacks, the whole sky will tremble.

The red Dragon Roar Wave, with the attribute of burning all things, is one of her best skills. It has the destructive power to both people and the army.

Moving natural disasters, the red dragon, the scarlet destroyer, she alone has the power to destroy the world!

Yun Xi, who shared part of her strength, saw for the first time the weakness of the world from the perspective of the dragon.

When the dragon is angry, the world will tremble.

Red Dragon's anger can ignite the whole world.

For Red Dragon Zaka, she is born with the power to dominate the world, and she is born to be the flame king.

How could such a powerful creature treat human beings on the same scale, so that she would say "give you ten years to be the master of the world" and "then I will eat you".

The world outlook and moral outlook of human beings are not applicable to dragon people or powerful dragons like Red Dragon Zaka!

In fact, they are not evil, and they don't like to eat people. They just can't follow the rules of human beings, and human beings can't understand the idea of the dragon with their own rules.

If you want to communicate with the dragon, strength is necessary, just as human beings don't communicate with ants who can be trampled to death easily by their own feet.

In this world, the dragon is the intelligent creature at the top of the pyramid, not human beings.

The more he understands the dragon power flowing into his body through that line of life, the more he can understand why Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka take world conquest for granted.

Because they have that power.

Even the weakest of the four Zakas, Desert Dragon Zaka, has achieved the goal of suppressing more than half of the continent with one person.

They may have some weakness in character, but they have the simplest and strongest power to break all strategies.

Without the existence of Yun Xi and the Starwings Knights, the Dragon camp could dominate the world with just one Zaka.

This is the world of the dragon's war. Human beings are in an absolutely disadvantageous status.

What Yun Xi wants to challenge is the invincible original dragon.

"To fight together? Can you do it?" Although she was saved by Yun Xi, Red Dragon Zaka showed a suspicious expression.

Can humans keep up with the speed and strength of the dragon race?

Even if she can't change back to the real dragon posture, she has the confidence to sweep the whole human world.

What? You say the twin witches? They are not humans, absolutely not humans, but something else.

"There are some things you can't know if you don't try them." Yun Xi has never tried to fight with the dragon.

However, he has practical experience in doing "this thing" and "that thing" with dragons.

"You don't understand the difference between human beings and dragon people." Red Dragon Zaka looks scornful and slowly raises her right hand.

The shadow of a dark red dragon's claw flashed away, and Red Dragon Zaka tore at the mountains in front of them.

"Crack!" The mountain peaks, several kilometers high, cut off from the middle and make a deafening noise.

The mountain, which weighs tens of millions of tons, is smashed by one hit. That is the power of the dragon, and it is only the power of a dragon's claw.

"See, this is the power that human beings can never..." Red Dragon Zaka suddenly froze. She looked at Yun Xi , who is making the almost same posture, and even the fingertips appeared the same shadow of red dragon's claw.

"Crack!" Yun Xi, learning from Red Dragon Zaka's technique, dominates the unfamiliar power of the dragon and rips at the smaller mountain nearby.

A huge claw mark appeared in the middle of the 1500 meter high peak, and then it broke through the mountain body cleanly.

The mountain suddenly slides down, splashing dust all over the sky.

"This... how could that be possible! " Red Dragon Zaka can't believe it. This human has also used the "dragon claw". This is a secret skill that only the real dragon clan can display. It is a skill specially developed for the humanized giant dragon.

"It's a terrible power."

Yun Xi didn't expect that he could really use it.

What's more, he felt more at the moment he released the red dragon's claw.

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