Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 781

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Chapter 781: Dragon Roar Wave

"No way!"

"No way!"

"No way!"

Red Dragon Zaka's eyes were ablaze with flames.

It's just a human being, just a human being. Even the prince can't drive the power of the dragon!

Red Dragon Zaka takes a deep breath. The dragon claw is just one of her unique skills. She has more terrifying and powerful power.

Yun Xi also learned from Red Dragon Zaka and took a deep breath.

The movements of the two people are almost completely synchronized.

Then Red Dragon Zaka opens her mouth, the crystal on her forehead is filled with the breath of fire, and the vertical pupil shrinks and expands.

All creatures in a radius of hundreds of kilometers run instinctively at this moment, because they feel the breath from the ultimate creature.

In the next second, a roar beyond the limits of human imagination spreads around Red Dragon Zaka, forming a sound wave in essence.

It's the dragon roaring, the ultimate creature at the top of the pyramid of the food chain, releasing its own unique breath.

Dragon roar! This is only a gift of the dragon. Even if the mortals gather into millions of legions, they are as vulnerable as ants in the face of this indiscriminate attack.

If every mortal has 1 attack power, then can one plus one pose a deadly threat to a creature whose attack power is 1,000,000?

There is no such thing. Red dragon Zaka's roar is such an extraordinary attack that can make mortals despair. Even the Dragon roar in the human state is enough to kill 100,000 people in an instant.

That's the absolute gap in the level of life. Even if the mortals of the whole human kingdom are put together, they are not the opponents of Red Dragon Zaka.

To make such a roar, Red Dragon Zaka is trying to prove that there are some things that human beings can never do, which is the difference in the nature of life.

However, what dazed Red Dragon Zaka's eyes was that, almost at the same time she roared, Yun Xi also released almost the same sound.

Red Dragon Zaka's roar, with her unique domineering and destructive atmosphere, is like an erupting volcano.

The roar emitted by Yun Xi has a kind of holy and pure breath. Even Yun Xi doesn't know that the roar he made is holy-typed.

Two different kinds of dragon roar are intertwined to form a huge tornado. The sound of dragon roar resounds from the sky and even reaches thousands of miles away.

It's a resonance reaction. Holy typed power and flame typed power interlaced, turned into a dragon fire burning the sky, which is the perfect proof of the combination of the two attributes.

"You are not human, are you?" Red Dragon Zaka looks at Yun Xi, who is also at a loss. How can human beings roar and even cause the phenomenon of dragon roar?

"No, I'm ordinary." Yun Xi felt the rippling waves in his body and found that in addition to the power of the dragon roar, there seemed to be other forces emerging.

The wild and restless power. No doubt, it comes from the power of Desert Dragon Zaka.

Relatively cold and penetrating, nature is the power of Ice Dragon Zaka.

Yun Xi understands these two kinds of dragon power. But what is the first awakened holy-typed dragon power?

Such a holy typed dragon power has never appeared in the world of dragon's war before. Where did it come from?

Moreover, it seems that rank is still on top of Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka, even in the face of Red Dragon Zaka, the resonance caused by the roar radiates thousands of miles away.

In the world of dragon's war, is there a powerful dragon that has not appeared?

"I don't believe it. You must be a dragon clan!" Red Dragon Zaka grins at Yun Xi, who resonates with her power, and switches her moves again.

Dragon Roar Wave, her strongest secret skill!

Although it would be a great burden on the body to perform this move as a human being, she could not manage so much.

She wants to prove that this human being can never perform such earth shaking secret skill.

Even among the giant dragons, not all dragons can display Dragon Roar Wave at will, which requires extremely huge vitality and strong control over the power of the field.

Moreover, Red Dragon Zaka's Dragon Roar Wave has the particularity of "Multi Stack", which is far beyond the general Dragon Roar Wave.

For every second of Red Dragon Zaka's Dragon Roar Wave last, its damage power will increase. As long as she has five minutes, she can smash the whole continent and sink it to the bottom of the sea.

Crimson Dragon Roar Wave - this is the strongest trump card of Red Dragon Zaka!

This is a move that even the terrible twin witches have to use the strongest killing moves to destroy.

The Dragon horn stretches out, and the deep red dragon tail appears behind Red Dragon Zaka. The vertical pupil reflects the fiery scenery, like the end of the world.

Countless waves spread and superimposed around her, as if something were rippling in the strings of the world.

"If you can learn it..."

"Then I'll be with you!" Red Dragon Zaka raises her proud head and has absolute confidence in her strongest Dragon Roar Wave.

Only this can't be learned by others. This is the power given by the great original dragon mother to her to conquer the world.

She firmly believes that her Dragon Roar Wave is invincible!

It's so beautiful. Yun Xi looks at Red Dragon Zaka. for some reason she looks more dazzling than usual at this moment, just like a crimson comet.

Burning eyes!

Raised head because of self-confidence!

Under the loose bowknot, the skin is crystal white, and her chest is like a pair of harvest fruits.

Slim waist!

Long legs and high heels!

Red Dragon Zaka, who doesn't look silly as usual and devotes all her heart and soul to the Dragon Roar Wave, is a real princess, the ultimate creature who dominates the world and steps into the mysterious and unpredictable field.

Her charm is now fully displayed in front of Yun Xi.

There is something stirring inside of Yun Xi's chest. It is the voice that stimulates him to respond to the challenge of Red Dragon Zaka. It is a gift left by Lvji.

You can do it.

As long as it's you, there's nothing you can't do.

Because you are the one I love and I am waiting for.

Dragon Roar Wave, parse! Yun Xi felt the high-speed beat of his heart and began to capture the track of the string of the world.

I saw it!

So this is Dragon Roar Wave!

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