Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 779

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Chapter 779: The Sequelae of Lies

"Pafu!" After hearing the master's command, Pafu ran out of Yun Xi's clothes and was eager to try.

"No! No, no!" The Red Dragon Princess turns pale and instinctively escapes.

Well, she only runs about a meter away and the heart stops and falls down.

"What a... stupid girl... " Yun Xi looks at Red Dragon Zaka who was just rescued by himself and makes the same mistake again.

Compared with her sisters, Red Dragon Zaka seems to have another low level in IQ.

Is it because that she added all intelligence points to strength?

"Pafu! Pafu!" The green Pafu danced on Yun Xi's shoulders, and then turned into the posture of Red Dragon Zaka. Except for not wearing clothes, the body curve was exactly the same, taking off the tiny version of Zaka.

"Maybe I have to teach her what adaptation is... " Yun Xi has some ideas about how to survive in a bad environment.

The death of three figures in the trial taught Yun Xi one thing.

Never expect the environment to adapt to you, before you have enough strength, it will only be you who adapt to the environment.

In the face of great adversity, no matter how many setbacks you encounter, don't give up hope.

Even sometimes, a temporary retreat is OK. It's shameful but very useful.

Red Dragon Zaka, obviously, is the kind of child who has never experienced many setbacks, which is very similar to his invincible chidhood sweetheart.

It's just that Hua Huo has the power to break away from any environment. She's an exceptional existence that is not bound by any rules. Although Red Dragon Zaka is very strong, she is far from reaching the level of Hua Huo.

"Bang!" Red Dragon Zaka's chest is full of green light again.

"It's all your fault!"

"Why did you give me such a curse?!" Red Dragon Zaka opened her eyes, looked at the claw that was resting on her chest. She felt that she could not escape from that claw for the rest of her life.

"Because it's not a curse, it's salvation."

"It's better to live than to die, isn't it?" Yun Xi let go with his right hand and said with a smile.

"If I live in such humiliation, I might as well die in the war!" For the proud Red Dragon Princess, rather than live like this, it was better to die in the war with the twin witches at that time.

At least, she can still maintain the status of the Great Red Dragon Princess and die proud, instead of being tied by this invisible thread to a human being. Just imagine such a future, she will feel dim of her life.

"Don't say death so easily. There are many wonderful things in the world that you have never experienced."

"If you die so simply, your sisters will be sad." Yun Xi patted Red Dragon Zaka on the head.

Even if there were four ex girlfriends chasing after him, even if he was abused to doubt life in the trial, he never thought of "death".

Strive to live on, live his own life.

Yun Xi's principle of life is not to seek the best of everything, but to have a clear conscience.

To like is to like, not to deny the wishes of his heart. Even if the future looks very bad, Yun Xi is still trying to find his own way.

"Did I tell you that I have sisters?" Red Dragon Zaka blinked, more or less recovered.

Well, this kind of forward-looking personality is really similar to Hua Huo.

Hua Huo will not give up at any time, even facing the end of the world, she can live freely.

She has the passion and strength, she is the queen of summer, is the forever bright color of Yun Xi.

"You told me. Don't you remember?" Yun Xi, in turn, asked Red Dragon Zaka. Yun Xi had already explored the experience of how to deal with the straightforward Zaka.

"My sisters are the greatest people in the world." When it comes to her sisters, she's in a state of complete mental recovery.

"My elder sister is the conqueror of the world, the highest king."

"As long as she wants to conquer the target, no one can resist her legion, she is invincible great king!"

That Desert Dragon Zaka? The king? Yun Xi can't help but imagine the face of Desert Dragon Zaka.

Conquest, well, she is really a girl who loves conquest very much, whether in war or in bed...

"My second sister has the highest wisdom. She is a proud ice queen, a beauty that people like you will never touch."

Ice Dragon Zaka, Yun Xi recalled the wedding night. She was hugged by Desert Dragon Zaka and rolled onto the bed reluctantly...

That crystal white skin suffused with the lovely appearance... he can't forget even if he wants to.

"Yes, I'm Zaka, the great Zaka, the Red Dragon Princess!"

"I will avenge my sisters!"

At this moment, Red Dragon Zaka finally remembered that she was still carrying the mission given by the great original dragon.

If it wasn't for the damned twin witches, she might have swept through the whole southern tribal area and invaded the last kingdom of mankind to avenge her sisters!

I can't lose! I can never die here!

Even if she had to be humiliated and forced to do this and that shameful things by this abnormal’s hand, she would have to live bravely.

For the hatred of my sisters!

For the great original dragon mother's mission!

She doesn't care about anything!

"Ah Hoo!" Grabbing Yun Xi's arm again, Red Dragon Zaka's eyes were ablaze with flames.

Your sisters are not dead! Yun Xi looks at the recovered Red Dragon Zaka with a guilty heart. After hesitating for a long time, he still doesn't tell the truth.

Why Red Dragon Zaka thought that Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka had died? He could guess the reason.

The lie he told the world seems to have become true.

The two Zaka sisters changed from the dragons threatening the world to his princesses. He changed the script of the trial.

And he, Desert Dragon Zaka, and Ice Dragon Zaka are already... It's impossible to regret.

Is it the so-called lifting a stone and hitting your own foot?

Even the world has been deceived by the lie!

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