Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 778

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Chapter 778: Release Pafu!

That's when Hua Huo first came to the town, when Yun Xi had not met Ye Li, Milei, El'phyllis, and often played with other boys and girls in the town.

The first time he saw Hua Huo, he felt like something was cutting her off from the world.

Where does this lady come from? The first time they saw Hua Huo, they were shocked. They had never seen such a cold and beautiful girl. All over her body, there was a sense of not being allowed to approach.

No one dared to talk to Hua Huo. The young girls born in the small town instinctively knew that she was a noble lady. Even if they scraped the edge of her skirt, they will be ruined.

Yun Xi is the only one who has the fearless heart of an ignorant person. He dares to talk to Hua Huo, who is not an ordinary person at a glance.

As for the reason, Yun Xi doesn't understand. He just feels that he can't leave Hua Huo alone in the street.

In the end, Yun Xi successfully entered Hua Huo's world and became her childhood sweetheart.

It's just that Yun Xi doesn't know why the original Hua Huo was so indifferent, and he never asked about such things.

Naturally, a lady should have a lady's secret. Hua Huo has become his childhood sweetheart. That's enough.

Hua Huo's past has nothing to do with him. What he likes is the one who is willing to smile for him and runs around the town every morning.

Compared with the mysterious girl who can only appear in his dream, Hua Huo is a lovely girl who can be seen and touched and is close to him.

With the opportunity of meeting Hua Huo, other childhood sweethearts appeared one after another. Without exception, they all had beautiful faces and special temperaments that were totally different from those girls in the small town, which made other children duel many times for them.

Well, Yun Xi didn't know about these things, because the kids finally found out in despair that Hua Huo, Milei, Ye Li, El'phyllis were all around one person.

That damn guy!

Never eat his bread!

Why are there such lucky guys in the world!

Therefore, Yun Xi inexplicably found that his former friends did not take him to play, which also made him sad for a long time.

Later, he had to play with his childhood sweethearts.


In Yun Xi's eyes, Hua Huo is like a puzzle that can never be solved.

Every time you feel you know her secret, more secrets come out.

Why does Hua Huo, who has such a strong strength, always hide her real strength, and even now she has not stepped into the hero rank?

Where does her Flying Sky Sword come from?

Why did she live in the remote town?

The more he knows about Hua Huo's extraordinary features, the more Yun Xi feels that it's his best luck to be her chidhood sweetheart. It's really a miracle among miracles, and it's the luck of hundreds of millions of fortuitous superposition.

Even though Hua Huo ordered him to put on the maid's clothes and went to school in the White Lotus Sword Palace, Yun Xi did not refuse.

She's a little tough, a little bit crazy, willful but gentle, cheerful and lively. She's like the sunshine in summer. She's always shining. This is Yun Xi's childhood sweetheart, the invincible Hua Huo.

Well, in this part of willfulness, Red Dragon Zaka has the essence of Hua Huo.

Yun Xi recorded how many fatal mistakes she had made since the two began to leave the volcano and head for the southern tribal region.

Bite his arm - thirty five times.

Bite his ear - 47 times.

Curse him to die - too many times, more than three figures.

Accidentally ran out of the distance and put herself on the brink of death - 13 times.

It is reasonable to learn something after looking for death 13 times in a row. At least she should know what to do and what not to do.

In other words, if you don't look for death, death won't come directly to you.

It's a pity that Red Dragon Zaka's head doesn't look so smart. It's more like a fool's indomitable spirit.

As soon as Yun Xi didn't pay attention to it, she didn't look at the road and ran into a big tree nearby.

In an instant, her heart stopped and her eyes were straight. The Red Dragon Princess, who had the power to destroy heaven and earth, fell like a puppet about "a Zaka away" from Yun Xi.

"Ah... she... " Yun Xi felt that if he didn't take good care of her, she would die countless times.

It's the fourteenth time today that he sticks his hand on her chest and feels warm from his fingertips.

CPR, go!

"Bang!" With the press of Yun Xi's right hand, Red Dragon Zaka's chest was first pressed down, showing an obvious fluctuation, and then it bounced violently, just like a lively rabbit.

"Pooh ha!" Red Dragon Zaka gasps like a fish thrown back into the water, and looks at Yun Xi with an extremely bad look.

Bite! Small teeth bite Yun Xi's hand. It's this hand. It's this hand that always touched her chest!

I bite! I bite! How many times does this damned hand insult her!

Her chest has been rubbed by this hand many times, almost familiar with the contour and strength of this hand!

"It's useless." Yun Xi skillfully pulls up the body of Red Dragon Zaka. Her human posture is not heavy at all. She can be lifted up gently, just like a large-sized doll.

It's just that this doll is different from White Moon. It's very violent and always biting.

If you create such a product as a puppeteer, it must be a big failure.

"Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo!" In the face of Yun Xi's arm, which can't even leave a scar no matter how many times she bit, Red Dragon Zaka showed her unwilling eyes.

"If you make any more noise, I'll let Pafu go." Looking at Red Dragon Zaka, which seems to be attacking again, Yun Xi has to threaten her.

"You pervert, devil!" Red Dragon Zaka was so scared that she let go.

Only that one I never want to try!

Is this human being the natural enemy of me?!

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