Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 775

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Chapter 775: Artist Assistant Pafu

"No, no!"

Red Dragon Zaka, who is seemingly fearless, made a cry for help.

Yun Xi couldn't believe that the tender and pitiful voice was from that strong and domineering girl who almost ate him just now.

It seems that Pafu is just like the natural enemy of Red Dragon Zaka.

"No, no way!"

"No, don't go in!"

"Woo woo!" Red Dragon Zaka, who is curiously pasted on the lower edge of her breasts by Pafu, shows a face that is totally helpless.

If it is normal, the body of a weak creature like slime will evaporate before it gets close to Red Dragon Zaka, and it is impossible to touch the skin of Red Dragon Zaka.

This weakness stems from an unknown secret of Red Dragon Zaka during the dragon egg period.

It was a night when her sister, Desert Dragon Zaka, was born. One night when she went out to conquer the world, her dragon egg was wrapped by a slime that had accidentally entered the dragon's nest.

Up to now, Red Dragon Zaka doesn't know how the transparent slime got into the giant dragon's nest, and accurately found her dragon egg and covered it.

It seems that Red Dragon Zaka's egg is very warm and suitable for slimes to absorb energy and split. For three days and three nights, Red Lotus Zaka's egg was occupied by this unsolicited slime, and then gave birth to many small slimes.

During this period, Red Dragon Zaka experienced the darkest moment in her life. Although the slime could not hurt her, the feeling of being swallowed by transparent and cold objects made her have many nightmares.

Yes, Red Dragon Zaka has slime phobia, which has nothing to do with strength. It's a nightmare like experience.

Under normal conditions, no slime can approach her, and in this way, she completely blocks the intersection between slimes and herself.

Until now, with Pafu pasted on Red Dragon Zaka's chest in its unique way of greeting and began to draw the soft and full outline according to some instinct, so as to be used by the "great artist" in the future.

Well, this is a good Pafu who works hard and keeps collecting data for the great future of its master.

It's just that for Red Dragon Zaka, it's a complete nightmare.

She stretched out her hands and tried to crush the uninvited strange slime, but just like when she wanted to attack Yun Xi, the green flower in her heart was very intelligent in judging Pafu as an accessory of Yun Xi, and she was not allowed to exert any force at all.

As a result, the strength of fingers that could have crushed steel turned into feeble kneading, which was no different from kneading one's own chest.

"Pafu! Pafu!" Pafu even took the initiative to enjoy the Red Dragon Princess's finger kneading, and began to record more body data about Red Dragon Zaka.

Everything is for the master's great art.

Since it was used as a good-looking and practical doll making tool last time, Pafu has been a very qualified artist assistant.

"Pafu, don't play." In the end, Yun Xi took Pafu back from Red Dragon Zaka's chest.

"Pafu!" Pafu, who has completed the task, constantly changes the shape and temperature in the palm of Yun Xi, and almost perfectly simulates the touch of Red Dragon Zaka's "meat steamed bread". Whether it is kneaded or not kneaded, it can ensure that the actual experience of Red Dragon Zaka can be restored 100%.

By the way, while Yun Xi was still in the palace, Pafu had completed the database establishment of the Queen of Assyria, White Moon, Desert Dragon Zaka, Ice Dragon Zaka, and all the girls of the Starwings Knights.

That is to say, as long as Yun Xi wants, Pafu can simulate all the data of the girls, ranging from the size of the chest to the length of the toes, even the smallest details.

"Keep that monster away from me!" Red Dragon Zaka gritted her teeth and looked at Pafu, who had disappeared under Yun Xi's clothes, with an expression of bitter hatred on her face.

She has never been so humiliated since she hatched out of the egg.

Why hasn't slime disappeared from the world!

When she was seen like this, she just wanted to kill people and wipe out all the evidence.

The great master of fire, the Red Dragon Princess will be afraid of slime... it is the deepest black history of her life!

"Pafu is not a bad boy." Yun Xi is embarrassed to excuse his pet.

In addition to "Mimicry" and "Element Absorption", Pafu has almost no special ability, and can be regarded as the most harmless pet for a human.

It doesn't even need Yun Xi to feed. It can live by absorbing free elemental particles in the air. If necessary, it can also be used as a special armor.

"I hate you!"

"Why did you come to save me?"

"If possible, it should be at least the prince of mankind who comes to save me." Red Dragon Zaka is desperate about her future.

The Great Red Dragon Princess, even if she is about to die, still maintains her dignity and pride, but fell into such a pervert's hand.

Not only this human is abnormal, but his pet is also abnormal. Why is it a slime?!

In this world, no one will take slime, the weakest monster, as a pet. It has no intelligence at all. It can only breed by instinct. It is a low-level monster that will not obey the orders of human beings.

In contrast, she is a giant dragon at the top of the pyramid of the food chain, a Red Dragon Princess destined to dominate the world in the future. Compared with the weakest slime, she is worthy of the name of the strongest legendary creature.

No one would have thought that the biggest nightmare of the strongest Red Dragon Princess is the weakest slime.

With this weakest monster as a pet, this human is her natural enemy, and there is no worse result.

"Er..." Yun Xi looks at Red Dragon Zaka and wants to say that the prince of the human kingdom is actually in front of you and has married your two sisters.

However, considering that it's not suitable to tell the truth at this time, Yun Xi thinks it's better to give this proud Red Dragon Princess a little hope.

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