Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 774

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Chapter 774: Blessing and Curse

Walking to Red Dragon Zaka, who looks like she will die in a moment, Yun Xi hesitantly puts his hand on her chest and feels the warm "meat steamed bun" again.

"Bang!" Red Dragon Zaka's heartbeat was restored instantly!

"Pooh ha!" Even her breath stopped for a time. Red dragon Zaka breathed out her breath and looked at her chest with fear in her eyes. Then her expression became extremely complicated.

She feels angry, of course.

She feels fear too.

Just now, she almost returned to the embrace of the original dragon just like her sisters.

After confirming the recovery of Red Dragon Zaka's heartbeat, Yun Xi's hand immediately left her chest. However, the warm and elastic hand feel could never be forgotten.

"How can there be such a curse?" Red Dragon Zaka quickly understood what had happened to her.

The distance of only one meter has become the boundary between life and death.

As long as she leaves this distance, the flower in her chest will no longer move, which is equivalent to her heart-stopping.

Although the heart formed by this flower is an accident, for the proud red dragon princess, can only live in a distance of more than one meter from a human is the cruelest punishment in the world.

"Sorry... I can't help it. " After confirming the limit distance of the invisible transparent line, Yun Xi shook his head helplessly.

The power that unites the heart of Red Dragon Zaka's heart is not his own power but the blessing of Lvji.

This flower has saved Red Dragon Zaka from the brink of death, replacing her original heart and tying her to his side.

If Red Dragon Zaka leaves the limit distance of this line, her heart will stop suddenly, which is the price of her resurrection.

With this line, Yun Xi can easily control the life and death of Red Dragon Zaka.

As long as she crosses the limit distance, she will die.

Of course, Yun Xi would not have made such a choice. After all, she is the sister of his two princesses, the third Zaka.

However, he did not know what to do. The flower in the heart of Red Dragon Zaka was not something he could make.

This flower from Lvji is a blessing to him, but a curse to Red Dragon Zaka.

The existence of this flower maintained her life, but also tied her firmly to his side.

"I don’t believe it!" Obviously, she was on the verge of death again, but Red Dragon Zaka was not willing to lose, so she turned and ran.

As a result, the familiar scene appeared. Only two steps away from Yun Xi, Red Dragon Zaka fell down.

Her whole body twitches, her eyes are blank, the function of the heart part is completely out of order, the blood is almost coagulated. She is almost as rigid as the corpse.

Without the operation of Lvji flower, Red Dragon Zaka, who has lost her heart, is half a dead person. In this state, she is only a layer of paper away from death.

In addition to her warm body, she can hardly move her fingers. If Yun Xi wants to do something to her at this time, he can do whatever he wants, and she can't even call out.

No words can describe Red Dragon Zaka's mood now.

Yun Xi once again pressed Red Dragon Zaka's plump and elastic "meat steamed bun", activating the flower that had automatically entered the dormant state again.

"Bang!" Although it's only ten seconds, it's like going back from the border of death for Red Dragon Zaka.

At the moment of dying, Red Dragon Zaka recalled her life.

The darkness in the dragon egg, the joy of birth, the excitement when hearing sisters' voices.

When she recalled her sisters' last words before going to the human kingdom, the world suddenly returned to color.

Hearing the sound of her heartbeat again, even if she knew that it was just a fake thing, Red Dragon Zaka was full of gratitude for life.

It's wonderful to be alive.

Even if it is the curse of living, it is also a hundred times better than death, no, a thousand times!

That silent world of endless darkness is really terrible.

"Ha Ha..." Red Dragon Zaka, who touched death for the third time, finally learned her lesson.

Leave this human side, she will die!

This is the blessing and curse given by Lvji's flower.

Her life, from the moment her heart was replaced by this green flower, was bound to Yun Xi.

Yun Xi is alive and she will be alive.

Yun Xi dies, and she will die, too.

The invisible but real line, like the shackles of fate, tied the powerful Red Dragon Zaka to Yun Xi.

She can't hurt Yun Xi, who can do anything to her. She doesn't even have the right to escape.

The last gift left by Lvji is such a wonderful flower. It is not limited to Red Dragon Zaka, but any powerful creature who appears around Yun Xi and is seriously injured.

Lvji's blessing is to give Yun Xi a powerful "guard", or "pet".

Red Dragon Zaka is determined to let Yun Xi, who smells good, become her pet, totally unaware that the positions of both sides are actually opposite.

The heart is replaced by Luji's flowers. The thread connecting life is wrapped around Yun Xi's fingertips. She is the pet Lvji found for Yun Xi.

Yun Xi didn't realize it. He was just worrying.

I have a giant dragon tied by me, and she can't leave the distance of one meter. What should I do?

This distance means eating together, sleeping together, bathing together. There will be no privacy between the two parties.

Apart from Pafu, there is no other creature closer to Yun Xi than Red Dragon Zaka. But Pafu is small enough to hide. Where to hide a dragon?

"Pafu!?" Pafu seems to have heard Yun Xi's heart thinking and then find the seemingly delicious target.

"Pafu!" In the laughter, Pafu jumps onto the depressed Red Dragon Zaka and goes straight into her chest.

"What is this?"

The great dragon, the Red Dragon Princess, was knocked down by Pafu and suffered a shameful defeat.

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