Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 773

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Chapter 773: Curse of One Meter

Yun Xi is staring at Red Dragon Zaka, who is eating his bread at a "not ladylike at all" speed. Isn't this exaggeration? Have you been hungry for several days and nights?

“Ga!” After swallowing the last piece of bread, Red Dragon Zaka stared at Yun Xi with a fierce look.

The atmosphere, for a time, became particularly dangerous.

"Correct, as the benefactor who saved my life, I give you the noblest position in the world!"

"You, be my pet!"

"Ha?" Yun Xi looks at Red Dragon Zaka with a look of "what's wrong with the world".

Sure enough, Zaka's thinking loop is not right!

Why? It's just a piece of bread! How can it make you think this way?

"What dissatisfaction do you have? As a reward for saving my life, I have been extremely tolerant. What is your dissatisfaction?"

"To be my pet, you can have everything you want... cough, that proposal is not counted in... " Red Dragon Zaka's face turned red. It was thoughtless of her that she said any wish could be realized just now

"Wealth, status, princess, you can have them all."

"As long as you are my pet, you can have them."

"When necessary... let me have a taste... " Speaking of this, Red Dragon Zaka feels hungry again.

Without that mysterious ingredient, she would die!

"I can give you bread, but I won't be your pet." Yun Xi looks at the wayward Red Dragon Zaka, and takes out his precious golden bread.

"Ah Hoo!" With a flash of red shadow, the bread in Yun Xi's hand only survived in the air for three seconds and then entered Red Dragon Zaka's mouth.

“This bread… not bad at all!” Red Dragon Zaka had long forgotten her original intention.




The flower that makes up the heart releases waves of joy and happiness that spread throughout Zaka's body.

A heart can change everything. Red dragon Zaka, with a new heart, also has a different sense of taste, smell, and touch.

That's why she couldn't resist the smell of Yun Xi, and she didn't know anything about it.

"Be my pet. I'll take good care of you." After enjoying the bread tribute full of Yun Xi's ingredients, Red Dragon Zaka began to pester Yun Xi, constantly trying to persuade him to become her pet.

"No!" Yun Xi didn't intend to be this girl's pet.

As a man who has married two Zakas, he knows better than anyone the horror of Zaka, which can easily destroy the existence of heaven and earth.

"Why? Be my pet, you can have everything."

"As long as you always accompany me, you can be happier than the king of mankind without doing anything." Red Dragon Zaka doesn't know what the meaning of giving up is. She had never met anyone who would refuse her.

She's Zaka. She's a confident and proud dragon. She doesn't allow the world to have things she can't get.

If Yun Xi didn't taste so good, she wouldn't let him be her own pet. Her initial preparation was to give him ten years of free life and then bite him to death.

"I don't need that desire, and being your pet doesn't do me any good." Yun Xi felt that his four princesses had already made him suffer enough. If he entangled with this Zaka, he would be doomed.

So, now, it's best to separate!

"My disobedient pet should be punished!" Red Dragon Zaka had never been so angry in her life, and she revealed her fierce look.

Even if she can't become a real dragon, she has 100,000 ways to solve Yun Xi.

"Dragon Eye!" With one hand on her left eye, Red Dragon Zaka's vertical pupil releases an amazing amount of pressure, causing the surrounding temperature to rise in a straight line.

The power of Dragon Eye completely blocked Yun Xi's body and formed a huge cage.

"Be my pet, or die!"

It's a powerful declaration, but it's strange that Yun Xi don't feel the pressure at all.

"Ga!" Red Dragon Zaka's Dragon Eye has not lasted for three seconds, with a burst of chest pain, her whole body froze.

How can the flower that makes up her heart, the gift from Lvji let her hurt Yun Xi? It is the part missing from the other side of the starry sky, the fragment of the highest wing.

"You bastard, what curse have you laid on me?" Red Dragon Zaka, who was aware of her heart mutation, raised her right hand.

A huge dragon claw shadow appears behind her. Even if she can't change back to a real dragon, Zaka has the power to destroy the earth and the sky!

However, she had just left Yun Xi about two meters away, and suddenly she had a spasm and her body had a whirling fall.

"Eh?" At the same time, Yun Xi also felt something wrong. He raised his fingertips and saw a faint, transparent green silk thread connecting himself to the heart region of Red Dragon Zaka.

The line is about one meter long, almost the same as Red Dragon Zaka’s height.

Yun Xi vaguely remembered when his palm left Red Dragon Zaka’s chest, he saw this line.

It's just why the line, which had already disappeared, suddenly appears again?

"Ga... Ga... How painful... I... My heart..." Red Dragon Zaka gasped.

The originally beating heart almost completely stopped.

This feeling... It’s almost the same as the time when the witch in white wiped out her heart!

"Only... such a little distance?" Yun Xi looks at the line connecting his fingertip and Red Dragon Zaka's heart in amazement and instantly knows the meaning of this line.

It’s the distance of Red Dragon Zaka’s life.

If Red Dragon Zaka goes beyond the distance of this line, the flower in her heart will not work. This flower is not a thing of the world, but a miracle condensed through Yun Xi's body.

If Red Dragon Zaka left beyond the limit of the distance, she would be dying. If the time be longer, she would really die.

For Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka, the one-meter distance is like a line between life and death.

It's like a curse that connects two lives.

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