Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 776

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Chapter 776: The Similarities of Zakas

"Worst of all!" After being attacked by Pafu, Red Dragon Zaka's hostility to the human in front of her instantly reaches the maximum.

The kind of eyes that seem to be cannibalism makes Yun Xi unconsciously have the illusion that he is being watched by the most fierce beast.

No, it's not an illusion. Red Dragon is the ultimate creature at the top of the food chain pyramid.

Although Yun Xi doesn't think she will really eat people, at this distance, there should be no chance to escape from the next dragon bite.

Raising a monster that you can't control. Is that how it feels?

However, this is a monster with a beautiful face, a proud figure, and whose identity is his princesses' sister.

"Then... In this case... " After deliberation, Yun Xi felt that it was still necessary to improve the relationship between the two sides.

He can't get rid of this relationship. Lvji's power is not within the scope of his understanding now.

For a foreseeable period of time, he could only be with her in such a wonderful way. Not only was Red Dragon Zaka not used to it, but he was also a little nervous.

From birth to now, even Hua Huo has never been so intimate with him.

"We'd better get along well. I'll find a way to change this situation as soon as possible."

"Gahoo!" Angry Red Dragon Zaka stares at Yun Xi, walks up and bites Yun Xi's arm.

Originally, this was a ferocious killing with one hit, but unfortunately, under the condition of the contract, this seemingly fierce attack turned out to be like throwing herself into a trap.

When she stepped on the ground, Red Dragon Zaka still had a bit of stateliness, but when she fell on Yun Xi and bit his arm, the bite force was so weak that it could not even break a paper.

Instead of biting, it's more like a big pet pouncing on its owner and licking its owner.

"Oh... don't move around... " Yun Xi helplessly looks at Red Dragon Zaka and feels the elasticity of the giant chest and the mouth that gently holds and bites his arm. He feels that it's like having a willful and coquettish pet.

"Woo Hoo!" Red Dragon Zaka bites and bites. Since the arm is not good, she would look for a softer, more lethal place and bite it!

Unfortunately, even if Yun Xi allows her to bite the softest part of his body, it will not produce any damage value at all but will give Yun Xi a feeling of healing.

As the sun sets, Yun Xi looks at Red Dragon Zaka, who has bitten him for a long time and has soaked his clothes, showing a speechless expression.

You really bite so tenaciously!

This spirit is really like your sister, Desert Dragon Zaka.

"We have to leave tomorrow. Don't be so ridiculous." After touching Red Dragon Zaka's head, Yun Xi closed her eyes, ignoring her strange expression of biting his fingers and licking him.

Tired, really tired. He always feels that too many things have happened today. He really wants to sleep.

Anyway, she won't really hurt herself. Let her stay by my side until I can solve this problem!


What a shame! What a shame!

Red Dragon Zaka couldn't believe her eyes when she looked at Yun Xi who was sleeping beside her.

An angry dragon was sleeping beside him, and the human could sleep so sweetly...

"You will regret it!" Red Dragon Zaka gritted her teeth and looked at Yun Xi, who was in a dream. However, she could not help it, her stomach made a sound of "Gu".

Something's wrong! This is not right!

She's not her greedy sister, Desert Dragon Zaka. How could she be hungry so soon?! Not long ago, she had a full stomach. How could she be hungry so fast?!

Why, just looking at this human, her appetite and some other desire will continue to increase!

Obviously, I hate this kind of abnormal human!




She thinks so, but her body doesn't react that way.

Her heart told her that it was a very, very delicious thing, a very, very beautiful thing, which made her want to get closer.

"Just try the taste, that's all!" Red Dragon Zaka licks her lips. Why does she bite Yun Xi? In addition to venting her anger, the smell that Yun Xi has been emitting is also one of the important reasons (only she firmly refuses to admit it).

"Ah Hoo!" Like biting a piece of soft bread, Red Dragon Zaka bit Yun Xi's body again.

Soft and fragrant, it is not the taste of human flesh and blood at all, but another kind of taste that just would make her immerse in it.

"No... Zaka…… Don't... " Yun Xi, sleepy, reaches out and hugs Red Dragon Zaka, who has bitten the wrong place.

"Woo..." Before Red Dragon Zaka could resist, the flower from the heart region robbed her of her ability to move, leaving Yun Xi at his disposal to explore her delicate body under her red dress.

His hands skillfully untied the bow on Red Dragon Zaka's chest, and then grasped the upper edge of her proud mountain, gently kneaded and pinched.

"Ah Well... " Red Dragon Zaka's eyes were moist, and her body began to cooperate with Yun Xi's hands.

Why, why is this guy so familiar with my body!

That's because, on the wedding night, your sister, Desert Dragon Zaka, was so shy and curious like you...

With her feet kicking Yun Xi's body, Red Dragon Zaka struggled desperately, but Yun Xi seemed to have been familiar with the law of Zaka's resistance. Just turning over, he easily suppressed Red Dragon Zaka's tiny resistance.

Smelling the familiar and strange fragrance, Yun Xi gently sticks out his tongue and bites Red Dragon Zaka's ear.

The moment Yun Xi bit her ear, Red Dragon Zaka's whole body trembled, as if there were countless electric currents spreading in her body, and her resistance evaporated instantly.

The tiny and lovely toes stretched straight at once, and her breath became short in an instant. The shy face was like the sunset glow in the sky.

How did you know that this is my weakness?!

Naturally, that's because your sisters are like this. No matter how they resist, as long as I bite here, they will become obedient...

"Oh Don't... "

Well, even the sound of entreat is exactly the same. Which Zaka is it?

Is it the curious, active Desert Dragon Zaka, or reluctant Ice Dragon Zaka, who would be excited only when she is with her sister?

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