Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 770

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Chapter 770: Resuscitated Heart

Yun Xi did not expect that after calling Linga the Holy Tree, the green spot left by the unknown existence named "Lvji" still remained in his body, and played an important role in this critical moment.

The only embarrassment was that his palms seemed unable to move from the chest of Red Dragon Zaka because of these green dots.

The soft and smooth skin seemed to stick with his palm. He could even feel the sound of the heartbeat clearly from the palm.




Because she regained her heart, the seemingly incurable body of Red Dragon Zaka began to repair itself bit by bit.

About a quarter of an hour later, Red Dragon Zaka coughed, vomited a lot of blood stasis, and opened her weak but no longer dying eyes.

The eyes of the red dragon look like the color of volcanic eruption, hot and bright, like the combination of the most beautiful ruby and sunset.

"You... you... what are you doing!" As soon as she woke up, Red Dragon Zaka found that her strong scales had disappeared, her proud huge body had disappeared, and even her dragon horn had retracted into her body.

All over her body, not even a dress!

What a shame! What made her angrier is that this human is still kneading her chest!

"No... don't misunderstand it... I'm trying to save you..." Yun Xi only wants to cry.

"Die! "Red Dragon Zaka put her hands around Yun Xi's neck, and her feet locked his body. She was ready to break his neck.

But before she broke Yun Xi's neck with both hands, her whole body was suddenly weak.

The hands that wanted to break Yun Xi's head slid down, and her strong and slender feet did not escape the disaster. The originally fatal move of killing instantly turned into the coquetry between lovers.

The culprit for all this is naturally the flower that revived Red Dragon Zaka, the last gift Lvji left to Yun Xi.

Red Dragon Zaka, who lost her heart in the battle with the twin witches, would have died. It was because of the mimicry heart formed by this flower that she could survive.

The gift was given by Lvji to Yun Xi, how could it do anything to hurt Yun Xi? Red Dragon Zaka's counterattack is doomed to be invalid.

"You... what have you done to my body..." finds that she has almost lost all her strength, for the first time in her life, Red Dragon Zaka shows her panic like an unarmed mortal girl.

Even when she was facing the witch dressed in white, when she fell from the sky, she never had such an expression.

Death in the war is not an unacceptable outcome for Red Dragon Zaka. A fall in the battle with super-strong enemies like the twin witches is totally acceptable to the red dragon.

On the contrary, she didn't die and her body fell into an unknown person's hand, and she couldn't do anything... that's the most terrible thing.

"I didn't do anything." Yun Xi really doesn't know how to explain it.

He's not a priest. He can't do divine spells such as Resurrection, Healing, or Limb Regeneration. His hand is not a Silver Hand to cure all wounds.

What brings Red Dragon Zaka back from the death line is the mysterious existence in the Starwings, which lies on the other side of the river of the stars.

Through the forbidden door opened by Starwings, she sent green dots to help Yun Xi connect with the real White Lotus Secret Treasure and save the dying Red Dragon Zaka.

The power level of these green dots is completely beyond Yun Xi's imagination limit.

"So, what is this?"Red Dragon Zaka reluctantly raises her hand and points to the part of their bodies that are closely connected:

"You said that you didn't do anything. What is this? What is this!"

Ah, she is going to cry! Yun Xi looked at his sister-in-law, full of grief and anger, and felt helpless.

What is this? He doesn't know!




As if feeling some kind of atmosphere between Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka, the heart formed by the green flower began to beat stronger and stronger.

Red Dragon Zaka has also found that as long as she doesn't have hostility to the human in front of her, it seems that her recovery speed will become faster, and her heart will beat more powerful.

The only problem is, in this way, her feelings for this human will become deeper, especially the touch of that evil claw holding down her mountain peak! Damn it!

With the beat of her heart, even if Yun Xi doesn't move a finger, his hand still moves with the rhythm of the heartbeat.

Each jump represents the breath of life, which is the most beautiful sound in the world and the most exciting arc.

Finally, at a certain point, Red Dragon Zaka's eyes regained their original self-confidence.

The wounds are all healed! She is recovered!

Now she can be in combat again.

"Transformation!" Red Dragon Zaka, whose vitality is fully restored, is ready to transform back to her dragon posture and eat the human who dares to attack her.

However, the familiar feeling of the world getting smaller didn't appear. The instinct to change back to the real dragon posture has failed!

"Why?!" Red Dragon Zaka's eyes are burning with flames that can burn through the sky.

Her combat effectiveness has been restored to the best state!

With the power of the source of fire, she absorbed all the lava essence around her. She should have recovered!

How dare this human to rub her chest? Die, die, die! Why don't you die?!

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