Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 769

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Chapter 769: Contract

What broke her wings was a Red Lotus Demon Sword.

Through her body was the shining Ring of Stars and Moon.

What erased her heart was the "motto" or "karma" launched by the witch in white, ignoring all her defensive resistance.

She perhaps can defeat any one of the twin witches, but they will not be separated.

When they fight together, even a dragon will be afraid of the power they play with.

They, who have opened a door to a higher realm, can even create the miracle of stars falling.

This war was a complete and tragic defeat of the crimson dragon, even at the cost of its own life.

The torn dragon wings can grow back little by little.

The penetrated body can also absorb lava essence to repair.

However, the lost heart can never recover, because it has been completely "captured" by the witch in white, and has become the booty of the twin witches.

"Well, little human, if you want to do it, do it." The dragon closed her eyes and waited for her death.

To be able to walk on the ground in this lava lake and have a magic sword... It may not be the worst outcome for her to be killed by such a strong human.

Even if the human is an ant in the eyes of the dragon, it is an ant strong enough to threaten the dragon, the king of ants.

As for the twin witches, she was sure they were not human beings.

She had an honest and upright fight against them, the most formidable enemies.

She can't imagine that human beings can be as powerful as the twins.

Their eyes gave her a sense that they were not human beings but connected to some kind of great will.

That kind of feeling is like, no matter how strong she is, losing in their hands is the absolute destiny which can not be defied.

"You... are you an evil dragon?" Yun Xi slowly came to the crimson dragon, which was the third and strongest dragon he had ever seen in the world.

"Yes, I am the most ferocious crimson dragon. I should have been the great volcano overlord." Even though her death was approaching, the crimson dragon still raised her proud head.

Dragons never bow their heads.

In the early days, there was only one voice, which was always in high spirits and complacent.

"Hey, sister Ice Dragon, sister Red Dragon, and sister Black Dragon, I am your elder sister, Desert Dragon Zaka!"

"For you, I will respond to the will of the great mother and conquer the world."

"The barbarians in the north have all surrendered. They have changed their belief in total. From today on, the dragon is their faith!"

"The desert tribes in the West have also surrendered. They are willing to offer sacrifices to our great dragons."

"Now, there are still the southern tribal areas with witches and the last Knight kingdom of human beings. Wait. I will defeat the last human resistance because I am invincible!"

Next, one voice becomes two.

"Sister, you are in love, how can this be possible? The other party must be a liar, a big liar!"

Even the quarrel between sisters is so yearning. When listening to the voices of her sisters, she is more eager than ever to break the shell early and fight side by side with her sisters.

However, when she ushered in the day of breaking the shell, what she heard was the sad news that her sisters had died.

They can no longer respond to the voice of the original dragon, which means that the fire of their lives has withered.

Anger, endless anger covered the heart of the crimson dragon.

She wants to revenge her sisters, she will continue their unfinished mission, conquering this world!

But it was all over.

The terrible twin witches, the terrible Rings of Stars and Moon, the thing they are connected to when they fight hand in hand...

Consciousness gradually began to sink into the darkness, and finally, the warm lava essence gradually cooled down.

Her death is coming.

"This power... It is..." A sound seems to be heard in the ear, and the missing part of the heart appears a little warm.

"Eh... Wait... Are you..." In the whirling of the consciousness, the crimson dragon was completely dizzy, but the outline of the world seemed to be enlarged all of a sudden.

Yun Xi looks stunned at the dragon girl who has become a human posture in front of him.

That is a familiar posture, because he has two of the four princesses who have the same face.

"Zaka? The third..." Looking at his sister-in-law in theory, Yun Xi always felt that the world line of the dragon war had already deviated by 100000 kilometers away.

Why did the Red Dragon Zaka suddenly appear in front of him and was dying?

That is like a flower just sprouting, although young, but trying to spread their own branches and leaves.

A flower that can create a miracle of life replaces the lost heart of Red Dragon Zaka and builds a new flower with a new core of life for her.

At the same time, it is also the proof of the contract.

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