Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 768

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Chapter 768: The Fallen Dragon

Like meteors penetrating the atmosphere, there are huge objects similar to crimson meteorites falling in the distant sky, making a loud sound that Yun Xi, who is hundreds of kilometers away, feels that his eardrum is about to break.

Where the meteorite fell, there appeared a red mushroom cloud, which seemed to be accompanied by a kind of unwilling roar.

In the midst of the blaze, the red light that was spreading from the sky began to dissipate. After about a minute, it completely disappeared.

The fire clouds from all directions also all restored the original color.

It was just that lava-like crimson color that lasted quite a long time.

Both sides of the battle have the power of burning mountains and boiling the sea, and the danger level is no less than that of the bloody wedding not long ago.

This continent is indeed a dangerous place. It is far from as simple as it seems.

The time when the knights were the highest force on the mainland was long gone.

In any case, this is a battle that has been decided. It seems that the person who summoned countless fire clouds and almost ignited the sky was finally defeated by the one who dominated the stars.

Yun Xi also wants to know who the person is that calls the glory of the stars.

However, Yun Xi always thinks that maybe things are not so simple.

With a trace of curiosity, Yun Xi began to move towards the area where the meteor might have fallen.

The closer Yun Xi gets to the place where the huge object fell, the more he can feel the horror of the battle before.

A hundred kilometers away from the falling area, the vegetation is still barely in its original shape, and when it is about 80 kilometers away, obvious dehydration symptoms begin to appear.

Within 50 kilometers, most of the vegetation leaves are withered, as if they have not been moistened for months in the drought, but this is on the river bank of the largest river in the mainland!

By the time he enters the inner ring area about 20 kilometers from the falling area, it is already a complete natural disaster scene.

Almost all the plants are dead. Something more terrifying than the hot wind in the desert completely destroys the vitality of these trees. The temperature in the air exceeds 50 degrees, which is an environment that human beings cannot live in.

In addition to a very small number of brambles surviving, both plants and animals have been extinct.

Moving forward, the environment can only be called hell.

The mountain range of flame - Yun Xi can only use this word to describe this terrible scenery.

River was burned beyond recognition.

The forest no longer exists.

There is a ring of flaming mountains, with numerous lava flows, as if guarding something, unscrupulously erupted deadly poison gas and flame.

The end of the day is probably to describe such a scene. Human beings can not survive in this environment, only a small number of fire property demons hover in this newly formed volcanic region, and make cheers.

But this is not the end.

The closer to the falling center of the unidentified object, the faster the temperature rises. When Yun Xi stops and can finally observe the falling object, he has to pull out the Starwings and protect himself with the power of the Starwings.

It is a legendary creature that radiates the brilliance of red gemstone. It is a king at the top of the world.

It fell into a lava lake about three kilometers in size, and its whole body was torn by some terrible force.

The heart part has a huge black hole, the edge of the black hole presents a strange star color, not like being hit by a certain weapon, more like this part suddenly disappeared.

For human beings, with this kind of injury, they would have been dead for a long time, but the giant was still breathing, even though its heart was taken by unknown forces. Every breath would cause a sudden rise in the surrounding temperature.

The absolutely empty part where the heart was was constantly absorbing the surrounding lava essence, trying to repair the fatal injury, if it is a general injury, Yun Xi believes that it has long been improved.

"Dragon?" Yun Xi wiped his eyes again.

Red dragon, a famous branch of the dragon clan, is famous for its impulsive and violent character and its Flaming Dragon Breath.

The one in front of Yun Xi has the power to control the source of fire, which can be called a king level crimson dragon.

But now it is dying. Even if energy sources continuously extract the molten lava around to repair its own injuries, some mysterious force that penetrates its whole body is still taking away its life.

"Human..." Aware of its death, the crimson dragon reluctantly opened its eyes, revealing a tired breath.

"Do you want to kill me and accomplish the great cause of dragon slaughtering?"

"Are you dying?" Yun Xi sighed. Although the main task of the world is to fight against the dragon, it should not be the one in front of him.

"Yes, I am dying." The red dragon looked at its torn wings and its body penetrated by countless arrows of light. The outline of that god weapon came to his mind.

The Ring of Stars and Moon - this is the name of that god weapon, the root of her defeat.

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