Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 771

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Chapter 771: Make a Wish to Me, Mortal

"Er... Is the heart OK?" Looking at Red Dragon Zaka who seems to have recovered to a lively state, Yun Xi can't help but sigh at the dragon's vitality.

The kind of injury actually recovered in less than an hour. If her heart had not disappeared, she would have recovered without his help.

No wonder a dragon is a legendary creature at the top of the food chain of the endless god's domains.

"Heart!" At this time, Red Dragon Zaka finally realized that her current situation was abnormal.

She clearly remembers that her heart was wiped from her body by the witch in white with extremely terrible means, and finally, she suffered a tragic defeat.

Even though she is a dragon, she can't survive without a heart. It is almost impossible to damage the heart of the dragon.

Unable to change back to the giant red dragon pose, Zaka can feel the high agitation of her chest and the damned "evil claws".

Her heart has lost, so what is beating in her chest now?

What is this object that makes a powerful sound, that is constantly fluctuating and shrinking in her chest?

Red Dragon Zaka knew instinctively that without this object, she would have died.




Yun Xi's palm almost recorded every detail of Red Dragon Zaka's towering chest. After that, the parts close to each other finally separated.

However, a transparent green silk thread remained on Yun Xi's fingertips and Red Dragon Zaka's bud tips, which took a while to disappear.

"Boom!" The Red Dragon Zaka's flaming flame soared into the sky, and then quickly woven into a gorgeous dress. It was a princess skirt with bright colors and multiple red and black lace. It was no problem to say that it was the Queen's dress.

Like a dragon horn, the crystal crown on Red Dragon Zaka's head is indescribably noble.

The front part of the chest, the bow woven out of the red ribbon is just right to cover the chest, giving people a faint sense of temptation.

Under the high skirt is a pair of nearly perfect jade-like legs.

The small jade feet are stepping on a pair of high-heeled shoes with red glass heels, which makes Red Dragon Zaka's height increase a few points, although even then, her height is only to reach the neck position of Yun Xi.

"You... what have you done to my heart?" Finally, Red Dragon Zaka, who finally weaves his magic costume, presses her chest nervously, feeling the familiar and strange beating sound, and her mind is blank.

"I think... it is a flower there." Yun Xi doesn't know what's going on.

He still had the strength of Lvji in his body, and helped the dying Red Dragon Zaka build a flower that could replace the heart, which was far beyond his expectation.

"Flower?" Red Dragon Zaka closed her eyes and felt the leaping sound inside her body with all her strength. She soon saw the flower.

Full of the color of life, an incredible flower.

The green petal connects her blood vessels and nerves, and each contraction is completely synchronized with the rhythm of her body.

Only a glance to know that it is this flower instead of her own heart, to save her from the brink of death.

What a wonderful flower. It's not any magic or divine spell that Red Dragon Zaka knows.

This is the same level of power as the great mother, and only such power can pull her back from the abyss of death.

"It was a gift from a friend of mine, and now it's your heart." Yun Xi describes the truth closest to the truth in the simplest language possible.

"You..." Red Dragon Zaka looks at Yun Xi and doesn't know whether to continue to kill him, or to follow the principle of the dragon and repay the benefactor who saved her life.

She is not a wild dragon with no breeding, but a Zaka, bred by the original dragon, the present red dragon princess, the future Red Dragon Queen, and one of the four masters of the world.

After careful thinking and reasoning, Red Dragon Zaka raised her proud head.

"Little human, I will fulfill a wish of yours, with a time limit of ten years. No matter what kind of wish, you can make a wish to me."

"If you want gold and silver, or become a king and marry all the princesses, it's no problem!"

"In front of you is the great dragon who is going to dominate the world. In ten years, you can have everything in the world."

"After ten years, I'll eat you."

Well, according to the logic of the dragon, ten years is just a time to sleep. It's perfect to satisfy each other's wish to let him enjoy the luxury life of doing whatever he wants and then eat him.

This is a red dragon, this is Zaka!

"Are you sure..." Yun Xi looks at the confident Red Dragon Zaka, his third and fourth princesses' sister.

It's been detected a long time ago. It's only now that he can be sure.

The four heavenly kings under the evil dragon, namely the four sisters of Zaka, are capricious in many subtle places.

But even so, they have a unique charm that they never lie.

This is true of Desert Dragon Zaka, Ice Dragon Zaka, and Red Dragon Zaka.

It's a group of straightforward and somewhat even lovely dragons.

"Yes, as long as it is a wish that I can fulfill, it will be realized." Red Dragon Zha shook her own dragon horn crystal crown with a proud look.

"Even if I want to marry you?" Yun Xi didn't know why he suddenly said this sentence. Maybe he was also influenced by the Zaka sisters, and his IQ dropped seriously.

"Ga?!" Red Dragon Zaka looks as if she is petrified in a flash.

Zaka's logical reasoning system starts calculus.

The wish that she can realize - whether it includes marrying a human being?

Including - it's not something she can't do, and if it's only 10 years, it'll be over soon.

Do I have to fulfill my promise?

It must be fulfilled. Red Dragon Zaka is the Great Red Dragon Princess and the future red dragon queen. She will do what she says.

Can I accept marrying a human being?

Absolutely not! Why would the Great Red Dragon Zaka marry an ant-like human being!

Human beings have killed her two sisters, they are her enemies, enemies!

So, do I have to realize his wish?

Yes, but... absolutely not!

Ding! There are logic contradictions and data cyclic redundancy errors.

Red Dragon Zaka's head crashed.

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