Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 765

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Chapter 765: The Third Zaka

The day the prince married his four princesses.

The people cheered to celebrate the day when the ancient kingdom entered a new page in history.

Far away in the middle of the continent, surrounded by the Forgotten Ruins, a green light rises from the dragon's nest!

Then, as if something terrible was brewing, the whole central mountains were shaking.

A great earthquake is coming!

First, there was a deafening noise, then a deep gasp when the earth trembled. Countless spider web cracks appeared on the ground and then became bigger and bigger. Finally, it completely tore apart the ancient ruins that had existed for thousands of years.

It seems that there is a black demon raging here, it has walked down the streets, broke the bridge, crushed the tower, and pulled apart all the stone pillars one by one.

Scattered palace ruins, half water tower... the ruins gradually collapsed and came to an end.

All of the Forgotten Ruins are beginning to be shrouded in fog. Lime, loess, coal dust, soot, and the dead matter of a city's destruction are mixed into a gray fog.

The thick fog floated, rising one after another, like a curtain slowly suspended in the air, silently enveloping the ruins and the silent city of Assyria.

However, this is not the end.

There is a greater, more ferocious force that has not been released deep underground.

They are waiting, waiting for the awakening of a great life, the most fierce and craziest creature bred by the original dragon's green light.

Originally, it would have taken longer for her to be born, but now, under the anger of the original dragon, her birth date has been greatly advanced.

The earthquake was a sign of her awakening.

However, it's not enough. It's not enough to just push down the Forgotten Ruins where the original dragon was suppressed.

The original dragon's anger is a more terrifying force!




It was the roar of the earth. It was the roar of some kind of force, like the heartbeat of the world.


In the endless hot magma, a huge eye opened. It was a vertical dragon eye, the eye of a murderous dragon.

The shadow of the red dragon is taking shape in the depth of magma.

She is the king of fire, crimson dragon, is the most violent, the most domineering dragon!

The third Zaka is out of the shell!

In response to her rage, the entire crust of the Forgotten Ruins began to melt, and tens of millions of tons of magma erupted from the depths of the earth.

It was a more tyrannical and devastating natural disaster than Ice Dragon Zaka's Ice Land spell. It was a big earthquake that could erase a country from the earth!

What's more, it's the end of the final magma eruption, the end of the core collapse!

About 30 meters long, the red giant dragon is flying above the mushroom cloud, sending out the roar of the dragon that shakes the world.

The crimson Dragon Roar Waves spread layer by layer. This is a unique skill that even Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka have not yet mastered. Everything covered by the Dragon Roar Waves has been smashed and melted, and the central part of the continent has been completely turned into a sea of lava.

This is Fire Dragon Zaka, the third of the four sisters, the king of fire.

She is more destructive than Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka combined. She is undoubtedly the strongest of the four Zaka sisters except for the last Black Dragon Zaka.

She was born to bring disaster to the world, just as the red dragon is the typical embodiment of the evil dragon. Her ferocity is more than ten times that of her sister, Desert Dragon Zaka.

"I will avenge my sisters!" Flying above the sea of lava, the third Zaka looks at the East where the two Zakas were buried with hate filled crimson eyes, and is ready to set out to turn the last kingdom of mankind into a sea of fire.

She must avenge her sisters!

Just as the red fire dragon was about to rush into the sky, the green light suddenly flashed, interrupting Zaka, who was already ready to sprint, and gave her a 90-degree deflection coordinate.

"Not going to the East for the time being? Why? My sisters died there!" The roar of Fire Dragon Zaka rang through the sky, unable to understand the green light's purpose.

The green light flashed over and over again, and continued to point to the south of the continent.

"No, I'm going to avenge my sisters. I'm going to burn!" Even the guidance of the great mother could not change Fire Dragon Zaka's outrage.

The green light eventually had to send a message telling Fire Dragon Zaka why she had to go south first.

Because there is a pair of twin sisters who will threaten the original dragon.

"I see. Just eat them!"

Finally, unable to defy the will of the green light, Fire Dragon Zaka roared, spread its wings, and flew to the southern forest region, one of the two remaining human settlements.

There is the target she wants to annihilate - the only twin witches in the world who can threaten the great original dragon.

After eating the twin witches, she will immediately go to the East and wipe out the last kingdom of mankind from the mainland.

Fire Dragon Zaka, do what she says.

"Sister, ah."

In the palace, Ice Dragon Zaka is holding a bowl of frozen lotus seed porridge and feeding her sister Desert Dragon Zaka with a happy expression.

"Well, it's great to get married." Dressed in revealing clothes, Desert Dragon Zaka, lolling on his bed, looks comfortable.

The first thing she did after her marriage was to use her right as a princess to let the cooks in the palace cook a lot of delicious food for her.

Ah, this is so happy. How can human food be so delicious?

"I'm ok if my sister is happy." Ice Dragon Zaka also enjoyed it. Oh, such a confused and greedy sister! She is really lovely.

"It always seems that we have forgotten something. Is it a delusion?" Desert Dragon Zaka blinked. It seemed that she had forgotten something important.

"Forget the prince. I'm very happy to be with you, my sister." Ice Dragon Zaka got close to Desert Dragon Zaka's plump chest. From the first time she touched the soft chest, she was captivated.

The fragrance of my sister is so delicious.

Sister's silly appearance also made me want to tease her.

She didn't want to leave her sister for a moment.

That's why she can't help but agree to the proposal of the prince who doesn't look handsome at all. That guy really knows how to use dirty means.

Obviously, as long as her sister is with him, she can't leave at all.

In the Royal City, on the highest astrological tower.

"Congratulations, Prince. No, it's the king now." Robin, dressed in a black robe, looks at Yun Xi with a smile on her face.

"Did you foresee the day before you told me that future?" Yun Xi is very suspicious that she has been watching his own jokes.

The lies woven from Linga petal have successfully deceived the four brides and the people of the whole kingdom.

However, this is only one-eighth of the real White Lotus Secret Treasure after all, and it can not make a complete change in the world line. The affected areas are only limited within the kingdom, and there is no spare power to change the cognition of other hero ranked strong people.

In other words, it's not a perfect lie, but it works.

Although the four princesses believed it, the Starwings Knights were not woven into the story. They saw the truth.

In particular, the augur in front of him had already known that this would happen, and she had been waiting on the tower for a long time.

"The future is infinite. Who knows what kind of future will appear?"

"I'm just more confident in you, my prince."

"If it is you, no matter what kind of adversity, you can break through."

"Even if you can't win, at least you can run away."

"Sometimes, it's shameful to run away, but it's very useful." Robin smiles at Yun Xi, who should have reached the peak of his life.

"Tell me all the prophecies. I think you'll kill me sooner or later." After completing the achievements of "killing his father and marrying his mother" and "lying loudly to the world", Yun Xi felt that he had become farther and farther away from being a gentleman.

In this world, how can there be a gentleman who married four princesses after killing his father and marrying his mother!

"Yes, the prophecy goes on." Robin nodded, and the next prophecy was still full of crisis. Rather, the prophecies she gave were all of this type.

Only tragedy can make people leave the deepest impression.

Similarly, only ominous predictions can make people pay more attention to their own lives.

Several bright red birds fly to Robin's shoulders and begin to laugh at Yun Xi who has just cheated the world and cursed him.

This is Robin's way of prophecy - Blood Robin's Unfortunate Prophecy.

"The king married four princesses."

"The first princess, who loves to wear blood-stained wedding dresses, sneaks out every night and pokes with a broken sword. What is she poking at?"

"The second princess likes cute dolls. She sleeps with them every day. One day, the doll disappears, but the doll comes back. Her big eyes are lovely, and her small hands and feet are lovely."

"The third princess is so stupid that she can only eat. What she eats today is hands; yesterday she was feet; tomorrow she wants to eat a heart. She can't stop eating."

"The fourth princess is very jealous. The person she likes, likes someone else. The person she likes is a big cunning liar. Her scissors have been ground. Do you want to know the correct usage of scissors and dogs?"

Listen to the prophecy, Yun Xi's forehead was full of sweat.

Ah, his princesses are really abnormal, and he married these four princesses at the same time! He is looking for his own death!

This trial is really terrible!

"The king is dead. Why is he dead again?"

"The king wants to escape, but he can't escape anywhere. Human beings are such sad creatures."

"Stupid king, we will not tell you that there is a greater disaster in the south, and you will surely die."

"You need to go all the way west, all the way west, all the way west, to challenge the most terrible things!"

"The ancient ruins have collapsed, and the dragon of doom is about to wake up."

"In this world, no one lives forever."

Blood birds sing together, as if they have seen through the end of the world.

"It's really... no matter how I look at it, I won't have a happy end." Yun Xi clearly knows the world's malice towards him.

The world is really unfriendly to the human race. It is better to say that if he does not come, all humans will be killed by the dragons.

"Even so, you want to change something, don't you?" Robin looked at the prince, showing a gentle expression.

"Yes, I want to do something even if the world is doomed to be destroyed." Yun Xi knows that this time, the situation is really out of his control.

Before entering this trial world, he didn't expect that the world was so difficult.

Just two Zakas show the ability to destroy the world, and the real evil dragon hasn't come out yet.

The "original dragon" he heard from the two Zakas... how powerful is this final boss?

"It's really obvious."

The end of the world, the terminator of the world. It is the original and also the destruction. Before its appearance, it has caused great pressure on Yun Xi.

"Witches of the south? They may be the hope of saving the world." Yun Xi, who got a hint from Robin's unfortunate prophecy, made a decision.

This is the third side quest. It's time to accomplish it.

"Well, take this and go to the witches." Robin took out a contract and handed it to Yun Xi.

"What is this?" Yun Xi takes over the important prop given by Robin in a daze.

It seems that this contract has been for some years, not a modern thing.

"In the name of myself, I hope to make an eternal covenant with the last descendants of the great Assyria, the holy witches."

"As the successors of the kingdom of Assyria, both sides will keep the secrets of her Majesty, the great queen, and jointly guard the last glory of Assyria."

"When the disaster comes, may we join hands and stand on the same front."

Yun Xi understood that this was the agreement between the first king and the southern witches, the proof of the great Knight.

"Look at the back, that is the point!" Robin looks at Yun Xi and gives him an important hint.

"Hereby noted: the holder of this contract can marry the witches."

"What is this?" Yun Xi looks at Robin who seems to know everything.

"It is, of course, the legal contract of marriage to the holy witches." Robin gave a serious answer.

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