Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 764

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Chapter 764: Lies Save the World

The blood moon disappeared from the sky.

People, as if nothing had happened, were cheering for the prince's wedding. They could not see that the blood moon had seized their senses just now, shouting "long live the queen!" and "The princess is the most lovely!".

Now, of course, they're still in a frenzy.

Because today is the prince's wedding day.

There are four princesses who marry princes.

The first princess, from the ancient kingdom of Assyria, was a proud and beautiful queen.

She stood on the prince's right side with a smile. She wore a white wedding dress and held the biggest bouquet in her hand.

She is worthy of being the most suitable princess! Noble and elegant, she and the prince are a perfect match.

The second princess, also from the ancient kingdom of Assyria, is a lovely little princess.

She was wearing a gorgeous princess dress and looked more like a baby princess doted on by the prince than the bride. She was innocent, holding Mumu's hand, standing in front of the prince, enjoying the prince's touch from time to time.

Finally, there were the third and fourth princesses.

The two princesses, with different colored horns on their foreheads, show their preternatural identity.

One of them is the overlord of the desert, and the other is the king of the ice field.

Desert dragon Zaka, Princess of the most powerful Dragon Kingdom on the mainland.

Ice Dragon Zaka, sister of Desert Dragon Zaka, ruler of the emerging country of the north.

They are both extremely powerful dragon girls. As the object of marriage, they make a marriage contract with the prince.

The prince who married these four princesses is undoubtedly the happiest person in the world.

At the same time, it is also the beginning of the Kingdom's glory. To marry these four princesses means that the prince has the support of the whole world.

People think of the moment when the prince was born, the prophecy made by the ancient augur to the newly born prince.

"Prince, your future is very great."

"You are the hope of the world, the next king."

"The day you were born, everyone was cheering for you."

"Even if there is an evil dragon, it can't hide your glory."

"The gods are watching you. You are the only one born by destiny."

"Let us be your power, our prince."

Yes, the prophecy has come true now. The prince, through the power of love, even the terrible dragons are willing to be the prince's bride.

He is the son of destiny in people's minds, and he is destined to be the strongest king.

He is the greatest knight, the most perfect king, the hope of the world, the chosen one!

Today is the day when the prince marries four princesses and brings peace to the world.

The wedding is for the prince!

The Starwings knights on the stage witnessed the history of this miracle.

"What happened?" Hua Yue covered her mouth and looked at the prince, who was in the middle of the four brides, with a helpless expression as if saying "It's not my fault, it's the fault of the world!".

Why? Have they been sealed for 10,000 years in a time crack?

When did the blood moon disappear? Are they still on the original world line? Why did they suddenly make up and began to accept the cheers of the people with the prince?

What about the first princess, the second princess, the third princess and the fourth princess?

Isn't there only one mysterious queen in this kingdom who has been proved to be the terrible Queen of Assyria?

What happened?

"Ah, I forgot to tell them a story."

Someone who is surrounded by four brides finds that he lies incompletely.

After Linga's petal let him tell the story, there was no room for him to influence the Starwings Knights who were not in the story. As his Starwings Knights, they instinctively discovered the truth of the lie.

Only this time, they did not stand up again to interrupt the wedding, but tolerated his caprice and this lie.

"Well done, Prince." On the tower of the palace, the mysterious augur was laughing.

Yes, she didn't know how the Prince did all this, how to let the blood moon come, and how he turned the bad end into a wedding.

However, she doesn't need to care about the process, she just needs to get the result.

This is also the ultimate realm of prophecy. She knows when and what will happen, just as the prince will kill his father and marry his mother and reach the peak of his life.

This wedding is bound to be a success, because that is the general trend of history.

"What kind of play was that?" The dark demon dog prince in the crowd felt that he had seen something very abnormal.

It seems that the four brides all like the prince who is not handsome at all.

I really don't understand the idea of human women! He looks so ordinary, as if he is a bakery owner from a remote town, but he can win so many girls' love.

Sure enough, my furry golden princess is the best! Human beings are amorous creatures. But I'm different! I'm devoted to my dream lover.

"Really... interesting..." Similarly, the elf who is not in the prince's story smiles and looks at his companion who has entered the next stage of his life.

It's a happy thing to meet people you like and marry them.

Perhaps there will be a lot of setbacks in your future, you will encounter a lot of ups and downs.

However, as long as you are with the people you like, you can cross the hurdle.

In the name of Lvluo, I wish you and your princesses.

"Mumu gets married!"

Therefore, in the cheers of Mumu, the wedding ceremony started again in the eyes of the Starwings knights who began to doubt their lives.

"I would like to be with them."

"Whether I'm poor or rich, whether they are healthy or diseased, I'll take care of them, love them, and treat them as my family." Yun Xi took the oath in front of the duke in sweat and began to exchange rings with four brides.

He was really worried about whether the next second these terrible brides would show their true faces.

The Queen of Assyria will become the queen in a bloody wedding dress again.

White Moon will call out the black flame demon bug that burned everything up again.

Desert dragon Zaka will make the Star of the Sand fall from the sky again.

Ice Dragon Zaka will use the forbidden spell "Ice Land" again.

How long can Linga's story deceive the world?

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