Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 763

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Chapter 763: The Wedding of the Blood Moon (End)

"I see... this is the truth of Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword." Yun Xi gapes at the history of the Sky Sword presented by the Holy Tree Linga.

Yun Hai cheated the whole world and changed the whole world.

"So sometimes I don't have to worry too much. That's not something people like me should worry about."

"If I come across a ridge that I can't cross in any case."

"If it's a problem that can't be solved by any means."

"Then, lie."

"If I deceive the world, I succeed."

Under the Holy Tree Linga, the figure who will become one of the greatest sky swords in the Sky Sword God's Domain in the future has made a decision, a decision that will later affect the whole Sky Sword God's Domain and make countless mathematicians cry and curse him.

"This problem is decided to be related to cats."

"Well, because I like cats."

Yun Xi nodded in agreement. He did not have the extraordinary mathematical talent and deduction ability of Yun Hai the Sky Sword, but only this point was similar.

Two people in different worlds like cats. They both see the cat that exists and doesn't exist, neither alive nor dead. The cat that steps on the world line gracefully.

It is so incredible that it cannot be described in any language.

"I see!"

"I can do it in this way!"

For a moment, Yun Xi was so blessed that he suddenly thought of how to use the petal of Linga, 1/8 of White Lotus Secret Treasure.

"It's a dream, and it's not a dream."

"It's a trial, and it's a new world."

"Who can tell whether the world is real, whether I am dreaming or a butterfly in this world is dreaming?"

"Maybe everything in this world is not true."

Yun Xi kisses the petal that sends out the wonderful breath of life, and begins to lie bravely to the world, to the wedding of the blood moon, which is about to trigger a world-scale tragedy.

So the story begins.

"A long time ago... no, maybe a long time later..."

"About a thousand years after the fall of the ancient kingdom of Assyria... No, it's the first year after the new kingdom was established."

"There was a prince who met his beloved."

"As the prince grows older, it is time for him to have to get married, and he is distressed because he has so many lovers."

"So, he began to be distressed and confided his heart to the girls who might be his brides."

"The first bride, who was the first to make an appointment with him, a queen came from an ancient royal family."

"The queen is proud and beautiful."

"The queen is clever and kind."

"The Queen's country is from a distant world, and is called Assyria!"

"Answer me, my queen, would you like to be my princess?"

In the sky above the Royal City, the Queen of Assyria lowered the Queen's Blade, which almost penetrated Ice Dragon Zaka's heart again, and her eyes fell into a bewilderment.

The blood moon in the sky seems to have been influenced by some kind of wonderful power. A beam of light is put on this battlefield, covering the Queen of Assyria and the prince who suddenly appears in front of her.

"I'm... willing to..."

"Be your princess with you." The Queen of Assyria gave her answer, but her eyes were more or less confused.

Why am I the princess?

"Thank you. It's my pleasure to be loved by you, your majesty." The prince bravely hugged the confused queen and let her indulge in sweet talk.

"The first princess is the Princess of Assyria."

"Then the prince found the second girl... she's a child of her majesty, a doll princess with the sense of self." At this point, there was a distinct pause in the voice.

This is really too much! Even if it is a story, it is too much. Why is this reality? It must be the fault of the world!

"Princess, would you like to be the prince's unique treasure?"

"Put on the most beautiful clothes and the most gorgeous jewelry for you. You are the most beautiful princess in the world. You are the little princess loved by the prince."

"You are the prince's princess."

Ah, what a childish trick to lure a little girl! Forgive me, White Moon.

"Well, I love dad."

"Marry Dad!"

White Moon raised her hand obediently and responded to the prince's proposal. The black flame demon bug under her feet shook his head discontentedly and withdrew from the battlefield.

"In this way, the prince married the second princess, Princess White Moon... Her majesty and the princess are reconciled."

The voice announced the result helplessly, but the story is not over.

"What? What's going on?" There are burning marks all over the body of Desert Dragon Zaka, who has not yet found out the situation, but the fighting spirit is still burning in her eyes.

She didn't lose. It's better to say that she, with the greatest support from the original dragon, now dares to fight against the ancient gods.

"The princess from the desert is angry, because the prince did not wait for her to come back, but he is going to get married and go back to his hometown."

"She rushed to the wedding and asked in a loud voice why didn't he wait for her."

"The prince tried to comfort the princess from the desert, so he had a fierce fight with her."

The brilliance of Starwings and the golden-red sword light once again knocked down the Star of the Sand and the girl's heart.

"In the end, in the middle of the desert, they hugged and kissed each other."

"The princess from the desert said that if the prince is willing to build the most gorgeous and dazzling nest for her, she will recognize the prince's love and marry him."

"So the third bride came to the prince's side."

"She is the prince's third princess... Princess Zaka."

At this stage, the story should have ended. However, after feeling the dangerous existence that was going to release the ice-typed forbidden spell, the narrator has to continue this bullshit story.

Maybe this time, I will fail. The narrator of the story has such an awareness.

"Finally, the prince met the mysterious and dangerous ice princess."

"She has long hair, magical eyes, and she hates the prince very, very much."

"Because the prince took away her most important sister and separated her from her sister."

"The prince was moved by the girl and bravely proposed to the girl who could not agree to his proposal."

"What happened!"

"She, she agreed!"

This result shocked the narrator!

"I will never let you insult my sister's body!"

"Marrying you is only for the sake of protecting my sister!"

"I won't even let you touch my sister's finger as long as I'm here."

Well, the end of the story is happy. Maybe that's good?

Therefore, on this day, the prince married four brides with different personalities and wonderful relationships.

This is also the story of the first year of the beginning of the new kingdom, a thousand years after the destruction of the Kingdom of Assyria.

It's a story that happened a long, long time ago... no, it's a story that will happen long, long time later.

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