Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 762

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Chapter 762: The Wedding of the Blood Moon (16)

Mathematicians are all hopelessly paranoid.

Before Yun Hai the Sky Sword asked the question about the cat, mathematicians throughout the endless god's domains were carrying out an unprecedented project.

This project has been helped by almost all the great beings in the endless god's domains.

From gods to demons, and even the nameless things hidden in the abyss, they joined hands to give the greatest assistance to the largest project in the history of the endless god's domains.

The essence of this project is to gather all the mathematical formulas and theories together to form a perfect self-consistent system.

Just as one plus one is bound to be two, the sun rises from the eastern horizon and sets on the western horizon. This project is ambitious to define the source of truth in the world and interpret all phenomena with perfect mathematical formulas.

Odd, even.

Infinite cycle, infinitely large, infinitely small.

The sum of any odd number, the sum of any even number, all the proportional arrangements, formulas, all have to get the perfect solution!

They want to prove that mathematics is the highest truth in the world, the highest wisdom that can explain everything and weave everything.

With the participation of many gods, this seemingly impossible task has been constantly pushed forward. This organization, which has gathered the wisdom of the entire endless god's domains, once let people see the highest level mathematical pyramid of the entire endless god's domains.

From the basics such as the "Nine C|hapters of Arithmetic" and "Geometric Principles" to the higher stage of "Calculus" and "Algebra", to the "Physical Origin" and "Astronomical Observation" of the most advanced theories.

This perfect pyramid belonging to mathematicians is being cast day by day. Everyone feels that they will become the witness of the truth, the founder of this unprecedented mathematical pyramid.

These great mathematicians with different identities and races once felt that they were the people closest to the truth, and that the world's most magnificent project was about to be completed in their generation.

Some optimistic people even thought that as long as there is this mathematical pyramid, even human beings with short lives can find a way to break through the hero rank and even the legend rank.

Because no matter how difficult the problem is, it can be solved, can't it?

They built this miraculous mathematical pyramid just to solve all the problems in the world and give the answers to all the phenomena and theories in a mathematical way.

As long as this pyramid is completed, human beings and other intelligent creatures will enter a new era.

This is the biggest reason why gods and even demons have joined the study, because it is a theoretical path to "infinite truth".

Just as the Mechanus God's Domain's ultimate scientific fantasy "cyber elf with infinite computing power", mathematicians are eager for such power.

But instead of using the almost impossible infinite computing power, they use formulas and logical reasoning to build a pyramid of truth.

At least, this is a closer approach to truth than the Mechanus God's Domain's fantasy.

Fanatical mathematicians have even predicted the completion time of this pyramid of mathematical truth.

The fastest maybe decades?

The longest maybe a few hundred years.

They will master the mathematical formula, remove the errors, expand more applications, and ultimately complete a high degree of autonomy like building blocks. As long as the question is within this system, all mathematical problems can be solved.

It seems that this is the future that anyone can see, an exciting miracle.

Until mathematicians met the cat.

To be exact, it is a theory that someone at a certain point in time brings to the world, to all mathematicians who cling to the truth of the world.

In the beginning, that question was a "question about the life and death of a cat" that a mathematician regarded as a joke.

Next, it became "the question of whether this cat exists or not".

Then mathematicians went crazy and found that they couldn't give the cat a life or death answer because either answer seemed wrong.

How can this be possible? How can this kind of problem exist in this world?!

Why does this cat's life become like this!

What kind of monster is it!

Mathematicians unable to give a perfect answer realized that the cat was no longer a cat itself, but a part of the "world truth".

They can't answer whether the cat is dead or alive, which means that there is a fatal contradiction in the perfect mathematical pyramid.

It is not that one of the drawings is wrong, but that there is a structural error at the bottom of the pyramid.

Because of this cat, the pyramid that should have been the greatest project in the history of the endless god's domains collapsed.

The slogans of mathematicians who adhere to the classical theory are as follows:

"I firmly believe that the existence of this cat is not right!"

"I'm going to eat that cat!"

"Damned cat, I'll kill it with a sword!"

"I don't believe it. I'd rather if there were no cats in the world!"

"Yun Hai, give me the cat, I'll fight with you!"

These voices eventually turned into one thick academic work after another, accusing Yun Hai the Sky Sword, the man who broke the classical mathematical theory to pieces.

There was even a striking agreement among the classical mathematicians that there was definitely a problem between Yun Hai and the nonexistent cat, a big problem.

The new mathematicians who accepted Yun Hai the Sky Sword's theory had to change their world outlook and admit the existence of the cat.

"A Study of the Life and Death of a Cat!"

"The Ghost Cat in the History of Mathematics."

"Thirty-Six Ways to Test whether the Cat is Dead or Alive."

Since this cat has been haunting the history of mathematics like a ghost, human beings have had a great doubt about the classical mathematical theory which is obtained through daily experience, and has found more things close to the nature of the world.

It turns out that there is no such thing as a perfect solution in the world. The mathematical pyramid that classical mathematicians want to cast, did not exist at the beginning.

The truth of the world is never something that can be described by formulas, but is full of uncertainty, and full of chaos.

And it all comes from one person's lies.

He succeeded in deceiving the world and trampled on all classical mathematics with a cat that could not be described, neither existence nor nonexistence, neither alive nor dead.