Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 761

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Chapter 761: The Wedding of the Blood Moon (15)

Yun Xi can see that. Having gained the power gained by Lvji's wing, he can clearly see the scene that even his teacher, Casina the Battle God, and Longnis the Sky Sword can not see.

The flower of the Holy tree Linga, the legendary White Lotus Secret Treasure, is about to mature.

However, compared with the nearly eternal life of the Holy Tree Linga, this "about" has a very big error in terms of human's concept of time.

It will take at least three years for that flower to fully bloom, and the upper limit maybe a hundred years later.

Not long ago, the breath of the White Lotus Secret Treasure is just a little remnant of this Linga flower, which has brought earth-shaking changes to the whole White Lotus Sword Domain.

When Linga's flowers really bloom, the scene in all of the White Lotus Sword Domain will be unimaginable.

Today's White Lotus Sword Domain is not the unknown remote sword area where Yun Hai the sky sword lived in the past. Although people can't directly observe the existence of the Holy tree Linga, people deduce the future of Linga flower.

Therefore, at the moment, the housing price in the upper-level area of the White Lotus Sword Domain is so expensive. Countless forces are focusing on the White Lotus Secret Treasure that will bloom.

"Just one petal." Yun Xi did not want to monopolize the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

All he needs is a petal of the White Lotus Secret Treasure to help him solve his current problems.

Although he didn't understand why the fading green light inside his body told him that he could achieve his wish by borrowing a petal from the Holy Tree Linga.

It sounds like a dream come true. It's too unrealistic.

"……" The Holy tree Linga sways, and the bamboo shoot shaped tree body shows layers of lines, which makes Yun Xi immerse in the endless brilliance of wisdom for a moment.

These lines, every trace and every line are the evolution of "rules". The Holy tree Linga itself is a rare plant-type fantastic creature, the lines it engraves are the interpretation of the mysteries of "wisdom" and "life". Without the help of Lvji's power, human beings would never have seen the Holy tree Linga hidden in the deepest world rules.

A small white flower blooms from the Holy tree Linga. It is the flower of wisdom with eight leaves and the true body of the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

According to legend, four leaf grass brings luck, while an eight leaf flower represents the door to endless wisdom.

At the moment, this Linga flower is about to grow, only the last petal is still partially developed.

In the face of Yun Xi's request, Linga generously delivers the petal that has not yet been fully developed to Yun Xi.

This piece of flower petal with countless regular lines, accompanied by a reassuring warm breeze, gently pasted on Yun Xi's lips.

The taste is as soft as a girl's lips.

In a second, Yu Xi's mind exploded.

He saw many, many years ago, someone standing in front of the Holy tree Linga and sighing.

"Why do people care so much about what's in front of them and don't pay attention to the more important future?"

"If I can hold everything, can I find true happiness in the track of the present, the past and the future?"

"I don't know. I don't understand people's hearts. Mathematics is more suitable for me."

Yun Xi looked at that figure, and there is a kind of familiar nostalgia.

"Ah, this is a conspiracy!"

"When the masters saw my theory, they would blow their beards and stare at me. They would take out the elf against me. Maybe they would cry out why there is a cat in this world!"

"Hopefully, in the end, they will like my gift to the world."

Sitting under the Holy tree Linga, someone started a huge conspiracy.

"A little cat that exists and doesn't exist, a cat can subvert the truth of the world and make them doubt life."

"A lie, repeated for a thousand years, makes everyone believe that it is right, and then it becomes a truth. Isn't it?"

"So if you want to practice this sword skill, you have to learn to lie, but you don't lie."

"You have to learn to deceive the whole world with the power of lies."

"The best lie is never to lie directly, but to make them think that's right. Only in this way can everything be explained."

"The truth of the universe and human stupidity will never change, so lies will become true and change the world."

Yun Xi looked at the familiar and strange figure in amazement, and finally understood what he saw.

That is his most respected person in the White Lotus Sword Domain. He told the truth under the Holy tree Linga.

Everything comes from a lie, a lie that deceives the world and makes the world believe it.

Perhaps, this is no longer a lie, but part of the truth.

What he wants to say and create will be a sword skill that will shock the whole of the endless god's domains.

It is precise because Yun Xi is the inheritor of this sword skill, so now we can understand how shocking and incredible the truth is.

A cat that exists and doesn't exist.

Language and cognition.

Behavior and phenomenon.

Heart and body.

Yun Hai the Sky Sword's cat does not exist. At least, before he raised the question, the mathematicians and even the gods in the endless god's domains never considered the cat.

That is to say, before Yun Hai told the "lie", the cat did not exist, while Yun Hai put forward his theory that this cat, which made countless people extremely painful and suspicious of life, came into the world.

Obviously it is a lie, but even the gods are immersed in it.

Obviously, it doesn't exist, and even can't complete the observation, but it makes countless mathematicians crazy, and even wants to kill this ghost cat.

That is the lie that Yun Hai the Sky Sword told to all of the endless god's domains, a lie that no one can determine, can not give specific rules, and even can't list mathematical formulas, which is full of contradictions.

People can't doubt the existence of the cat that Yun Hai said, because Yun Hai has defeated countless opponents with his Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword and embarked on the road of becoming the Sky Sword.

Mathematicians tortured by the mysterious cat refused to acknowledge the existence of the cat, but could not turn a blind eye to the nonexistent cat.

For those who study the "world's rules", they have lost their common mind when they found the cat.

The more they oppose the existence of the cat, the more they fall into it.

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