Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 766

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Chapter 766: The Condition for Saving the World is...

"Why! Why is this a marriage contract? Shouldn't the content be something like 'watch the enemy and help each other'?" Yun Xi looked at Robin, almost exasperated.

He did not know anything about the people in the southern forest.

It's a human branch that, like his kingdom, splits from the ancient kingdom of Assyria.

However, the ancestor of his kingdom, the "original knight" chose the way of knighthood and continued to guard the ruins of ancient Assyria, while the one who was originally the "priest" fled to the remote southern forest and chose the road of seclusion.

They did not exist in the form of a kingdom, but became a separate tribe, and developed a unique witch system.

The witches are the incarnation of God and the representatives of the sacred and inviolable God.

Witches are not allowed to marry. They guard an ancient covenant and are chosen from the best girls of the tribe.

They firmly believe that the witch will become the Savior of the world, the noblest existence in the world, and the successor of the truly great Assyria.

Now, the covenant tells Yun Xi that the witches had made an agreement with the first king long ago, and noted on the back that the covenant had special conditions.

"Well... it is because marriage is always the most direct and effective means of covenant. Prince, you are already a king. You should understand." Robin looks like she is going to laugh, and seems to be full of sympathy for what Yun Xi is going to do next.

"I know! I know!" Yun Xi gnawed his teeth and gazed at the marriage contract, which was written many generations ago.

"But I've never heard of a king marrying a witch, which never happened."

There is only one queen of the king. That is the eternal beautiful queen, the great Queen of Assyria.

As knights, kings have never married other princesses, and there is always only one master in the king's palace.

Until his generation, he not only married the Queen of Assyria, but also married the daughter of the Queen of Assyria, White Moon, not to mention Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka. He has achieved the epic mission of "Marrying Four Princesses".

"Of course, it's because the kings loved the queen so much that they didn't plan to marry the witch." Robin was happy to tell her king that answer.

"So this covenant has never been used."

"In fact, according to the records, there were still a few witches who had expressed their affection for the kings."

"It's just that all the kings were so devoted that they couldn't fulfill this additional condition."

"Over time, the witches gave up."

"But you, Prince, you don't have this problem." When it comes to this, Robin's smile's even more brilliant.

"Now you have married four princesses, it won't hurt to have more. Hua Yue, Xiao Cao, Lulu, and Xiaomi are all waiting for you."

"You will be responsible for the Starwings Knights, right?"

Robin's words hit Yun Xi hard!

Robin's critical strike adds fire penetration, frost penetration, and lightning penetration, ignoring Yun Xi's defensive resistance.

Robin did 10,000 damage to Yun Xi!

Yun Xi conceded!

"That... You know, it was a special situation..." Yun Xi is sweating.

"Well, the situation was special, so we forgive you, but we don't pretend to see nothing."

"Since you have married four princesses, it doesn't matter if we enlarge the palace." Robin's face turned a little red.

"I'm also a member of the Starwings Knights..."

Robin's language caused extra damage to Yun Xi.

This damage is not included in fire penetration, frost penetration, and lightning penetration. It cannot be neutralized by armor or shield.

It's chaos damage that ignores defense!

Yun Xi surrendered!

"The world... It's terrible..." Yun Xi lamented.

At this time, if only there were more Linga's petals!

If the time can go back to when he just entered the world, he would make a wish with the Linga petal.

"My parents died when I was a child!"

"No one loves me!"

"No one knows me, and no one will notice me!"

Unfortunately, there has never been such an option!

"Prince, you have changed your destiny and made more people happy."

"This time, please try your best."

"If there are more princesses, world peace will be around the corner." Robin leads Yun Xi a good way away.

"If I had more wives, I would have died more miserably." Compared with Robin's optimism, Yun Xi always feels his future is dark.

"It is said that the twin witches are gentle and virtuous. They are first-class brides." Robin takes out the professionalism of a matchmaker and introduces Yun Xi to his engagement partner.

"Gentle?" Yun Xi remembers the beautiful figure holding the Red Lotus Demon Sword and burning everything.


"Die! Die! Die!"

Red Lotus waved her Red Lotus Demon Sword while seeing Yun Xi, just like a red demon.

Let alone White Lotus, does Red Lotus have anything to do with "gentle" and "virtuous"?

"Well, that's what intelligence says. There should be no mistake." Robin looks at Yun Xi strangely. Is he dissatisfied with this marriage contract?

The twin witches are heroes with no less reputation than the prince, and they are beauties well-known in the whole human world.

Marry this pair of witches... Prince, what are you dissatisfied with?

The covenant is sacred. Although all the kings have devoted themselves to marrying the Millennium Queen of Assyria, no one has fulfilled the conditions attached to this covenant, but the covenant is a covenant.

As long as the prince takes this covenant to propose to the twin witches, the success rate should be 100%.

"Can I not go?" Yun Xi looks at Robin with an almost desperate look, as pitiful as a pet going to an animal hospital.

"Prince, you have no choice." Robin shook her head.

Her prophecy has never been wrong. The prince is charged with the mission of saving the world.

Since he had married four princesses, he was the only one who could carry out the covenant.

Perhaps, when the first king and the witches concluded this contract, he did not think that such a rebellious prince would appear in his descendants.

"If you want to defeat the dragon, you must marry the twin witches and get their power."

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