Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 755

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Chapter 755: The Wedding of the Blood Moon (9)

"Well, let's date again!" That's the answer from Desert Dragon Zaka, a silly, kind of cute answer.

It doesn't even matter if there is no engagement, even if it starts with us being friends.

The word "give up" doesn't exist in Desert Dragon Zaka's dictionary!

"Ah?" Yun Xi is stupid!

"Dad, that dragon's head is broken!" White Moon blinked and looked pitifully at Desert Dragon Zaka, who was almost incoherent.

"Love... what a poison..." On this point, the queen of Assyria and her daughter held exactly the same thought.

"My God, sister, do you really think so?" Ice Dragon Zaka was shocked.

Worried about gains and losses, and even almost cried out. Is this still the familiar Desert Dragon Zaka who goes straight ahead without considering the consequences?!

"Well, it's good to restart as a friend, no matter what, I want Shaheen!" This pursuit made Yun Xi feel more familiar with the feeling.

Hua Huo, she's really just like you!

"Ah!" Ice Dragon Zaka finally felt disappointed in her sister.

"That prince, son of a bitch, rotten man!" The girl's voice echoed in the sky, all accusations against someone:

"What restarts as a friend!"

"Sister, don't be fooled by such people!"

"Who are we?" Ice Dragon Zaka raises her index finger, points to the sky and the earth, releasing the unique domineering atmosphere of the original giant dragon.

"We are Zakas!" Driven by her sister, Desert Dragon Zaka suddenly woke up.

Yes, who are they?

Zaka, the original dragon's shadow, is endowed with life by the great original dragon and born from the world's original power.

"We are masters of the world!"

"The master of the world in the future!" Every time Ice Dragon Zaka said it, she was more powerful.

She did not know what was wrong with her. She was angry when she saw her sister's ingratitude.

The name of Zaka can't be trampled on like this.

"We are the kings of the world!" The flame in the eyes of Desert Dragon Zaka was burning again.

The power from the original dragon is constantly flowing in her body, bringing incomparable confidence and courage.

"Yes, so even if this guy is a jerk, an ant who is not worthy of being trampled to death, if you really like him, then take him away!" Ice Dragon Zaka holds up her Frost Dragon Teeth.

"You must recognize this engagement even if you don't like it!"

"Instigated by this dragon, but you also want to pretend that you don't know anything? Death penalty!"

"Oh, yes, it can be like this!"

"Shaheen, marry me, or I will destroy the kingdom!"

After her sister said this, Desert Dragon Zaka, who suddenly woke up, finally found out that she still had this choice.

She is not human. Why should she abide by the moral rules of human beings?

The dragon race is a natural treasure collecting race.

For her, is there anything more precious than Shaheen in the world?

No, even if there are golden mountains and silver mountains are piled in front of her, it is not as good as her love for Shaheen.

Even the dominance of the whole world is not as important as her engagement to Shaheen.

Shaheen did not say that he wanted to marry her, but the engagement was not a false thing, which she really believed.

Even if it is a lie, she will make it true, which is more important than world conquest!

Sisters with one heart can break everything!

The Star of the Sand was held high, and sent out the resonance sound of shaking the world with Frost Dragon Teeth.

"It seems that idiots are still hopeless. Mom, kill them first." In the face of a sudden foreign enemy, White Moon did not dare to take them lightly.

The contradiction between her and her mother is the internal contradiction of the family.

The conflict between her and Zaka sisters is that of foreign enemies.

"Original dragon... are you going to wake up..." The Queen of Assyria looked at the far end of the horizon and saw the green light rising from the sky.

The seal of the Forgotten Ruins will not seal the dragon that will destroy the world.

This dragon's anger is irresistible. If it wakes up from its deep sleep, the first thing it will do will be the destruction of the whole world.

"We’ll, seal the two Zaka sisters first." The Queen of Assyria and White Moon are united in fighting against foreign enemies.

The relationship between them is so wonderful.

"To conquer the world!" Ice Dragon Zaka suddenly changes back to the body of a giant Ice Dragon, which is to get revenge for her sister.

"For love!" Desert dragon Zaka also becomes the real body of Desert Dragon.

The strong and powerful desert dragon, and the elegant and beautiful Ice Dragon.

"The blood moon!"

The cold underground lake, with the new moon hanging high, is the dream of ancient gods captured by White Moon, the nightmare of eternal loneliness.

"May the old Assyria never be alone."

Thousands of years have not changed. The Forgotten Ruins in the long river of time. The cursed crimson moon stares at this land, which is the dream of the Queen of Assyria and the reflection of Millennium Assyria.

"Kill all your opponents, and there will be no rival, sister." Ice Dragon Zaka said the perfect answer, which fully conforms to the world view of the Zakas.

"Yes, that's it."

"Love is obtained by your own hands."

"It's good to get married first and then fall in love."

"Engagement, I don't care whether the engagement exists!" Desert dragon Zaka was excited and spread out her wings.

"At last you understand, sister!" Ice Dragon Zaka was glad to see her familiar sister back.

Yes, that's her sister.

She always thinks of nothing and goes in a straight line toward her own destination, smashing everything in front of her.

Whether it's the country, the princess, or the queen!

In this world, only the winner can laugh at the end.

World conquest is like this, love is like this.

Zakas shall never be... cough! Zakas shall forever be natural kings!

"Now It's the end of the world."

Yun Xi did not have time to stop, the battle directly entered the peak.

At this moment, he deeply realized a famous saying.

If you don't die, you won't die!

The war that decides the fate of the world has broken out!

The Zaka sisters vs the Queen of Assyria and White Moon!

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