Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 754

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Chapter 754: Blood Moon Wedding (8)

Yun Xi looks at Desert Dragon Zaka and shakes his head regretfully.

"It's a misunderstanding, Zaro."

"I didn't make an engagement with you."

It's true. Although they had a fierce fight and had a good date, Yun Xi didn't say a word about the marriage proposal.

To propose to a girl before his marriage... Yun Xi's morals have not degenerated to this level.

If he did, he would never be a gentleman again.

"Er..." The fatal blow made Desert Dragon Zaka suddenly stupid.

"As I said, elder sister, you are deceived. How could this swindler make such a mistake?" Ice Dragon Zaka looks at Yun Xi with dismissive eyes. Her impression of Yun Xi is instantly reduced by 1000 points, even though the number is already negative.

"Human beings are unbelievable creatures."

"We Zakas are the real rulers of this land! You have to pay for cheating my sister! "

Yun Xi was stunned, so he knew from the mouth of Ice Dragon Zaka the real name of the "Zaro" he was dating.

Just the name "Zaka" gives Yun Xi a bad feeling.

This Zaka... is she...

"Prince of mankind, today is the day of your kingdom's demise."

"The one who makes my sister so sad should die."

"In the name of Ice Dragon Zaka I pronounce you a capital crime!"

Ice Dragon Zaka seems to give a reasonable impression, but she would immediately become cold and ruthless when her sister was involved.

She is more powerful and cruel than Desert Dragon Zaka, the emperor of ice and snow.

Get ready for battle! Frost Dragon Teeth!

Designated target - the whole kingdom! Start the countdown of the forbidden spell: Ice Land!

Ten, nine...

"Wait." Desert Dragon Zaka grabs her sister's ice-type god weapon. Her wrist is covered with snow-white ice crystals. Ice Dragon Zaka is shocked and breaks the countdown of the forbidden spell.

"Shaheen... I'll ask you one more question." Ice Dragon Zaka never saw the almost desperate look on her sister's face, as if praying for something.

It is clear that her sister is around, and conquering the world is only a matter of time in theory. Why does her sister feel so unhappy and even lose hope for the world?

Zakas are the children blessed by the original dragon, should be the creatures who are loved by the whole world and enjoy all happiness and glory.

"Shaheen, have you really never liked me?"

"Shaheen, does our time together mean nothing to you?"

"Shaheen, you know who I am now. Are you afraid of me? Do you want to kill me?"

Obviously, she said she would ask one question, but she asked three questions one after another.

"My father's favorite, of course, is me." White Moon doesn't want the rhythm to fall into the hands of Desert Dragon Zaka. She feels a slight crisis from her.

It's strange that this non-human guy would tangle with her father.

She's obviously an outsider who doesn't even have the qualification to be my dad's maid. Mumu is much better than her.

"Dragon, go back to your nest." The Queen of Assyria raised her fingertips and three thousand spider blades flew up behind her.

"Answer her, despicable prince, your answer will determine the fate of the world." Ice Dragon Zaka clenched her teeth and looked at Yun Xi, who was confused. She also raised the frost dragon's teeth in her hand.

Strange, what happened to her today? Ice Dragon Zaka thinks she's not right. She's very wrong.

She would never be so impulsive and irrational.

It's impossible to explain what happened to the blood boiling in her body at the moment. She is a rational dragon, and she will rule the ice and snow world in the future.

"Zaro..." Yun Xi takes a deep breath, asks his own heart, and then answers the three questions.

"We... there's no engagement, it's just a little misunderstanding."

"Our time together is not meaningless. It's a very happy time. If we can meet in different worlds, maybe the future will be different.

"I don't hate you or fear you. Even now that I know you are Desert Dragon Zaka, I want to be your friend."

Well, that's the answer. Yun Xi thinks it's a perfect response.

Make your position clear, and then tell Desert Dragon Zaka that she and he are "friends" rather than "lovers".

In fact, Yun Xi's friends are very few. When he was dating Desert Dragon Zaka, he felt the free atmosphere.

The pseudonym "Zaro" has a natural unrestrained wild sex appeal.

At the same time, there is a kind of clumsiness that you can do whatever you want.

He always thinks that if he didn't meet Hua Huo, but grew up in a strange world, it might become like this.

"Yes, go away, stupid Desert Dragon Zaka!" White Moon made a face at her.

"Give up, Zaka, this is not where you should be." On the external position, the Queen of Assyria has the same opinion.

Even if they want to fight for the prince's ownership, they will never let others get involved in their relationship with the prince.

Even a powerful dragon has no qualification!

"See, the fox's tail is exposed. This prince is not qualified to be liked by you at all, my sister."

"Elder sister, you'd better forget him quickly and start conquering the world with me!"

Ice Dragon Zaka despised Yun Xi ten thousand times, and almost trampled him under with her own feet.

"No engagement..." The first answer of Yun Xi almost made Desert Dragon Zaka lose her mind, and finally realized that her engagement with Yun Xi was a joke from the beginning.

"Our time together... if... maybe... the future..." Yun Xi's second answer shocked Desert Dragon Zaka, and it seemed that something began to light up in her eyes.

"I don't hate you... nor afraid of you... we are friends..."

The final answer confirms Desert Dragon Zaka's belief.

"Yes, it's a relationship between friends now, but as long as we go further, we can become lovers!"

Desert Dragon Zaka got it. She understands everything.

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