Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 756

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Chapter 756: The Wedding of the Blood Moon (10)

Endless ice and snow turned into scattered ice rings, like the most beautiful fireworks, spreading to the earth from a corner of the sky.

Ice Dragon Zaka flew high above the sky, declaring towards the earth, under her feet and the sky that she is the master of this ice and snow world and the strongest king!

Around her Dragon Wings, ice crystals all over the sky are falling silently around her.

Gradually, the boundless sky was filled with snowflakes made by her wings, and the astonishing cold air scattered between heaven and earth with her as the center.

With the swing of her Dragon Wings, the cold air gathered in the air naturally converged because of her idea.

Cracking. These cold and piercing cold air converged into a strong wind. After being involved in those blue ice crystals, the force turned into ice, snow, and bright frost, which covered the whole sky.

She hovered and circled in the sky with pride, and then went straight into the sky.

With her flying, the frightful frozen air blooms like fireworks in the sky.

Then, countless petals of silver snow floating down from the sky. Ice and snow ring covering the whole sky.

Under the cover of ice and snow, the ancient ruins, which were already extremely lonely, became more desolate and lonely, just like the fragments completely forgotten in time.

The frozen air has gone deep into the ground, which makes a thick layer of frost hanging between the still walls, grass leaves and vines in the ruins.

In the moonlight of the blood moon, the silver earth reflects the blood color, just like the blood on the bride's wedding dress.

The Queen of Assyria sits on the throne of the giant, stupid spider, surrounded by a collapsed palace.

Her expression is arrogant and cold, quiet, it seems that the world is only her.

Memories of those sad and happy, those who had moved her, angry, sad, warm... like the night breeze in the quiet tide, waves and waves appear in front of her eyes, flowing in her heart.

Everything is gone.

She is not the dead who will sleep forever. In the wonderful eternity, even death will disappear.

"Accept heaven's punishment, Seal Maker!" Ice Dragon Zaka symbolizes the calm and cruel side of the original dragon.

When she laughs, she is as innocent as a child, but she will never be merciful when fighting. She is the type who will use all her strength no matter who the opponent is.

Ice and snow land gives the birth of the fearless girl.

Compare Desert Dragon Zaka to the storm of hot sand, then Ice Dragon Zaka is the master of ice and snow!




Behind the Queen of Assyria, 3000 spider blades rose to the sky automatically, locking in the huge body of Ice Dragon Zaka.

"In front of my ice and snow, even time should be still!" Ice Dragon Zaka spirals up into the sky and dances with the blood moon.

A god weapon in the shape of dragon teeth appears behind Ice Dragon Zaka. It is a gift from the original giant dragon, which is exclusive to Ice Dragon Zaka.

Target captures!

Quantity, 3000!

Launch the super forbidden spell!

Freeze the land!

Ice Dragon Zaka released the ice-type forbidden spell sealed in the god weapon, which can only be used three times a day.

The endless ice crystal turns into the frozen gas covering thousands of miles, freezes everything, and turns the whole world into a pure white.

Pure white without a trace of other colors.

Turn the whole world into the deep white of ice and snow.

The white frost that no life is allowed to survive.

Less than three seconds after the ice forbidden spell was launched, there was no other color in the ruins of the once royal city of Assyria.

The white of ice and snow dominated the world. Except the blood moon in the sky, nothing is not frozen.

With her own efforts, Ice Dragon Zaka turned this area into an ice land.

She believed that there was no living person under the ice and snow.

In a way, the answer is right.

Because, her opponent, has long dead.

It was the dead who came back a thousand years later to fight against her.

No, it's the Millennial Queen who lost the concept of death for a long time.




One blade after another that was frozen in the ice and snow flying again. At the same time, the figure of the giant stupid spider also broke through the ground with murderous intention in the eight compound eyes.

3000 spider blades flew like a storm, leaning toward Ice Dragon Zaka flying in the sky.

"How could it be!" Ice Dragon Zaka flies higher and faster, spits out powerful Ice Dragon Breath, and constantly knocks down these fierce spider blades.

Ice Dragon breath, which can freeze all flesh and blood, has little effect on these blood red spider blades.

Even if part of the spider blades are frozen temporarily, the remaining spider blades will quickly break the ice crystal on the companion's body, and chase after the king of ice and snow in an extremely crazy posture.

"Ice wall!" Forced to do so, Ice Dragon Zaka cast a series of crystal clear ice walls around her, more than 10 meters thick.




The spider blades, which once battered Yun Xi to death, repeatedly shot at these ice walls, instantly penetrated half of the ice walls, and were still constantly rotating and cutting these solid ice walls.

Ice Dragon Zaka has a bad premonition that the Queen of Assyria, who looks weak and has blood on her abdomen, is more tough than she thought.

Worthy of being the Seal Maker, the Millennium Queen coming out of the Forgotten Ruins.

However, she is not the ordinary herself today!

She doesn't know what happened, but after she decided to help her sister fight the shameless mother and daughter, her body was full of constant strength.

Like the great original dragon watching the battle, she even saw a faint green light on her head reflected from the ice wall.

Green is the true color of the great original dragon, symbolizing the strongest color in the world.

"If one forbidden spell is not enough, then launch the second!" The forbidden spell can only be used three times a day, but Ice Dragon Zaka did not hesitate to release the second forbidden spell.

On the ground, the Queen of Assyria sighs and gently raises her right hand.

The thumb is up, the index finger is out, and the other three fingers are clenched to form a line between herself and Ice Dragon Zaka.

The eight compound eyes of the giant stupid spider instantly locked the target that was preparing for the double forbidden spell.

What was that? Ice Dragon Zaka, who had never fought this spider, had a heart attack.

The next second, a bloody light blade shot from the compound eyes of the giant stupid spider and penetrated Ice Dragon Zaka's body in the sky.

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