Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 745

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Chapter 745: Opponents

"There's something wrong with the rings!" Seeing the silver snake ring on Yun Xi's hand and the golden snake ring on the young Queen of Assyria's hand, Hua Yue has a bad feeling.

Normally, the prince should wear the golden ring which symbolizes glory and brilliance, and the princess should wear the silver ring which represents the holy and bright.

Why is the wedding tradition of the kingdom reversed?

At this distance, Hua Yue can clearly distinguish the strength of the magic rings.

The power of the golden snake is far stronger than that of the silver snake. It even dominates the silver snake.

It's not only Hua Yue's feeling, but also the feeling of the girls of the Starwing Knights and the Zaka sisters on the tower nearby.

"It's really strange for human beings to give the rings to each other when they get married. Is this the custom of human beings?" Ice Dragon Zaka looks curiously at the golden snake ring on the young queen's finger.

That ring is obviously the main ring. The person wearing this ring is almost equal to having complete control over the secondary ring.

"Wedding rings. Ah, if it's me, I will use a pair of exactly the same ring, regardless of the primary and secondary." Desert Dragon Zaka tries to find out from her memory which of the beautiful rings she snatched is more suitable for her wedding.

"Amber Ring, double jade ring, gold ring, sea blue ring, three-phase ring, ice ring, which pair is better to use?"

"Didn't Shaheen abandon you? Forget him!" Ice Dragon Zaka felt that her sister was going to be critically ill. She was obviously jilted, and she was still nostalgic for the unruly guy.

If it was her, she would have frozen such a bad bastard into an ice stick and thrown it into the sea.

"Now, stretch out your hand." As the consanguinity of the previous king, the duke witnessed the last wedding.

The only difference is that the bride who married the prince no longer wore a black wedding dress, but a pure white wedding dress, and no longer covered her face with a veil.

Amongst all the weddings, only today's bride has appeared in front of all people with her true face.

She is just like an elf from the forest. She is so beautiful that everyone loves her.

There's nothing to be picky about but a little younger.

Her daughter, Hua Yue, looks like she will become the lover of the new king just like the old tradition. She should have been prepared for this.

In the kingdom, the king is always the strongest knight, and his queen is always only one person.

"Today is a good day." Recalling the last wedding, the duke looked at the couple with friendly eyes.

"In the witness of the old rings, we ushered in our queen."

"The golden snake and the silver snake come together again."

The young Queen of Assyria raised her hand shyly, while Yun Xi raised his hand in some panic.

The magic rings on both hands began to emit light fluorescence at the same time.

"Chi!" Yun Xi's finger quivered slightly, and the silver snake ring bit Yun Xi's finger and injected some liquid.

In the same way, the golden snake ring on the young queen's finger also bit her white fingertip and injected some liquid.

A red line flashed through.

This process is very short, if you don't pay attention to it, you won't notice it at all.

But for Hua Yue who was absorbed in it, this scene was clearly seen by her.

Even the red thread, which was instantly connected and then disappeared between the two rings did not escape her eyes.

That's... blood! Hua Yue can be sure that the red line is not an illusion, but the evidence that the blood of the two people is connected.

"Eh, it seems..." Yun Xi remembers that there was no such event in the process of the wedding.

The gold snake ring and silver snake ring only have a simple "identification" function, and will not bite people.

What's the red line that just passed?

He feels that after being bitten by this ring, the connection between him and the young Queen of Assyria seems to be getting closer?

Is it a delusion?

It's not a delusion. The golden snake ring on the young Queen of Assyria's finger, or the silver snake ring on Yun Xi's finger, all have a little smell of blood.

Witness the sacred engagement in the name of blood.

"The ceremony has been completed." The duke looked at the couple happily. Maybe now they look a little bit younger, but it's not a problem at all.

Next, it is the last and most orthodox part.

"Prince, it's your bride in front of you. Are you willing to protect her, love her, build a family with her, for poor or rich, for health or disease, go hand in hand with her?"

Yun Xi nodded and replied, "I will."

"Princess, this is the one you love. Would you like to give up your name and become the other half of the person in front of you from today on, love and respect him, regard him as your most important person, and never give up?"

The Queen of Assyria, smiling, naturally replied, "I will."

As long as these words are said, all will be settled. The two will be a pair blessed by heaven and can be together forever.

However, these words can be easily and simply said, but the Queen of Assyria was shocked to find that her voice disappeared.

It's as if the vocal cords of the body are sealed with something, so that she can't even make a sound.

The duke looked at the silent young Queen of Assyria in a sweat, and quickly switched to the next step.

"Now, then, is there any objection to this pair?"

Of course not. No one has any objection to the wedding of the prince and the princess. This is the idea of all the people present.

"Hum, I curse this pair, sister, curse them together with me." Ice Dragon Zaka felt that the word "F" behind her was heating up, and unconsciously took out a torch and gasoline.

"Yes, curse, curse the damned prince!" Desert Dragon Zaka didn't know why. But looking at the prince and the princess, she felt extremely angry.

Why? She was abandoned by her lover, but this couple had such a sweet wedding? Is there any reason for it?

The next second, everyone was stunned.

The leader of the Starwing Knights, the duke's daughter, Hua Yue, shouted out.

"I'm against it!"

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