Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 746

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Chapter 746: Prince, Answer Me!

"What!" The duke was about to lose his chin.

What did he hear?

His daughter, the prince's childhood sweetheart, and the future king's lover, Hua Yue, actually said the forbidden sentence.

Moreover, it was at the sacred wedding, in front of almost all the nobles of the kingdom.

Willfulness is not enough to describe the action. It's just like a rebellion!

This is not the daughter he knows. His daughter is very polite. She is more familiar with aristocratic etiquette than anyone else.

Is she possessed by a demon?

"Against it!"

"Against it!"

"Against it!"

Seeing that the leader finally sent out a signal, the Starwing Knights, who had been united for a long time, finally came out.

The deputy commander of the Starwing Knights, Xiao Cao.

The mascot of the Starwing Knights, Ling Ling.

The secretary of the Starwing Knights, Mei Lan.

Lu Lu, Xiaoye, Xiaomi... except Robin and Mumu who are not here, all members of the Starwing Knights stand up.

"You..." It wasn't just the duke who was scared, Yun Xi also had a look of "what's wrong with the world".

"..." The young Queen of Assyria opened her mouth and found that she still couldn't say anything, as if some kind of force had been cooperating with the Starwing Knights in her body, which stopped her voice.

Just as the cold water poured into the boiling oil pot, the collective rebellion of the Starwing Knights turned into a great storm in an instant.

From the wedding platform to the whole city, the news spread at an amazing speed.

This is something that has never happened in the Moonlight Ceremony.

Are the knights loyal to the prince actually disagreeing with the prince's marriage?

"God, what's going on?!"

"All the knights of the Starwing Knights are against the wedding?"

"Aren't they all young girls who admire the prince?"

"Why? Why?!"

People looked at the Starwing Knights on the high platform with unbelievable eyes.

Especially the nobles who have a relationship with the prince, many of them are the parents of the girls of the Starwing Knights. Seeing their daughter suddenly enter the rebellious period, several noblewomen even fainted on the spot.

The noisy voice turned into a huge wave in an instant, making countless people at a loss.

"Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!" Ice Dragon Zaka laughed so happily for the first time since she was born from the egg.

Interesting. It's really interesting.

It turns out that it's so entertaining to watch such a scene.

The world is becoming more interesting.

"Hum hum, I've seen that this prince is not a good man. He deserves it!" Desert Dragon Zaka also gloated at Yun Xi, laughing like a child.

"Hua Yue, stop fooling around!" As a marriage witness and the prince's closest relative, the duke shook his head constantly to stop his daughter who seemed to be abnormal.

He painstakingly brought his daughter and prince together, and paved the way for their future. Only when the wedding is over, Hua Yue can become the king's first secret lover.

"I'm not joking. I'm against the wedding." The eyes of Hua Yue have never been so firm. There is a sacred flame burning inside.

It was not for her own sake, but for the happiness of the Starwing Knights and the prince.

She hesitated many times before she found out the truth.

Even if the queen is not a human being, it doesn't matter. The prince doesn't care about the race. Lu Lu who has rabbit ears is also loved by the prince.

Even if the queen is an undead, it's not unacceptable. Hua Yue had faintly realized that White Moon's body has many strange places compared with ordinary people.

It's just that the final truth is unacceptable.

If you can't bear it, you don't need to.

At this moment, she is not alone in the battle, behind her is all the Starwing Knights!

They want to save the prince and change his tragic fate as a sacrifice of the blood moon.

Even if this means that they will fight against the horrible demon queen and even the whole kingdom, they will not hesitate!

"Prince, I ask you to think again about whether you really want to marry Princess White Moon."

"She's not a woman who is worth spending your whole life with."

She said it! She said the truth everyone knows but everyone pretends to ignore!

The duke looked at his daughter dully and closed his mouth like a frog.

What are you talking about, Hua Yue?

The queen can't accompany the king all his life. Isn't it a secret that everyone knows? It's the tradition of this kingdom just like you will become the king's lover!

"I... Yes, I know it." Yun Xi feels that today is probably not the right day to get married.

No matter Hua Yue or the other members of the Starwing Knights, they all look as if they are going to the battlefield.

Are they so angry about his wedding with the Queen of Assyria?

"Then, you should also understand that she can't be with you, and you can't get happiness."

"It's unfortunate not to have a happy wedding."

"Prince, please tell me who you really love?" Hua Yue raised her chest and asked Yun Xi.

"I... my favorite person is... "

"She... she is... " Yun Xi is sweating. His eyes first pass through Hua Yue, and then he looks at Xiao Cao, Ling Ling, Mei Lan, and all the girls of the Starwing Knights.

Young girls watched by Yun Xi, one by one, their hearts beat faster.

God, no matter how I answer this question, it's equal to bringing about my own destruction!

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