Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 744

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Chapter 744: Ring

"Today's Queen is so lovely."

Yun Xi didn't realize that he had buried the thousand-year-old kingdom of Assyria completely, and the danger level of the Forgotten Ruins had also dropped to nearly zero.

The owner of the Forgotten Ruins will marry him. The difficulty of the ruins will naturally change from hell mode to simple mode, and all enemies will become friendly.

In a sense, he has completed the quest of the Forgotten Ruins.

Among the fireworks in the sky, the pumpkin carriage finally arrived at the central square of the royal city, where the Moonlight Ceremony was held.

At this moment, the square is surrounded by a sea of people. Even the roof is full of people. If the Royal Guard did not maintain the street, let alone the carriage, even a dog could not squeeze into the square.

Almost all the members of the Starwing Knights gathered on the platform where the wedding ceremony was to be held, and looked at the pumpkin carriage slowly coming from the street in the distance with complicated eyes.

They were supposed to be the most loyal knights to the prince.

Today, we will launch a revolution for the sake of the prince.

"Everybody, listen to the code later." Hua Yue, the leader of the Starwing Knights, took a deep breath. She stood tall, and then raised her white gold cross sword.

Almost at the same time, all the members of the Starwing Knights raised their weapons.

In the eyes of the people around them, this is just the action of the Starwing Knights to welcome the new couple. Only they know that this is a signal to declaring war.

For the Starwing Knights, the strongest and worst enemy ever was there.

"Everybody's excited. It's fun." Mumu waves to the Starwing Knights on the high platform.

Amongst all of the Starwing Knights, only she and Robin did not join in the operation, so she knew nothing about Hua Yue's plan.

Well, even if she knew, she'll only be happy to join the party. Don't expect her to understand the noble sentiment of "we need a revolution for love".

With Yun Xi and the bride, the Queen of Assyria, holding hands, walking up to the temporary wedding platform, the Moonlight Ceremony finally reached its peak.

"Long live the prince, long live the princess!"

Countless people were shouting together.

"Long live the Kingdom, long live the Starwing Knights!"

Young people were looking forward to the beginning of the moment, as it will be worth remembering for a lifetime.

"Prince, you are our hero. Become the king quickly!"

"Prince, I would like to have a baby with you!"

"Prince, look at me, don't just look at the princess!"

Girls look at the handsome prince with eyes shining, no, it's the king right now.

More or less, they all have a little fantasy. Although they can't be queens, lovers are still possible.

They all know the tradition of the kingdom. In history, there have been lovers of the kings from civilian families.

"I didn't expect to see a new king in my lifetime!"

The old men wept and remembered the last king's accession to the throne.

Some of them are farmers around the king's city, some of them are lower class nobles, who have witnessed the wedding of the previous king, and now they are witnessing the accession of the new king.

For them, this is the memory that will be brought into the coffin, and they have witnessed the most important moment in history.

"It's really stressful." For Yun Xi, this time there is no cover of the White Emperor Mask. He felt sorry, but he has stage fright.

He didn't think that in the dragon war trial, there would be such an unexpected event as "marriage".

Isn't it to collect partners, increase the combat effectiveness, and then go to fight against the dragon?

What is the wrong step? Why does the owner of a bakery have to marry the queen as a prince?

Great will of stars, is there something wrong with this trial?

He should not listen to the mysterious royal augur to explore the secrets inside the palace! If he didn't, he wouldn't step on the world line of killing his father and marrying his mother.

"Well..." The young Queen of Assyria lowered her head and held Yun Xi's hand. She was reluctant to let go.

She has experienced dozens of such "weddings", but only this time is different.

Because she has made up her mind that she will never go back to that cold underground lake.

Today's wedding is a real wedding.

She is willing to marry the person beside her.

Because he brought her "White Moon", her sunshine and hope.

Once she has tried such a wonderful thing, she will never go back.

"Get married, get married!"

Mumu walked around Yun Xi and the young Queen of Assyria heartlessly, standing on tiptoe from time to time, kissing the little queen's face mischievously, or smelling the taste of Yun Xi.

The members of the Starwing Knights are looking at the new couple nervously, and are hesitant to make the almost unforgivable mistake.

Hua Yue is also hesitating. It's clear that they should launch an attack when "White Moon" steps onto the platform. But looking at the intimate appearance of White Moon and Yun Xi, she can't give the order.

Am I wrong?

Perhaps, White Moon is not a monster.

This is a major event that will determine the future of the whole kingdom. Once that step is taken, it will never go back to the past.

In the hesitation of Hua Yue, the most important moment of the wedding finally began.

Hua Yue's father, the only Duke of this kingdom, the younger brother of the former king, looked at the new couple with happy eyes, and put the pair of wedding rings handed down from generation to generation by the royal family on their hands.

"This ring..." Yun Xi looks at the silver snake ring in surprise, and vaguely feels the historical vicissitudes contained in it.

In contrast, the ring on the young queen's ring finger is the golden snake ring, which is just a pair with Yun Xi.

In the moment of wearing the silver snake ring, Yun Xi can feel the heart shrink, as if it is connected by some kind of contract.

Yes, this is the vow of the kings to the Queen of Assyria.

The vow of the silver snake swears allegiance to the golden snake.

The duke smiled and looked at them. Although he felt a little sorry for his daughter, it was the tradition of the kingdom!

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