Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 743

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Chapter 743: The Time of Waking Up

In the sky above the Forgotten Ruins, the wandering souls illuminated by the sun one by one become bubbles and disappear in the atmosphere.

The dead, once lost in time, are finally at rest, for the queen forgives them.

In the night of the blood moon, they once went mad under the whispers of the ancient gods, betrayed the queen they once trusted, and left the queen alone to fight with the fallen priests and knights. Although She won in the end, she was consumed by the blood moon.

The difference is that even if the queen becomes a part of the blood moon, she is the only Blood Moon Apostle who has the supreme status, and has the power to control countless curses.

Even if fallen, she is the unique and most beautiful Millennium queen.

Today, the Queen of Assyria laid down her past.

On the night of the blood moon, she failed to save her people and became the immortal queen herself.

Such a woman, together with her dead people, imagined that the kingdom of Assyria still existed and that time would be stagnated forever on that day.

Like a thousand-year dream, the Queen of Assyria and her people are immersed in the dream and forget the passing of time.

The Forgotten Ruins - the ruins of the dream kingdom of Assyria, where the queen dreams.

Today, the Millennium queen wakes up.

She no longer clings to the glorious past of Assyria, releasing the ghosts wandering in the Forgotten Ruins.

The dawn comes.

The frozen time is unsealed.

In the Forgotten Ruins, the Queen of Assyria gently hugged her abdomen with her hands.

There is still some warm touch, the air is filled with the smell of blood.




Hanging over the Forgotten Ruins, a vague figure began to emerge in the blood moon. That is a strange figure surrounded by countless blood lights, flying in the sky.

"Dream... Wake up... " The Queen of Assyria sighed, but with a smile of liberation.

Now, the ancient kingdom of Assyria can finally be declared dead.

Because there has been a new human kingdom in this land.

After thousands of years, even if it was just a lie at first, it was also regarded as true by people.

For thousands of years, people have long forgotten Assyria. Only the queen retains the memory of that era and dreams of the kingdom with many dead souls.

When she wakes up in her dream, she will hear the footsteps of the new era.

On the wedding carriage,

"Prince, is it wrong for someone to see love more important than the world?" The young Queen of Assyria took Yun Xi's hand and asked the question.

"Generally speaking, we think the world is more important."

"But that's not a question with a standard answer." Yun Xi thinks about it and gives her his answer.

"Because for some people, love is more important than their life."

"Sometimes the world is wrong."

"At that time, you have to make a choice."

This question is a question without a correct answer.

If the whole world is wrong and only you know what is right, will you choose to uphold the right in your heart to become a hero, or to abandon your faith to become a mortal?

No matter which choice, there is no mistake.

Some people are born heroes.

And most people are just mortals, unable to step out of the hero's step.

In this world, many times there is no right or wrong for the problem you have to face, but there are many options.

You must have correct answers to the questions in the textbook.

However, the question of life never has the right answer, people will give different answers to the same question, and this is the colorful world.

All people's will is the same, all people give the same answer. If such a world exists, that world is abnormal and distorted.

"Then, I choose to fall in love." The young Queen of Assyria made a choice.

No one is entitled to accuse her of this choice, which is her final answer to Assyria.

The root of all this is a confession.

Thousands of years ago, the most talented priest in history proposed to the queen and forced her to marry him.

When he failed to propose and became angry, he used the forbidden magic to summon the ancient gods in the abyss and let the blood moon appear on the King City of Assyria.

On the night of the bloody moon, everyone betrayed the queen (except the last knight who escaped). Those who had sworn allegiance to her were bewildered by the whispers of the ancient gods and rebelled against her.

But the problem is, even if they get the power of the ancient gods, they are not the Queen's rivals. Finally, the queen took her magic dagger and killed all the priests and knights.

That night, the queen buried the kingdom of Assyria with her own hands, and finally was possessed by the blood moon.

No winner, everyone is a loser.

All those who rebelled against the queen died, becoming part of the Forgotten Ruins.

The queen who gazed at the abyss was finally captured by the abyss and became part of the blood moon.

After that, it was the long and cold dream, the queen fell into a long sleep.

Until now, the sun fell in her heart again, let her open her eyes.

Yes, she is not wrong. The world is wrong.

Compared with the world, she finally chose herself to survive instead of accepting the high priest's proposal and becoming someone else's plaything.

In other words, in her love and world peace, she chose herself and gave up the option of world peace.

If the peace of the world can only be achieved at the expense of her body and life, it will be meaningless!

In the Forgotten Ruins, the Millennium Queen looks up at the blood moon in the sky, and her eyes become more firm.

"Even if I do it again, I won't regret it."

"My life will never be trampled or distorted by others. My will belongs to myself."

"Even you are no exception."


"Love is a beautiful thing." The young Queen of Assyria leans on Yun Xi's side and shows her satisfied expression.

"Thank you for marrying me."

"No matter what happens, I will marry you and become your bride."

She is always waiting for such a person, who is able to accept someone such as herself, even if he knows her real identity.

Maybe it's just an unrealistic fantasy in a girl's dream, but isn't it good to realize such a dream?

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