Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 742

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Chapter 742: The Last Day of Assyria

The wedding night only belongs to the "White Moon" that can be in the sun, not to the self that can only hide in the underground lake and sleep under the giant stupid spider throne all day.

Aware of this, the young Queen of Assyria is more sober and impulsive than ever.

Change, she wants to change it all.

Just like the difficult decision the Starwing Knights made.

Because what Yun Xi has done represents that the most innocent and imaginative young Queen of Assyria has also made a decision.

Even if she's broken into pieces, even if she's stained with blood, she won't regret it.

When she came to the body called "White Moon" and got everything in her dream, she knew that she could never go back to the past.

She doesn't want to be imprisoned in the silent underground lake for thousands of years.

She doesn't want to be tied to the throne of the giant stupid spider day after day, year after year.

She doesn't want to be such a lonely monster, and she doesn't want to be imprisoned in that place by fate.

Bathed in the sunshine of early spring and feeling the breath of spring around her, the young Queen of Assyria for the first time released Yun Xi's hand, put her hands together, and began to pray for something.

Her eyes no longer have any confusion.

"Sorry, I can't be with you anymore."

"Even a dream, after a thousand years, should be tired."

"This nightmare is the time to end. Even if you will hate me and curse me, I will accept it."

"The one who sleeps forever is not dead. Even death will disappear in the wonderful eternity."

"May you have a real sleep and no longer resent everything in the world."

With the murmur of the young Queen of Assyria, the wandering black axe monsters and sword monsters began to stop one by one in the distant Forgotten Ruins.

For thousands of years, these powerful monsters, who have been wandering in the ruins of the forgotten city, stopped. Just like clocks that have stopped winding, the traces of their activities stop suddenly.

Their huge black axes, which once broke Yun Xi into pieces, are rapidly rusting, corrupting, and finally powerless, breaking off and falling to the ground, turning into a pile of scrap iron.

One by one, the black axe monsters and sword monsters began to expand. Just as they had been killed by Yun Xi, they expanded into a balloon-like shape. At last, they burst one after another.

In the blood, there are countless cold breath gathered together. If it is a normal process, these cold breaths will soon return to the earth and become a new black axe monster or a sword monster.

They are the spirit of resentment formed by the people who were killed and sacrificed in the night of the blood moon.

Black sword monsters and axe monsters are just the reflections of their craziness. They are cruel, merciless, powerful and opposite to those who were powerless and weak when they were alive.

In this way, they wander in the street of the Forgotten Ruins in a humble manner, and try to pretend that they are still alive in the dream of the past created by the queen.

The Queen's "game" is the happiest time in their memory, the unforgettable obsession.

They, who died together with the queen, cannot leave the Forgotten Ruins or get rid of the curse. They can only wander here day by day, year by year, and become immortal murderers.

The queen tolerated them all, immersed in the "game" with them, only accepted the pure girl to enter the game field, and gave the winner gifts.

Until that day, the Millennium Queen's "game" was over.

The young Queen of Assyria made a decision not to deceive herself with her own people. She stopped believing that the kingdom of Assyria still existed and she was the carefree child.

She, seriously, will not regret making this choice.

Today, she's getting married, not a game, not a ceremony.

She met him in the most beautiful season.

The first time they met, the blood moon was hanging on the top of the sky. He seemed to be at a loss and walked up to her.

At that time, she did not understand that this was the arrival of fate.

When he took her hand and took her to the wedding carriage, she finally realized that from today on, she was his unique treasure and the only one in his life.

In the days to come, no matter how rich and poor, whether the environment is good or bad, whether ill or healthy, the two will always be together.

In the future, the two will hold hands together, spend time together, watch the tide rise and fall together, and taste life together.

As long as he is there, even in the darkest night, she can see the sun, because he is the sun.

Today, she and he will enter into a mutual bond.

From now on, he will take care of her and protect her. Where he goes, she goes; where he stays, she stays.

He will love her, comfort her, respect her, protect her, just like he loves himself.

For the first time, she has a dream lover.

For the first time, she embraces the warm body and walks hand in hand with him.

As long as he's around, she won't be afraid of anything.

The nightmare of the queen is finally over.

All along, thank you for your company. Thank you for playing this dream, called "the kingdom of Assyria has not disappeared".

Now, farewell, my people.

The age of Assyria is over.

From the distant sky, there was a cold wind. It seemed that there were countless howls in the wind. It was the ancient ghosts who were cursed. It was the remains of the kingdom of Assyria that had been dead for thousands of years.

They left the ruins, were no longer sheltered by the queen, no longer had the infinite immortal state.

Under the golden-red sun, all the ghosts began to disappear, and the howls and curses gradually went away. They left the Forgotten Ruins, and finally got the final rest.

In the empty Forgotten Ruins, the Millennium queen showed a happy smile, and the number of invisible blades around her decreased by about a fifth.

In contrast, the rest of the cursed blade is becoming sharper and more deadly.

They chose another path and continued to follow the Queen of Assyria.

It doesn't matter that the kingdom of Assyria is destroyed, and all the people are destroyed, even the last ghosts disappeared.

For her Majesty, the queen is everything and the embodiment of Assyria.

The queen is Assyria!

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