Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 741

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Chapter 741: The Girl's Gaze

Under the protection of the Royal Guard, the pumpkin carriage where Yun Xi, White Moon and Mumu were, began to slowly tour the whole city along the street.

Everywhere the carriage went, there were flowers, applause, and cheers.

People from the bottom of their hearts bless the new couple and warmly look forward to the birth of the new king.

All the kings who guard the kingdom are near perfect knights. Apart from the strange habit of never marrying any lovers, their personal force and morality are almost impeccable.

They are worthy of the name of knights. Otherwise, they will not let even the lovers who know the truth stay with them and have children for them.

Yun Xi, the prince of this generation, is the hero who beat back the dragon before he ascended the throne. The people are looking forward to the prince's great achievements together with the Starwing Knights when he becomes king.

Fight against the dragon! Maybe the new king can do it!

People are so looking forward to giving blessings and applause to today's new newlyweds.

"The queen is so beautiful. I didn't expect her to be such a peerless beauty."

"Everything is perfect except for her age."

"It doesn't matter if girls are a little younger. Girls are developing very fast. She can have children in two years."

"To our prince and Princess White Moon!"

All the people who saw Princess White Moon for the first time, except the Zaka sisters, were full of praise and gave all the beautiful words to the mysterious queen.

Although she is a little younger, only about 12 years old, her beauty is naturally attractive.

Just like the Queen of Assyria a thousand years ago, the young Queen of Assyria who appeared in the sunshine world as White Moon easily captured the hearts of countless people.

It was the queen's majesty who made generations of kings kneel and swear allegiance.

It 's also today's lovely princess who holds the prince's hand in the pumpkin carriage.

Mysterious and pure.

White without scale.

White Moon, just like her name, has the beauty of pure white and moonlight at the same time, is a perfect match with the prince Yun Xi, who is as dazzling as the sun.

Even the members of the Starwing Knights, who were quietly following in the crowd and in charge of the security task, were in a trance when they saw such a White Moon.

If not for the solid evidence and 100% trust in Hua Yue, the leader of the Starwing Knights, they could not believe that the girl in front of them was the one who swallowed up the lives of the kings, a monster who ate people and didn't spit out bones.

Under that beautiful face, it is an indescribable terror.

"We shall not be confused! White Moon is lovely, but it's a terror that can't be touched."

"She has a magic power that captivates people. The prince must have been captured by her magic."

"That's why we need to protect the prince!"

The members of the Starwing Knights, who were in charge of the security task, whispered to each other, trying not to look at the couple in the carriage.

"Well, is everyone here?" The naughty Mumu climbed onto Yun Xi's shoulder and waved curiously to the companions of the Starwing Knights around, "Hello, everyone."

The members of the Starwing Knights, who could not tell Mumu the truth, showed anxious eyes and worried about the smallest and ignorant member of the Starwing Knights.

In the past few days, Mumu has been together with the "demon queen" who eats people for days. Won't she be tempted by the "demon queen"?

Does the immortal demon queen have a hobby of eating children?

At least, from the records that can be traced back, what she ate should only be the kings. They pray that the queen is only interested in powerful knights.

"Brother Prince, Will Mumu marry you too?" After greeting the young ladies of the Starwing Knights, Mumu leaned over Yun Xi's cheek and asked this very important question.

"Where did you hear the rumor?" Yun Xi looks at Mumu and feels funny. Who taught her such twisted common sense?

"Because the teachers all say that I am the dowry of White Moon. Shouldn't the dowry be Sister White Moon's wedding gift? That's what everyone says."

Mumu blinked, with an innocent expression, and what she said made Yun Xi almost doubt his own common sense.

"No one can decide who you are going to marry. Even if you are going to marry someone in the future, you are definitely not a dowry." Yun Xi said.

Who, who, and who taught Mumu such twisted knowledge?!

"I think it's fun to get married with Sister White Moon. I know many interesting postures." Mumu draws a circle around Yun Xi's ear with her fingertips to show the secret skills she learned in bridal lessons.

"Wait... that is... " Yun Xi's cheek twitches. What course did White Moon and Mumu take!

"Postures... I learned them well... " The young Queen of Assyria lowered her head shyly, put her fingers behind Yun Xi's waist.

"Whether it's two or three people..." White Moon added.

What kind of lesson is it? Why did it teach the posture of three people?!

Yun Xi would like to complain about why he never took such a course.

If it wasn't for the "first dark elf course", "tangled Lamia course", "treacherous Mermaid queen course" and "sacred Caelian Queen course" completed in the million bride course, his health education score might not be as good as the current White Moon and Mumu.

Besides, most of his brides were not human beings.

"Mumu, today you're just a bridesmaid, not a dowry." Yun Xi pinches Mumu's little face and tells her what to do today.

"White Moon, a threesome is too early for you."

"Is it?" The young Queen of Assyria was stunned for a moment, and then the curve of the corner of her mouth slowly raised, "Yes, of course."

"We must be together all the time."

"Today is the day when we get married, the day when we agree to be together forever."

Every word, the seed in the young queen's heart grows stronger.

Thousands of years of accumulated cold and loneliness, started to break little by little. Like the sun through the long night, happiness lit up the night in her heart.

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