Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 740

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Chapter 740: The Beginning of the Wedding

In the streets of the city, there are lots of people. From time to time, magical fireworks are rising in the sky, and colorful patterns are blown out in the sky.

In the eyes of all the people, a pumpkin carriage slowly appeared from the palace.

In front of the pumpkin carriage, there are all armed knights. This is a long-standing royal guard team, the birthplace of many strong knights.

Today, they have taken on a major responsibility again, escorting the prince and queen, who are about to finish their wedding ceremony, to carry out one of the traditions of each sacrifice - the city tour.

Once upon a time, it was the happiest time for the young queen sleeping on the throne of the underground lake.

Only on this day could she descend to the body of the puppet, disguised as the bride and sat in the pumpkin carriage, looking at the surrounding crowd and architecture, feeling the charm of the world in the sun.

However, today, her eyes are more on the prince holding her hand, intoxicated with it.

The world she sees with the black veil is quite different from the world she can enjoy freely now.

White Moon's body has a perfect fit with the world, will not be excluded by the world of sunshine.

What she sees in her eyes are all beautiful things.

All the smells in her nose are delicious.

Compared with what she sees and feels today, the so-called "festival" in the past is so eclipsed.

Before today's wedding, for the young Queen of Assyria, the world was like the light and shadow saw through the window of the cage.

In the endless dark and cold underground lake, such light and shadow can make her heart a little warmer, which is one of her few remaining happinesses.

If she had never walked in the world of sunshine like this, been watched by everyone's eyes, and entwined by everyone's blessings...

However, there is no "if".

Once she feels such beautiful sunshine, such a beautiful world, she will never be able to go back.

She, who has not come to this world, can endure thousands of years of that kind of life, and think that it's a matter of course.

As long as she can endure, everything will be better, and miracles will always appear.

It was with such small hopes and expectations that the young Queen of Assyria had spent the time of long sleep, like the seeds buried in the cold black land, silently enduring everything.

Until finally someone took her hand and led her out of the dark and cold world.

She asked him, "Prince, will you touch my darkness?"

"Swear to me, Prince, then you will be king."

That's the agreement that all kings will make with the great Queen of Assyria, and it's also the reason why this kingdom was founded.

The last knight who did not go mad in the rebellion, but kept his original intention to escape the night of the blood moon, carried the wishes of the Queen of Assyria, and continued to watch the royal city forgotten in the long river of time as a human being.

The kings know what their end will be.

They kneel to the giant stupid spider throne and swear to the immortal Millennium queen under the blood moon.

The queen told them all the truth and the consequences.

"Every part of your body will be the Queen's thing."

"Even if you die, you can't get rid of the Queen's curse."

"If you want to touch the dark side of the queen, then listen to the sound of the blood moon."

"Only nightmares are eternal."

"Turn yourself into firewood and burn it."

No king refused this fate. Just like Yun Xi kissing the back of the young queen's hand, they all bowed down in front of the queen and made a vow.

Wedding ceremony - for kings, it's a ceremony to sacrifice their lives and future. For the Queen of Assyria, it's a holiday time. It's a sweet, memorable dream when she was still a human.

Until Yun Xi produced "White Moon", which realized the dream that the queen would never realize.

Ice and snow were melting.

Frozen in the thousands of years of quiet time, the seeds bravely bloom their own lives, and strive to stretch out small buds on the dark earth.

"Prince, we are getting married." The young Queen of Assyria holds Yun Xi's hand, her face blushing and her heart pumping.

"Yes, it is." Yun Xi smiles. Since it's an agreement, he has to fulfill it well.

"You, will you?" The young Queen of Assyria raised her head with a little confusion in her eyes.

"An agreement is an agreement." Yun Xi touched the young queen's head. Since an agreement was made, the ceremony must be completed.

It's just like what Robin predicted. It's the tradition of the kings to kill the father and marry the mother.

Your majesty, you have worked hard.

"Yes!" With Yun Xi's reply, the heart rate of the young Queen of Assyria became faster. Although the body of the puppet had no blood, it was shaking constantly, as if there was a voice about to shout out.

Never had such a heartbeat. If this is a dream, do not wake up.

Today, I want to be the happiest bride in the world.

"Sister, look at the sweet couple. Shall we kill them?"

Wearing a mysterious cloak with a big "F" symbol behind her, Ice Dragon Zaka made a gesture to the pair on the pumpkin carriage. She almost took out the gas and torch.

"If Shaheen hasn't appeared in two days, I'll set the city on fire!" Desert Dragon Zaka looked at the prince and princess on the pumpkin carriage in a murderous way, but when she saw White Moon, she was a little stunned.

"This little girl looks familiar."

"Eh, I think so too. She seems to give me an uncomfortable feeling. Can we burn them now?" Ice Dragon Zaka frowns. It's rare that the sisters reach an agreement on one thing.

The little girl in the white wedding dress gave them a strange feeling. It seems that there is a trace of non-human atmosphere around her.

"How dare you marry such an ominous creature? This prince really wants to die." After smelling the smell of White Moon, Desert Dragon Zaka smiled happily.

"He must have been unlucky for ten lives. He must have been a playboy with his foot in too many camps."

"I feel the same way. I knew he was a bad man at first sight. How can he marry such a young girl?" Ice Dragon Zaka sneered, "Lecher, pervert!"

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